1. Ehh and here i was thinking last days to buy ravenlord for 30 coins after 200+ runs .
    Ty warmane staff u did best to change my decision .
    One of rarest mounts , so next what gonna be phoenix ? headless Horsemen ? Love rocket?
    Also not happy with murlocs costumes :(
    U gave it as reward for completing stairs/parkour event when palas could bug it u did took away all costumes from server that been achieved during that time (good decision).
    Next u remake event with fixed issues and now it became really enjoyable event ( also super hard) to get my first murloc costume it took me 4hours +(if u think 4h is not much then u weren;t at that event!) every next toon went less but still around 2h per toon. (Another good decision , sadly last one).
    Few months pass every1 on server have costume ty to event reward where u had to kill 1 simple boss with party of 40 ppl ROFL!
    Going back to stairs event/parkour it was so hard that i can easily say that not more than 10% ppl who tried finished it , but i would go down below 5% easy!

    In my opinion ravenlord was mistake as reward should be taken away back from ppl who got it during this event ( yea u get flame but it ur mistake so bear with it) and replace with some other also rare but less and less value reward
    Edited: December 30, 2023

  2. Ok, feedback from a warlock.

    - Spellstore and Firestone don't work in the battleground. We need those, they are core spells for the class.
    - We should start with a few soul shards at least. Otherwise, we need to farm soul shards outside Dalaran and come back inside to queue.
    - I never got a leader role in playing for 3 days. It seems only certain classes get to be a leader (My priest got leader 100% of the time)

    Non-warlock-related feedback:
    - Potions are getting bugged far too often and in crucial times. This greatly reduces player experience.
    - Event NPC gets blocked by trolls on mammoths all the time.
    - If you sit in a chopper or other multi-person mount you can't get off it unless the driver unmounts. You have to be a leader to leave the mount.
    - Sometimes the weapons don't get equipped on auto-loot, but stay in the bags.

    Positive feedback:
    - Very fun and refreshing. Haven't had such an adrenaline rush from WoW in a long time.
    - Great PVP mode and I'll repeat it, I think it should stay yearlong because it offers fair PVP across realms. It's well made and even though it's custom content and the server doesn't usually add such stuff permanently, this should be an exception. The reward system should definitely be less (e.g. less honor from kills but more honor for winning than normal BG)
    - It's good that you can't do premades.
    Edited: December 30, 2023 Reason: Clarity

  3. Well, event is nice but is so bugged and hard to play. Players glitch so they start game before plane even start to flying, and leaving rest of group to fly to very end of map and die cause no gear. Playing rogue is senseless, poisons dont work, you have no weapons for rogues, you cant use stealth from fight to fight so you have to manage it hard. Damage is somehow not ballanced, saw deathknight who kill with 2 shoots evryone. Hunters shoot others before they even reach land. Only make sense to play with op unbalanced deathknight or hunter or any spell class, playing as rogue,warrior,feral druid or warlock gives you really small chances to win because your class is so downgrade in this bg, you get no stats you need or weapons for you, as for example there is no one hand for rogue, unless you call rogue weapon spell damage items then yea

  4. Instead of staff members i would ask players .
    Are u really happy (and im mostly asking players who did got it) for achieving ravenlord mount one of rarest mount so easy?
    If u do mind that many others did also and it not rare anymoe :)
    Personally as i said before i prefer hard way to achieve things only then u can feel good from achieving something , 200+runs so i was about to spend coins only then and still staff member helped me with choice plus additinallly now i wonder if there point of buying any mounts as any can be reward next event!

  5. Keep grinding it the hard way then, it's up to you. What does have to do with the other players? Personally having 170+ mounts on two characters I don't really care where they are coming from, especially the mounts I never use and farm only for the feats of strength or for the count.
    there isnt 170 mounts in the game, what are you talkin about xD

  6. there isnt 170 mounts in the game, what are you talkin about xD
    Knock yourself out... https://aowow.trinitycore.info/?items=15.5

  7. im not gonna go ahead and count them, but that list says 247

    we can already remove 30 for alliance factions
    5 for pvp
    10 for argent tournament

    i have 130 mounts on my main, and im only missing 10 ingame mounts, then there aint no way there is 30 store obtainable mounts xD

  8. In my opinion ravenlord was mistake as reward should be taken away back from ppl who got it during this event ( yea u get flame but it ur mistake so bear with it) and replace with some other also rare but less and less value reward
    Agree with this. That was a horrible decision to give it away as a reward. I mean at least make it challenging then, not like this...
    Such a disappointment, kinda ruined the whole event for me.

  9. I'd say the event was overall pretty good except for the bugs (mainly potion bug) making it an absolutely terrible experience on almost all classes if it happens to you.
    I personally got the ravenlord on all classes and I can definitely say that some of them were a lot easier than others.
    Hunter and DK stuck out as particularly easy and those 2 are my least played classes.
    Anything that can que with a heal spec feels like almost a free win if you position well enough, but you do lack agency if your teammates suck.
    Overall, I got 10 ravenlords for free, which is nice, but I do feel bad for the people who were proud of having farmed one the hard way.
    That being sad, being mad because you gave up the grind anyway and you wanted to buy it is.... an interesting argument?

    Overall... pls fix, then it's actually reasonably fun +.+

    Edit: Yes, it does seem like the game strongly prefers classes with healing specs to be leader.
    My bet would be that it follows a strict class hirarchy, which also makes having a good start much easier on classes that are high up in the hirarchy.
    Edited: January 2, 2024

  10. Potion bug is fixed and pending to be released.

  11. Why are some players grouped in 3-men-team and others in less than 3 ?

  12. I just want to say, I've played here for years, PVE only, and I never had more fun than on this event, I even started watching PVP videos for all my characters, rotations and everything and the event itself was very fun, it would be awesome if we had these more often, no complains about anything from me and I think more PVE people will start to do PVP after this

  13. Yes please reintroduce this event, maybe do Battle Royale PvP weekends or something?
    This was more fun than any of the battlegrounds or arenas that are in the game normally.

  14. Yes , I want these 2 o 1 for week

  15. When will be the next battle royale event?

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