1. 2 Weeks Ago  

    The changes/fixes, what happened?


    So I am in love with this server and me and my guildies are having a blast. However, after the final changes/fixes in BWL and MC we are struggling big time. Some of the content seems made for HWL's? Bloodlord in bwl spamming the blast wave, Sulfiron spamming his dots. And this is not a l2p issue, i can assure you.

    We are casual players raiding twice a week. This was possible before the last patch but not it feels like we need to try-hard to stand a chance? Do more people feel like this or are we alone in this?

  2. 2 Weeks Ago  
    dont know man, i hope they go back about this changes, im trying to make a second group for my guild and our last MC was a nightmare.
    It killed all the fun for us.

  3. 2 Weeks Ago  
    they should go back, we are not like top guilds whit 15 high warlord wars. no cc on adds its very dificult.

  4. 2 Weeks Ago  

    Please revaluate this changes

    We having the same problem. Making ppl suffer with needless changes when new raid incoming and BWL just got released. This change just kill chill guild that just want to have fun, makes the game unbearable

  5. 2 Weeks Ago  
    If you plan to make changes to the code, please do not break the game, which will then make it unplayable. /mobs buggeds / trash loot paly in the horde / mobs not can be stunned, mobs no the boss wtf m8 please fix that patch

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    Not only go back, but also see his own numbers, the hp and possibly the damage of all the vanilla raid bosses are the same as 40 man raid version, if warmane wanna tell us the quality of life changes involves 25 man raids, at least give us the right number for that amount of people. Doing MC/ONY/BWL with 25 people is just do the 40 man raid with 15 people dead from the beginning

  7. 2 Weeks Ago  
    The changes/ fixes seem to have backfired. I get that they wanted to fix CC on boss adds and on trash in MC and BWL, but the way that the game is now, its only possible with a lot of HWL's in raid group.
    The bosses are overtunned, some spells being cast on spam... Feels like its tunned for 40 man raid instead of 25.
    Only hardcore guilds seem to be clearing with ease, just cus they got a lot of HWL. It's not casual friendly, we wanna progress not race for server first and it's impossible after the update.
    It isn't worth farming HWL just so we can clear a few raids where HWL shouldn't be possible to obtaint at this stage.

  8. 2 Weeks Ago  
    With 15 years of wow experience this is my 1st time that i feel like classic wow is nothing about then just infinite grinding, get hw asap, if not you doesnt even had a chance to reach Chromaggus, then kill the final boss.... most of the ppl wont have time to farm materials for flasks, and at the 1st 2 weeks without those we just killed the 1st two, I suggest all of the ppl who have a job quit immediately, and lets play fulltime 7/24 to just smell and wipe 30 times without hourglass sands, what is costs like 100g on ah :| perfect

  9. 2 Weeks Ago  
    it was doomed since HWL was obtainable by mindless farm trading
    thanks warmane

  10. 2 Weeks Ago  
    We had just managed to kill broodlord and firemaw last week after a "moderate" amount of wiping and fixing our mistakes, and now coming back to the same raid we can no longer kill broodlord at all, it's like doing negative progress. Not to mention that in a few weeks they are already going to release ZG, we haven't even had time to progress through BWL properly because of the changes making us re-progress bosses again.

  11. 2 Weeks Ago  
    Difficulty is here to stay, hopefully it'll be tuning Frostmourne had, but that cant be seen until we actually get to a stage where 25man raids was the standard. TBC and Wrath.
    Boosted content is way more fun than tank and spank everything.

  12. 2 Weeks Ago  
    We are keeping an eye on the difficulty, some of the fixes we made have made it harder for sure.

    There are a few things things i want to clarify:
    The health reduction for instances tuned down from 40>25 man is 25%. (Some specific bosses such as Majordomo have a lower number of ads instead)
    The reduced cooldowns on boss spells came from reliable sources. We think they are correct, you are free to dispute on the bugtracker.

    So far all these changes are just bugfixes, keeping some mechanics in a state where its not working as it should just to keep the difficulty down is not something we will ever consider.
    I will agree that it sucks we made these fixes after the initial release, that is an error on our part.

    Again, we will keep an eye on the difficulty and feel free to let us know if you think its too hard, suggestions are also welcome.
    The changes we made can be found here:

    We did find some new information regarding the broodlord blast wave timer and have fixed to be cast less frequently.

  13. 2 Weeks Ago  
    Nothing wrong with boosted content. Bit this is not boosted. This is insane and the requirements needed to kill certain bosses is just a matter of farming a few hours a day. If these changes don't get fixed or reduced this server will lose a lot of players and guilds will start falling apart. It doesn't apeal to the casual players anymore.

    Again, I am saying this because I (and i know i speak for others aswell) love this server and haven't commited this much in a long time. But raiding like this is just a massive farmfest and try harding. 2 days a week is not even possible like this.

  14. 2 Weeks Ago  
    They already are losing players. My guild raids at 1am SVT and there is only 2500 people online normally. Right now at this moment its at 4900 and its lower than Lordaeron at almost 5500. This is insane and needs to be addressed.

  15. 2 Weeks Ago  
    as a guild first few tries we managed to get all the way to chromaggus,

    now after these changes we wiped for 2.5hrs on vaelstraza 2nd boss...

    clearly this is way overtuned, i wish devs actually play the game maybe they can see what their "bug fixes" is doing

    so in 1 week we went backwards 4 bosses of progression, feels bad.

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