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    Confused on how to do raid with this

    I was learning posts in forum, seems u guys can do solo in raid. Am wondering how u made it when bosses put debiuff on one or some, even 10 ppl raid I think it's normal case. How to do with that

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    I feel like the question is a little vague.

    Do you mean how to start tackling things like boss mechanics, or are you asking about decursing your multiboxing team?

    Most people run 10man raid compositions as far as I understand, as they're easier to manage. How boss mechanics are tackled depends on the fight. In example, naxxramas fight Grobbulus: you could spread around the room and manually dispel each disease as they appear, or you can choose to move in one pile, accept the damage taken and just outheal it.

    As for decursing or dispelling, I'd recommend watching an introductory video on i.e Isboxer Click bars, and implement stop casting dispel macros via addon like clique.

    These are just examples but hope they help you get an idea how a raid team and fights can/have to be dissected for them to be downed by multiboxing.

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    Thank you so much. I'm more interested in 1st case. Like TOC 10/25 1st boss, it will throw fire randomly on someone and that character need to move out and avoiding close to others. In this case how to handle it well? If I change windows to control those in fire, seems will be too late

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    For specifically on northrend beasts, I keep only one character in range, so the fire will always spawn under them. For uncontrollable mechanics i.e shadow fissure on KT (naxx), I use a Isboxer feature videoFX to have a small window aimed in each characters feet, and when overlayed with a mouse, I move them out of it one by one.

    With i.e jaraxxus, when targeted by the flame, I have my raid frames setup so I can click on them to open the window of the character, so as soon as I see the debuff, I click the portrait where it appeared and move.

    Hope this helps on your journey

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    " I have my raid frames setup so I can click on them to open the window of the character," may I know how u made it? Some addon or what app?

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    It is a custom configuration I've made for myself using a multiboxing software called Isboxer.

    The tool itself unless you're familiar with it can be hard to get in to. So I do recommend getting used to all the modules, and the logic behind them.

    The specific module I use for this is click bars.

    Essentially I create a "Click bar" that's translucent on top of my grid, grid layout is defined alphabetically, so if the composition stays the same it'll not mess anything up.

    When I right click the translucent box in my screen it essentially sends a command to Isboxer that I wish to change my main window to the slot number that the character is attached to. So basically sends a command "switch to screen 3".

    You can find a lot of general information about Isboxer on YouTube, especially by a content creator called Mirai, or their forums, or even if you need specific help with things, on their discord server.

    I do recommend to take things one at a time about building your setup if Isboxer is not already familiar to you.

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