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    [GUIDE] Warlock PvP Guide- Cataclysm

    Warlock Cataclysm PvP GUIDE


    This is warlock pvp guide . In many ways this is a work in progress. In I do not claim to be an expert and all of this guide was based on information I found on internet . If you see anything inaccurate or wrong please let me know and i will change it. I made this guide because I saw many many people complaining that they can't beat X class in pvp or can't do Y damage. I hope this helps you.

    NOTE: Work still in progress. Also I am not expert in english language so there might be many gramatical mistakes. If you see any let me know and I will fix it.

    Soul shards/New Spells/Cataclysm Changes
    a) Affliction
    b) Destruction
    c) Demonology
    Utility spells
    Useful Macros


    Imp - This is the first demon all warlocks learn to summon. He is the main Demon used by destruction specced warlocks in PVE but it can also be used for pvp. It has 1 useful ability - Singe Magic. It removes 1 harmful effect from the warlock or friendly target.

    VOIDWALKER- He is main soloing minion and provides a nice shield for PVP. It has 2 useful abilities: Consume Shadows: it increases stealth detection to all friendly targets within 30 yards. Cannot be used while in combat and Sacrifice - shield skill. NOTE: YOU SHOULD ONLY USE HIM IF YOU ARE IN DEAP TROUBLE. IN OTHER FIGHTS USE OTHER PET.

    FELHUNTER- This is the primary minion for affliction, and for destruction in PVP. I can devour beneficial magic effects from an enemy with Devour Magic, silence with Spell Lock and increase maximum mana and mana regeneration toll all party and raid members.

    SUCCUBUS -Currently she is the pet of choice for CC. She is the favored minion for many destruction warlocks in PVP. It can: Seduces the target, preventing all actions using Seduction or Instantly knocks back all enemies within 5 yards with Whiplash

    FELGUARD - This is the Demononlogy only pet. Used mainly for AoE. Best felguard Abilities:
    Axe toss- Stun
    Felstorm- mostly pve skill but is sometimes useful for inflicting aoe.

    We warlocks have two guardian minions. These minions share a cooldown and when summoned will fight beside warlock and permanent minion then die.

    Doomguard- This is single target guardian pet. He was once really impressive, but now he is nothing more than a really really big imp. Single target dps cd.

    Infernal- He starts out as a meteor and stuns all enemies within his area of effect then procedes to create fire aoe damage.


    Warlocks are a DoT class. Dots are Damage over time spells and all three specs use them. The basic thing that warlocks need to realize when using dots is that they are LESS DPS (damage per second) than direct damage spells like shadowbolt, searing pain, or incinerate. While dots are less DPS they are more DAMAGE PER CAST TIME (DPCT). You want to cast your highest DPCT spells first then moving down the list to your next highest DPCT spell and then the one after that till it is feasible to cast your highest DPCT spell again. More often than not your lowest DPCT spell will be a spammable nuke or drain.
    Clipping-Clipping is when you recast a dot before its duration is over. This used to be a big dps loss but that changed with patch 4.0. Now rather than resetting the time before the dot tick it now starts the new timer after the dots next tick. With the exception of bane of agony your goal is now to cast the dot right before the last tick for maximum dps. Never clip Agony due to its increasing tick value.

    Soul shards/New Spells/Cataclysm Changes

    Soul shards are new reagent added in Cataclysm which we use to empower our spells.
    We can have no more than 3 shards are one time. We only have so many ways to aquire more after using these 3 shards up, so we must be careful when using them. We empower our spells by using our soul shards throgh the ability SOULBURN. When soulburned the following abilities give the following effects:

    Drain Life:Reduces Channel time by 50%
    Soul Fire: Makes Soul fire an instant cast spell
    Searing Pain:increases the crit chance by 100%, and subsequent searing pain by 50% for 6seconds
    Healthstone=Increases maximum health by 20% for 8 sec
    Demonic Circle=Increases movement speed by 50% for 8seconds after teleporting
    Summon Demon: Make the all spells summoning your imp, succubus, voidwalker, felhunter, and felguard instant cast

    Getting more soul shards-

    We have a few ways to get more soul shards including:

    Harvest Souls- Cannot be cast when in combat. 30second cooldown
    Drain soul-If the target dies while being drained, and yields experience or honor, the caster gains 3 Soul Shards
    Shadowburn-If the target dies within 5 sec of Shadowburn, and yields experience or honor, the caster gains 3 Soul Shards. Only usable on enemies that have less than 20% health.



    1) Human/Dwarf
    Human is the best here if you have a signifinant amount of resilience and can afford to swap insignia for a good PVE trinket or 2nd pvp dps trinket

    2) Worgen
    The critical strike chance increase is good to have, espesially as destruction/demonology. The movement increase is not bad either for kiting, however the cooldown is a bit high.

    3) Gnome
    Escape artist is good, but very much like the stoneform, however only usable with slows/roots.


    1) Goblin
    1% haste is quite good, and if you can find a good balance between using Rocket jump/barrage this is the best race for a warlock.

    2) Orc/Undead
    Orc is definately the best choice if you plan on playing demonology, but it is good no matter what spec, the pet damage increase is always good but 15% stun reduction is also nice if you find yourself being trained alot.
    I play as affliction so for me here the will/cannibalize is niffty to have in arena.

    3) Troll/Blood Elf
    I will say, personally that troll is better than blood elf here, we spend most of our time away from enemies, the movement imparing effect reduce is also good and health regen.
    Arcane Torrent is good nevertheless, you can use it out of a CC or use it as a blanket silence, saving your spell lock.


    I couldn't find any working culculator for patch 4.0.6. Post if you find one


    Affliction- Glyph of Corruption, Glyph of Haunt, Glyph of Bane of Agony, or Glyph of Unstable Affliction
    Destro-Glyph of Conflagrate, Glyph of Chaos Bolt, Glyph of Immolate,
    Demo-Glyph of Corruption, Glyph of Immolate, Glyph of Felguard, Glyph of Incinerate, Glyph of Metamorphosis


    Affl-Glyph of Soul Swap , Glyph of Howl of Terror, Glyph of Demonic Circle, Glyph of Shadowflame, Glyph of Soul Link,
    Destro-Glyph of Demonic Circle, Glyph of Shadowflame, Glyph of Soul Link, Demo-Glyph of Demonic Circle, Glyph of Shadowflame, Glyph of Soul Link, Glyph of Healstone

    -whatever you want except get Glyph of Curse of Exhaustion if you spec into it. Drain soul is also highly recommended for min/maxing



    It is important that you obtain 4% hit, this is the PVP hit cap in cataclysm, with the removal of reduced chance to be hit talents/racials it is rather easy to obtain.
    Now that you can reforge you should easily be able to obtain the hit cap, however i dont think you will need to do this.


    195 is the highest spell resistance buff that is achieveable as far as buffs go.
    However mages can obtain 240 resistance with shadow protection.
    Another thing to note is that felhunter has 170 resistance to all magic(255 shadow resistance with an undead player)

    This means that 240 spell penetration is a safe zone, pets which you wish to banish, you can just throw a curse of the elements on hence reducing targets resistance by 184.
    If you are affliction you can spec into jinx and relying on curse of the elements alone, but this is only 184 spell pen(out of the 195 minimal) meaning you have to gem or enchant your back with 70 spell penetration to achieve the minimum/maximum cap.

    I, myself prefer using the spell penetration back, providing 201 spell pen. Meaning that mages and felhunters i can just throw up a curse of the elements.
    (or you could go with spell pen back+70 pen enchant, but honestly this is abit overkill)
    Basicly: you can settle for 195 spell pen IF you can manage your curse of the elements, otherwise you should settle for 240 if you cant.


    Haste has 3 different effects on your spells. It decreases the cast time of your spells and it decrease the length of the GCD. It also decrease the intervals of dot ticks. The way it decreases intervals between dot ticks is unique though, as it it will change the total duration of your spell based on your the number of dot ticks. As you gain haste the total duration of your dot will decrease. However, When you gain enough haste to add half a tick to the original dot length the game will round up and add a full tick and making the overall spell last longer than it did originally.

    You should aim for 10% haste, 7% if you can manage to keep Dark Intent up.
    If you play goblin you can settle for 9% haste, or again 6% if you manage to keep Dark Intent up.
    This adds another tick to corruption/immolate


    Mastery is good, however not worth to gem for. In yellow sockets you should gem 20 intellect 20 haste, or 20 int 20 hit(depending on weather you have reached the PVP hit cap or not, also if you got the 10% haste mentioned earlier, you can gem mastery, but more haste doesnt hurt)


    Crit is ok to have, but its not something worth stacking up, I tend to reforge away crit.
    This is however your descission, go for what you feel confertable playing with.


    Pretty self explainatory, the more intellect you got, the better


    Most important stat in pvp. It reduces all damage done by other players and their pets. You should always try to get as much resilience as you can.


    For starters, youre going to want to obtain pieces from the Fireweave and Emberfire crafted sets. If you have all 8 pieces from the crafted set(s), you should have about 1300-1500 resilience.

    The Crafted Gear:
    Although there are two different sets, Emberfire and Fireweave. Mix of both sets provides the most optimal stats when gearing as a Warlock. Always keep in mind the order Intellect>Haste>Mastery>Crit when gearing as an Affliction Warlock. However, you should always achieve necessary Spell Penetration and Spell Hit values before going for any of these stats. Items you should get

    [Emberfire Cowl]

    [Fireweave Shoulders]

    [Fireweave Robe]

    [Emberfire Bracers]

    [Emberfire Gloves]

    [Emberfire Belt]

    [Fireweave Pants]

    [Emberfire Boots]

    To craft these items, you will need the following materials: 74x[Bolt of Embersilk Cloth], 20x[Volatile Water], 12x[Volatile Air], 32x[Volatile Fire]

    The biggest upgrade that you can buy from honor is 2 pieces of the Bloodthirsty Gladiators Felshroud set. You should buy the [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Felweave Amice] and the [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Felweave Handguards], seeing as these are the cheapest pieces. The reason for buying two mainset pieces is to obtain the 2 piece set bonus of +70 intellect and +400 resilience. Even though you have crafted pieces in the glove/shoulder slots, this is still the biggest upgrade that you can get simply because the 2 piece set bonus is incredible.

    Following this upgrade, I would recommend purchasing the [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Medallion of Tenacity] if you do not already have a PvP trinket. If you still have the level 80 epic PvP trinket, you should buy upgrades for slots without resilience. Ex: neckpiece, rings, cloak, etc.

    In terms of weapons, youre going to need to do instances, heroic instances, or raids in order to obtain one. The best weapon for PvP is the Tier 1 or Tier 2 Dagger, but you need conquest points and/or rating to buy one of these. There are numerous caster weapons in heroics, but there are a few that I believe are best itemized for a Warlock.

    Main Hand
    [Blade of the Burning Sun] This item is obtained by killing Rajh in Heroic Halls of Origination.

    There is only one real option for your offhand slot, and that happens to be the [Battle Tome]; an easy-to-obtain crafted item. It is the only offhand with resilience available before the Vicious Gladiators offhand, so I strongly suggest that you invest in it! The materials are: 10x[Resilient Parchment], 8x[Inferno Ink], 24x[Volatile Life], and 6x[Volatile Fire].

    Trinkets, Rings, and Neck
    If you can grind the honor for it, I would strongly recommend buying pvp trinket first and then [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Badge of Dominance] If youre still working on your honor grind, you should be using the [Witching Hourglass] trinket that drops off the last boss of Heroic Blackrock Caverns.

    For rings, you should grind the honor for [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Band of Accuracy], and also the [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Band of Cruelty]. You also have the option of using [Lavishly Jeweled Ring] from Heroic Deadmines. I am currently using this ring due to the hit and socket it has. One thing to note is that it has an item level of 346, whereas both PvP rings have an item level of 352. If your resilience is too low I wouldnt recommend using this item. If you feel like you could drop a bit of resilience, I would recommend using [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Band of Accuracy] and [Lavishly Jeweled Ring] as your two rings.

    For your neck slot, you should try to obtain the [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Pendant of Alacrity]. Another option for those of you with little-to-no spell penetration is the [Bloodthirsty Gladiator's Pendant of Diffusion]. Note: You will probably end up replacing this neck with the Alacrity neck once you are able to put enough Spell Pen gems in your gear. If you do not have the honor to spare, you should be using [Pipefish Cord] from Heroic Throne of the Tides. Alternatively, you can spend Justice Points on [String of Beaded Bubbles].

    Enchants and Item Enhancements
    You should generally be using the cheaper enchants for crafted gear, although you can still go with the top-of-the-line enchants if youre willing to foot the bill. It can be quite expensive to buy the best enchants because Maelstrom Crystals are still very rare, causing these enchants to be unbelievably expensive.

    Head [Arcanum of Hyjal] Requires revered reputation with Guardians of Hyjal and when you have good head item use Arcanum of Vicious Intellect

    Shoulders - Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone. When you get honor or conquest item use Greater Inscription of Vicious Intellect

    Cloak Enchant Cloak - Greater Spell Piercing or Enchant Cloak - Greater Intellect

    Chest Enchant Chest - Mighty Resilience

    Bracer Enchant Bracer - Greater Speed or Enchant Bracer - Speed

    Gloves [Enchant Gloves - Greater Mastery] or [Enchant Gloves - Haste]

    Belt Ebonsteel Belt Buckle

    Legs Powerful Enchanted Spellthread or Enchanted Spellthread

    Boots Enchant Boots - Lavawalker or Enchant Boots - Earthen Vitality

    Main Hand Enchant Weapon - Power Torrent or Enchant Weapon - Hurricane If you can afford Power Torrent, its the best enchant you can buy. Dont buy Power Torrent if you plan on replacing your weapon soon.

    Offhand Enchant Off-Hand - Superior Intellect


    There are generally only a few different gems that you are going to use as a Warlock.

    Meta Forlorn Shadowspirit Diamond is a great meta gem for Affliction. I would use Chaotic Shadowspirit Diamond as Destruction or Demonology.

    Red Brilliant Inferno Ruby

    Yellow Reckless Ember Topaz or Willful Ember Topaz

    Blue Stormy Ocean Sapphire, Veiled Demonseye, or Timeless Demonseye if you dont need Spell Hit or Spell Penetration.


    When reforging you will try to trade lesser stats for greater ones. Your first goal when reforging is to try and hit the hit cap after you have gemmed your gear. In generals it goes hit to cap>haste>mastery>crit.


    These are recommended addons:

    Power auras classic
    Drain soul timer
    Lock notes
    Dot timer
    ForteXorcist (probably best dot addon for multidotting)
    Deadly boss mods


    Curse of exhaustion rogue finder

    The curse of exhaustion macro will cast curse of exhaustion on any enemy target close to you. Its called a rogue finder macro because if a rogue is nearby and you spam it the INSTANT the rogue is close enough you can see them you snare them.

    #showtooltip Curse of Exhaustion
    /console targetNearestDistance 15.000000
    /targetenemy [noharm][dead]
    /console targetNearestDistance 41.000000
    /cast [harm,nodead] Curse of Exhaustion
    /dismount [target=target,exists]

    Focused Seduction macro-

    The seduction macro will focus your target and seduce it upon cast. From here pressing the macro will re-seduce your Focus (your former target) if its still alive allowing you to target other mobs while keeping your CC assignment seduced. NEW targets will NOT be seduced so long as your focus is alive. Pressing it during seduction will break seduction and re-seduce your focus. Pressing alt will clear your focus and make your current target the new focus and seduce it.

    /clearfocus [modifier:alt]
    /focus [target=focus,noexists]; [target=focus,dead]
    /clearfocus [target=focus,help]
    /cast [pet:succubus,target=focus,exists,harm] Seduction; Seduction

    Focus banish macro

    The focus banish macro isnt nearly as complex. It will banish your current target if pressed and will banish your focus if you press it while having the alt button down.

    /cast [modifier:alt, target=focus, exists] Banish; Banish

    Mouseover macros allow you to cast spells on mobs simply by hovering your mouse over them. No need to target at all.

    Mouse over Banish

    /cast [@mouseover, exists] []Banish; Banish

    Mouse over fear

    /cast [@mouseover, exists] [] Fear

    All in one pet button

    All in one combines multiple pet macros into one. Succubus out? it seduces your target and holding down shift while pressing it will seduce your focus. Same thing with felhunter and spell lock. Imp will use singe magic. Pressed voidwalker will cast sacrifice. Using shift will make him use consume shadows (rogue finder).

    /cast [modifier:shift, target=focus, exists] Seduction; Seduction
    /cast [modifier:shift, target=focus, exists] Spell Lock; Spell lock
    /cast Singe Magic
    /cast [mod:shift] Consume Shadows; Sacrifice

    The following Macros were provided by Eruushia. They allow you to spam these macros without having to toggle the targetting circle on and off:

    /cast !Rain of Fire

    /cast !Summon Infernal

    Soulburn is not on the gcd so you can macro soulburn abilities such as soulfire:

    /cast Soulburn
    /cast Soul Fire

    Works for all soulburning abilities such as healthstone, pets, port, and drainlife.

  2. June 29, 2012
    Good job for making this guide! :D I would add some things too:

    [Modgud's Blade] – This item is obtained by killing General Umbriss in Heroic Grim Batol.

    [Biting Wind] – This item is obtained by killing Grand Vizier Ertan in Heroic Vortex Pinnacle
    These are unobtainable at the moment, considering these dungeons are not scripted yet.

    I believe you took Improved Searing Pain and left out Aftermath by accident. :D

    I'll add some useful macros i'm using as soon as I get some time to log into the game. And I also recommend using Tidy Nameplates addon too, it's fantastic for pvp!

    Again, nice work and cheers for all of this! :D

  3. July 2, 2012

  4. July 2, 2012
    You might want to change glyph of soul link for glyph of shadowflame :<

  5. July 3, 2012
    Nice to see someone making an effort, I'll just add into the bucket.
    Glyph of Shadowflame should be in all Specs, no matter what you play or are. 70% Speed Reduction is a life saver.

    And, it is not reliable to count on the Resistance Reduction from CoE.
    I'd suggest, but that's from my most personal experience, to get the Vicious Cloak and just grab the +70 Spell Pen Enchant, that way you can save a GCD from the CoE and use it for something else (like CoT for Casters, gotta love watching those 5 seconds casts at all times)

  6. July 3, 2012
    You might want to change glyph of soul link for glyph of shadowflame :<
    The guide is perfectly fine and only pro warlocks with rating of 1500 with 500 games will use it!

  7. July 3, 2012
    the Vicious Cloak and just grab the +70 Spell Pen Enchant
    You don't need 270+ spell pen
    Might as well have 6% hit for an arena.

    Oh, and OP, fix your demo spec. I take that back, there is at least one wrong thing with every single spec you posted.
    Fix them.

  8. July 3, 2012
    All you need is 220 spell pen and 4% hit

  9. July 3, 2012
    Oh, and OP, fix your demo spec. I take that back, there is at least one wrong thing with every single spec you posted.
    Fix them.
    Well I just showed them as example. IF you can suggest better specs just post it. I added them because their popularity.

  10. July 3, 2012
    I think you should add Necrosis to Addons list, since it has helped me out a lot and it might come in handy if some spell, pet button gets lost - everything in one place.

  11. July 3, 2012
    IF you can suggest better specs just post it. I added them because their popularity.
    You made the guide, not me. I'm not here to show anything but that you didn't do it well.
    Do your homework.

  12. July 3, 2012
    You made the guide, not me. I'm not here to show anything but that you didn't do it well.
    Do your homework.
    I tried to help all those noobish locks, not you. So if you want to do something useful - than help me. If you only here to complain or act like you do know - then dont waste our time.

  13. July 3, 2012
    Ignore Anachus, hes a troll and on top of that hes mad because hes a baddie as Destro/affli in cata.

  14. July 3, 2012
    Ignore Anachus, hes a troll and on top of that hes mad because hes a baddie as Destro/affli in cata.

    Anyway I will add more macros/addons/specs and proffesion section when I have enough time

  15. July 3, 2012
    I tried to help all those noobish locks, not you...
    Giving wrong information helps no one. You even said you picked those builds based on popularity, try again based on performance.

    Ignore Anachus, hes a troll and on top of that hes mad because hes a baddie as Destro/affli in cata.
    i'm also a terrible restro druid, and prot paladin and every other spec that I don't have.

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