1. Is there a chance that someone has found a version of Farmhud that works?
    Have searched and tried several but without success.

    I have backported it from retail. No idea if there is a 3.3.5 version but this one work fine for me.

  2. Anyone know of any working modules/plugins for Handynotes ? The addon itself works great but all the information plugins don't work (like NPC locations, dungeons, travel info etc...) ?

    Also is there an addon with better character info panel something like this https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addon...haracter-stats . It colors the items which looks nice and also you get much more info all in one place.

  3. I get an error on DBM. The voicepack VEM is incompatible. Any idea why`s that ?

  4. Hello guys.

    I'm looking for fully functional TrufiGCD for 3.3.5a that works with every class and every spell/ability.
    I tried to use the backport one (https://github.com/robgha01/TrufiGCD) but doesn't work well for me.
    Some classes don't work well if it's set as party1/2, target, focus, arena1/2. It shows literally nothing.
    For me (player 'frame') works everything properly.
    I also recently saw the proper one on Vurtex stream but this guy seems to be inactive right now.

    Any help will be highly apprecciated.

    I finally found what I was looking for, link here: https://github.com/BannZay/TrufiGCD
    Edited: January 2, 2022 Reason: DL link added

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