1. RE: Onyxia. - Simply, thank you!

    Just wanted to pop a quick forum post expressing appreciation for the fun experience Onyxia has been so far.

    The struggle of learning vanilla challenges, padded with the conveniences that are familiar from wrath / warmane, has been nothing more than an infuriating enjoyment that sparks some memories from my earlier days in WoW.

    Minimal glitches, and lag has been basically nothing so far save for the very start - which was expected and laughed about by me and my guild - it was fun trying to "escape the wave" of lag that was approaching behind us as we ran to the next area to try and avoid the lag and rush of questers.

    The community has been pretty great too. Sure, there's greedy goblins here and there - and that's fine. But I made a guild, got 50+ recruits and chat has been fun, helpful and in general popping off. (Shoutout to my guildies in Need Greed or Sneed)

    All in all, thank you all for launching and all the other hard work invested in hosting the new Onyxia server.

    As a 13 year player of Molten / Warmane, it's a pleasure to continue being here.

    PS - Great work on the bot bans! It's been nice to see them!

  2. Yea shout out to the team for this extremely ambitious project. I am very impressed so far and having a blast. It feels like this project was crafted with more love and care than the entirety of Blizz Classic

  3. It blows my mind just how accurate you guys got to real vanilla, outstanding work :)

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