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    Are all the mage solo dungeon farms broken on purpose?

    As the title says. I've just leveled a mage alt to farm gold with between raidlogging on my main and all the dungeon farms seem broken? First noticed this when trying to solo farm ZF when leveling and no reset spots were working. Then later whent to DME to farm lashers and thye drop basically zero loot. Is it on purpose? If so then why and what am I supposed to do for gold now, buy coins and trade?

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    The same things other classes do?

  3. 2 Weeks Ago  
    Onyxia uses the OG Wrath mapdata/files. Classic used an updated map files. There are subtle differences that impacted pathing and other things.

    Onyxia is an emulation of the WoW Server with a pathing engine that was written to do it's best to mimic the original NPC pathing logic, but it's not the SAME logic, as OG Retail Vanilla...much less the changes that were made over the years that got incorporated into Classic.

    All this means that reset spots, how mobs path around obstacles, and many other things are different here than they were in the OG Vanilla days and on Classic. Sometimes what you see in videos from Classic/Vanilla archives work. Sometimes they don't. This isn't something the Dev team really sees worth the effort to try to 100% faithfully reproduce from Vanilla, and as they'll tell you when it justifies their decisions: "THIS ISN'T CLASSIC".

    You need to find what works here when it comes to reset spots and pathing. Past that, yes, the farms have been nerfed so you can't spend a week in there and get an epic mount on all 10 of your account's characters...but they're still pretty good and on par with what you can get doing other things, except maybe playing the AH like a pork belly speculator.

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    If the wall is 89° the mobs will just climb it like is nothing

  5. 1 Week Ago  
    Zul'Farrak probably is broken because of bugged dismounts (also why mageweave is so expensive)

    DME lashers with herbalism is really good

  6. 1 Week Ago  
    Yes the dungeons have been "fixed/changed". Mobs can climp nearly anywhere now and DM east lashers loot table got nerfed after few weeks of launch. ZG gator farm still works i think.

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