1. 3 Weeks Ago  

    ex-WOTLK Player from Austria wants to return to the madness...

    hey there, my Name is Andreas. i was heavily palying WoW on "die Todeskrallen" a German Server back when WOTLK was first released, it is called
    "death claws" in english haha

    anyway, i loved to grind Arena, do 2vs2 and 3vs3 with my warrior and gank people in open world PvP : )

    my question now is, how accurate is the Icecrown Server regarding PvP ? stats and dmg and equipment and so on... ?
    is it 1:1 like the blizzard servers were ? are the now classic WOTLK servers from Blizzard even the same as before ?

    would be so interested to become a donator and step into the "new" yet old experience of my favorite expansion from WoW !
    i have maybe not played WoW for 5-7 years, but if the server is populated and the people are friendly, if the egnine works and bugs are cosntantly worked on, i would love to join : )))

    i hope you guys are well and can give me some insider details to the server itself, maybe also about PvE because it always was fun playing some raids
    here and there :)

  2. 2 Weeks Ago  
    fix oida.
    i play on ony so no idea but i wanted to say oida

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