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    Can I do this for fishing?

    One time I opened up Volume Mixer on my Windows computer. It shows programs with sound and has a meter to show the noise coming from each program.
    Even with WoW1 - WoW5, I can see each individual meter and when I turn off all the sound except for fishing, I can tell which window to bring to foreground so that I can click the bobber and catch a fish. It's not very easy and is quite a frantic experience to say the least. But it's fun trying to catch all 5 fish in one cast. My best was 3.

    I got a lot of looks from other players though. I know that some people don't like multiboxing and fishing itself is well known for being exploited.

    My question is, would I get banned? I believe it's fine, but from another person's perspective I can understand why it would look suspicious.

    Thank you.

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    Personal opinion? Don't do it.
    While I might believe it's possible to do it, I don't believe you would stick around doing it for more than a short time, and would assume on the side of caution that you're automating it after a while of "showing it can be done."

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    Greetings, Obnoxious.

    What do you think if I video recorded up to the point when I was banned to present the evidence in a ban appeal?
    I've read that ban appeals are given lowest priority. Which leads me to the next question;

    Would I not have to worry about it again if I was exonerated? Like a double jeopardy thing?

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    A video recording of what? Your hands and the screen showing you going through windows in sequence, manually, over however long you were fishing?

    And that would depend on the GMs. If it was me, of course, I already said I'm skeptical players wouldn't do something like that legitimately once to "prove it," and then automate it afterwards. I've been around online games long enough to have seen that happen more than once.

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