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    On two of my windows I have an image of the Lich King overlaying my character. Its larger than the character and doesn't act like it otherwise I would keep it. It is just an image/picture in the center of my screen. Everything works as if its not there, I can click things through it, move around but it just sits in the middle of the screen. Its only on two of the clients and does it even if not multiboxing and loaded client normally.

    anyone seen anything like this? It wasn't doing in earlier this week.


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    Picture? It could be added by some addon, so try disabling all addons, then enable them by batches to narrow it down to 1.

  3. 4 Weeks Ago  
    Thanks Ohie, there apparently was something hanging up in the addons. I checked them all against each other and they were the same but I removed all anyway and reloaded them and the King has left the building. It was more of an animation that a picture - it seemed like something from a startup menu.

    now to figure out the other problem of the cursor being above the buttons to activate.

    thanks again

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