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    People posting single item on AH is really getting out of hand

    I understand if you have a small amount or if it's an expensive item, but people who intentionally spam thousands of material items that could have been better sold in stacks. The ones I'm talking about are enchanting mats, fish, ores, arrows, bullets, and herbs. Sometimes, when you just need a couple of stacks of mats before a raid, and you see 50+ pages of single items in the AH at ridiculous prices, hoping for a sucker to buy their items at those prices.

    This is just a rant post, I honestly don't know what Warmane can do about it without a major overhaul like on retail.

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    Just use Auctionator or TSM, literally creating problems for yourself by using default AH.

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    One thing you can do to mitigate this is to use addons like Auctionator or Auctioneer, which can help you filter and sort through listings more efficiently. Additionally, you can try to negotiate with sellers directly or find alternative sources for the materials you need, such as trade chat or guildmates.

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    Gonna play some devil's advocate here a bit.
    You have a stack of something like 250 Dark Iron Scraps (rep item on Onyxia/Vanilla) and you need to sell them quickly.
    -List stack of 250 and hope you don't waste your listing fee and time
    -List stacks of 5 or 10, maybe even 20?
    -List individual stacks of singles to grab everyone in the market

    Which would you choose and why? When you list items on the AH you very quickly learn the market is very clearly manipulated (on every server) by a cabal of users who can single-handedly do stuff like make the entire cloth market of LINEN CLOTH sell for 10+ silver each or higher (actually happened) during the AQ turn in event on Alliance side. Not only do this but do this for WEEKS at a time. Think on that for a moment. That's the power they have in the market.

    A full complete AH overhaul is outside the scope of what I believe Warmane wants to do and that would be something custom with a custom UI like what a certain other server has done for a 'classless' progression system. That said, addons once again do better than anything in the default UI. Auctionator or Auctioneer both do very well. I prefer the latter, but you can try both and make your choice.

    EasyBuyout, EasyCancel, scanning the entire market at a time, etc.
    As I'm posting this, the prices of cloth (Linen and Silk cloths on Ally side) is still stupidly inflated compared to what it usually is. That's just the nature of the AH market and people with lots of gold throwing their weight around. In the absence of a centralized control authority (like the warmane devs) intervening or putting any kind of limit on total # of items that can be posted on AH, this kind of thing will continue to happen.

    I'd love a custom UI, particularly one that works like I've seen in a few other games where you have a stack of like 250 or something items, you can do 'buyout' and it asks you how many you want to purchase and you still get the same per-item price as if you bought the entire stack. Then it becomes a matter of everyone using max stack sizes and just competing solely on per-item prices. Of course, a race to the bottom.

    Every day I make a passive 5+ gold just scanning the AH for items that are below vendor price. Who's listing these and why? Who knows. Likely it is the same cabal that's making tens of thousands (or more) of gold in profits daily by manipulating the min/max pricings on certain items.

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    its the chinese bots that do this they dont care about anything else just want their item to be on top

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