1. June 8, 2024  

    Limit 1 faction per IP address

    This is probably beyond the care of Warmane at this point, but its a decent issue on the Onyxia realm.

    Limit 1 faction per IP address. There's no reason why I kill someone and they hop on a lvl 1 alt to trash talk me back. I shouldn't have to deal with that. Yes i know i can just ignore them so i will list off a few reasons:

    -they can keep coming back
    -it will prevent spying or otherwise stalking (/who) that shouldn't exist in the game
    -it will prevent sabotaging or wintrading of BGs / arena
    -it will prevent cross faction RMT and the like
    -it will contain toxic drama within each faction, and force players to discord if they want to trash talk

    You could even set a timer of 1 month, so if you're alliance now and want to switch to horde, you can sell your alliance char, buy a horde char, change your "faction lock" in settings then login to the horde char.

  2. June 9, 2024  
    If someone takes the time to log off their main account, or into the alt, memorize my name, type it into another wow instance and spew some BS I consider that an amazing win.

  3. June 9, 2024  
    I love when people log in to their alt and insult me, it is funny to me because I made them mad loool....

    Don't limit faction per IP...

  4. June 9, 2024  
    Imagine wanting to play both factions at same time, not to trash talk to people, but just to play the game in general.

    You can always add people to ignore list. If they keep making more alts to insult, you can report them with SS evidence, and GM's will have a look. Chances are the perpetrator gets few days to cool down with a harassment ban.
    Spying is really weak. /who will at best give the zone people are in. Zones are quite large, and you can easily switch zones if needed.
    Sabotaging/WT should be easily reported anyway. Sabotaging doesn't even need a player from other faction to start. Your own team could sabotage for whatever, even petty, reason.
    I think it would only fuel toxic drama, as people would be even more polarized (e.g. America's two party system). You'd have "only" Alliance/Horde players, you wouldn't have neutral people on the middle.

    Terrible idea, obviously wouldn't pass to decision making.

  5. June 9, 2024  
    Any limitations per IP address are bad and often cause other problems.
    If you add such IP limitation then imagine inviting a friend over to your place to play wow, or play wow with your child and not being able to because of this weird feature.

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