1. Icecrown Citadel 25 Heroic Mode Detailed Strategy Guide


    The time came and Wotlk's Realms are updated with the new Core. Thanks to Warmane for their hard job about full rewrite of the scripts, the base and the core and that anything is possible thanks to them. if I'm honest, I do not expect that at last we will all see a fully worked Icecrown Citadel, but I hope that in time it will happen. In this guide I will try to give the main things for each encounter of Icecrown Citadel as i hope it will help to many people. With some from information of course I helped myself with internet like spells, some boss abilities and etc. As a whole in recent days I looked quite different guides like sifting information from them which was good, eliminating another that was not explained well or generally lacked separately I added my thoughts.


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    I. Health point: 31,376,250.

    II. Abilities:

    1. Bone Storm - Inflicts up to 14,000 physical damage every 2 seconds, depending on how far away you are from Lord Marrowgar. The closer you are, the more damage you’ll take. Bleed effect. 3 sec cast time. The entire storm lasts 30 seconds.

    2. Bone Spike Graveyard - Hurls 3 spikes at random players, impaling the targets on Bone Spikes, inflicting 9,000 physical damage and an additional 10% of your health per second. 3 sec cast time, last 5 mins.

    3. Coldflame - 11,000 frost damage per second. Instant cast. Damage effect of flames is 8 yards. It hits every 1 second for 8 seconds to anyone caught by the moving line of frost. Blue flames spawn from the boss and they will do very high damage if you get hit.

    4. Bone Slice - 300% weapon damage splited between two of your party members and hits those within melee range. This ability is responsible for the damage on the tanks always being quite high.

    III. Strategy:

    1. The fight consists of two phases, which repeat until you kill the boss. At the start of the fight, all of your tanks have to run together to the boss because they have to split Bone Slice damage, otherwise you will risk your main tank dying. Your tanks should always stay together because you can decrease the damage of Bone Slice. The whole raid should stand in melee range because you don’t get hit by the Coldflame there. Hunters can’t do that because they aren’t able to shoot at the boss from there, so they have to stand a little bit behind the raid and they should always avoid the Coldflame.

    In constant intervals, Lord Marrowgar will use Bone Spike Graveyard ability to impale three targets. All melees should deal damage to Bone Spike Graveyard. Use abilities like Cleave , Swipe , Fan of Knives and in general all possible AOE effects. If one of your Hunters or casters gets Bone Spike Graveyard, your ranged damage dealers are the best option to kill it since it’s useless for all your melees to run away from the boss. As soon as you see that Bone Storm is about to come, start to spread in the room. It’s possible for someone to get hit by Bone Spike Graveyard when Bone Storm is about to start. Kill these spikes as fast as possible! How needs to work Bone Storm, even if it doesn’t work like all the time - When Bone Storm starts, it selects the target that stands farthest away. After he reached that target, he spawns Coldflame and this “cycle” repeats until Bone Storm ends. Due to the fact that you know how Bone Storm works, you can avoid raid damage by parking raid member on each of the four walls of the room. All other raid members have to avoid Coldflame and kill Bone Spike Graveyard. During Bone Storm, your priests can use Divine Hymn. The damage is sometimes very high there. This battle is one of the hardest for each healer, because highly damage and moving during almost all battle. In most of situations - lag, spike or low FPS = DEATH


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    I. Health point: 26,773,027.

    II. Mana points: 13,990,000.

    III. Abilities:

    1. Mana Barrier - Automatically replenishes Lady Deathwhisper’s health, taking from her mana to do so.

    2. Animate Dead - Reanimates cult adherent or cult fanatic and usually raises three of each kind once per minute.

    3. Death and Decay - Inflicts 4,500 shadow damage per second to all targets to that effective range of 15 yards. Dieses surface is easy to recognize, because there is in there green the whole floor. Last 10 seconds.

    4. Mind Control - Controlled an enemy, increases the damage by 200% and health by 500%. Lasts 20 seconds.

    5. Dark Empowerment - Grants AoE damage abilities to cult adherents raised by Lady Deathwhisper and makes you unable to interrupt spellcasting by adherents.

    6. Dark Transformation - Transforms cult fanatic into a behemoth and increases cult fanatic’s size and damage dealt.

    7. Shadow Bolt - Cast time 2 secs and adds 7,438 - 9,562 shadow damage. The magic is used only in phace 1. 100 yards range.

    8. Frostbolt - 58,500 – 61,500 frost damage and reduces movement speed by 50% for 4 secs. 2 secs cast time. The magic is used only in phase 2.

    9. Frostbolt Volley - 14,400 – 17,600 frost damage and reduces movement speed by 50%. Instant cast.

    10. Touch of Insignificance - Reduces threat by 20%. Stacks up to 5 times.

    11. Adherents - a buff which makes adds almost impervious to magic damage. (Curse of Torpor , Dark Martyrdom).

    12. Fanatics - a buff which makes adds almost impervious to physical damage. (Vampiric Might , Necrotic Strike , Shadow Cleave , Dark Martyrdom).

    13. Summon Vengeful Shade - Summon Vengeful Shade that chases a party member and casts Vengeful Blast on them.

    - Vengeful Blast - Inflicts 23160 - 24840 Shadowfrost damage to all enemies within 20 yards of the target.

    IV. Strategy:

    1. Before the fight begins, you need to select which tank which side will be (left and right), and to determine which of DPS will be with them. Split your party into two groups - ranged DPS and melee DPS. Ranged DPS should focus on Lady Deathwhisper, while melee DPS will run around the room and take care of the many adds she spawns constantly. After pull her spread you on the upper deck and tank bring ever in position to intercept the soon onrushing adds. It is advisable that the healers behind continue to point to the platform, so as not to take through the AoE the adds etc damage. Lady Deathwhisper spawns a new round of adds every 60 seconds, on alternating sides of the room, so melee DPS should clean up one side before heading over to the other side to work on the next set. All physical damage melee DPS should focus on ADHERENTS, while magic damage melee takes out the FANATICS. Watch out for the adds which explode from time to time, dealing a lot of damage. The first add will start with Whirlwind, to you and your tank should get this as soon as possible under control. For DPS optimization, it should be good your tanks to stack adds on each side so your melee classes can also use their AOE spells and abilities and kill them as fast as possible. Lady Deathwhisper periodically casts Death and Decay on a raid member. It shows up as a huge green circle on the floor. Make sure you run out of it as soon as it’s cast to avoid the damage from it. Lady Deathwhisper will take over control three of your raid members at any given time. Use your crowd control tactics on any players under the spell of Mind Control. For this purpose, all priests and warlocks (Fear) , druids (Cyclone) need to keep! it is extremely important to find the right time for the transition to the second phase. Bring her mana to approximately 5 - 10% and find a suitable moment (a time where Lady is not able to spawn new waves of adds). Phase two of the battle against Lady Deathwhisper begins after you’ve knocked down her Mana Shield. You now continue to note a few. Lady appears at short intervals Vengeful Shade in the room who have a player as a target and casts Vengeful Blast so avoid them completely. Just run away and stay spread as possible when one gets near you. Tanks head back into a traditional tanking role. They’ll need to use all powers to hold aggro on Lady Deathwhisper at this point because of her ability Touch of Insignificance. Raid members who can interrupt spell casting should keep interrupting her Frostbolt because it does a lot of damage. In principle, this phase is relatively simple, but in reality it difficult and messy. One or two of your tanks will tank the boss, another will take care of the adds that now but only alternately coming from one side. These adds need to be killed as fast as possible but general this switching non-stop between adds and boss will do 2nd phase really difficult.


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    I. Health point of the enemy ship: 2,058,000

    II. Abilities: Depends on whether you're alliances or hordes, the adds are different in type and name.

    1. Friendly Ship:

    - Heat - Gunship Cannons use Heat as a resource. Cannon Blast generates heat, Incinerating Blast consumes it. When a cannon's heat level reaches 100, the cannon becomes Overheat and inactive for 3 seconds.

    - Cannon Blast - 1,500 siege damage.

    - Incinerating Blast - 1,000 siege damage plus damage per point of heat used to launch.

    2. Muradin Bronzebeard and High Overlord Saurfang:

    - Battle Fury - Increases all damage by 12%, stacking. Lasts 20 seconds, refreshed with each stack. Applied every time Saurfang or Muradin strike a target.

    - Cleave - Inflicts 120% weapon damage to up to 3 targets in front of Saurfang or Muradin.

    - Rending Throw - Inflicts 3,010 to 3,990 physical damage, and applies a stacking DoT for another 2,000 every 3 seconds per application. Used only when the tank is out of melee range, but close enough still.

    3. All Adds:

    - Experienced - Increases damage by 30%, and attack and casting speed by 20%. Applied if a soldier has been alive for more than ~20 seconds.

    - Veteran - Increases damage by 60%, and attack and casting speed by 40%. Applied if a soldier has been alive for more than ~40 seconds.

    - Elite - Increases damage by 120%, and attack and casting speed by 80%. Applied if a soldier has been alive for more than 60 seconds.

    - Desperate Resolve - Increases armor and attack speed by 60%. Applied when a soldier's health gets below 20%.

    4. Skybreaker Sergeant or Kor’kron Sergeant:

    - Wounding Strike - Inflicts 200% weapon damage and reduces all healing done to the target by 40% for 10 seconds.

    - Bladestorm - Inflicts weapon damage to up to 4 nearby targets every 1 second for 6 seconds.

    5.Skybreaker Mortar Soldier or Kor’kron Rocketeer:

    - Rocket Artillery - Targets an area on the players' ship and launches a rocket there. The rocket travels for a few seconds, causing an Explosion when it lands, inflicting 9,000 to 11,000 Fire damage to players and Siege damage to the gunship.

    - Explosion - 6,300 – 7,700 fire damage to party members and siege damage to gunships.

    6. Skybreaker Sorcerer or Kor’kron Battle-Mage:

    - Below Zero - Freezes the enemy gunship's cannons, rendering them inactive. Channeled spell. Cannot be interrupted.

    7. Skybreaker Riflema or Kor’kron Axethrower:

    - Hurl Axe - Inflicts 5,700 to 6,300 physical damage.

    - Shoot - Inflicts physical damage.

    III. Strategy:

    1. Winning the battle between the two gunships will require your raid to be carefully split between people defending your own ship, and people assaulting the enemy one. It is recommended to send as many players as you can spare to attack, leaving only the cannon users and 3,4 DPSers to defend. When the attackers are done (they have killed the mage and Rocketeers or Mortars), they can come back and help on defense. Players staying on your faction's ship have two things to take care of. First, 4 people will need to man the cannons and attack the enemy ship. The gunners should aim at the Rocketeers or Mortars in the back, who will mark areas on the board and shoot (slow) rockets at them - it's easy to move away, do so. Rocketeers and Mortars have a small knockback added to their rockets. The enemy's commander does more damage, and his Battle Fury increases his damage by 12%. Enemy soldiers gain Experienced faster, but not one of those changes should pose a problem. Axe Throwers or Riflemen will also shoot at people from across. Every so often a mage will appear and freeze all of your cannons. The assaulting players will need to deal with him, while the defenders deal with the squad of Reavers or Marines and a Sergeant that is being teleported. Both types gain damage and attack speed over time - so the longer they live, the more dangerous they will become. It is probably a good idea to have your ranged DPS defending, as they can avoid the Sergeant's abilities, and can also help the attackers (without using the rocket) when given an opportunity. As soon as the mage is dead and your board is secure, 4 of the defenders can re-enter the now-working cannons and continue shooting at the enemy's gunship, restarting the cycle. The attackers have a couple of things to worry about as well. Saurfang or Muradin will try to annihilate your raid - have a tank on him, and be mindful of the stacking Battle Fury buff, which increases the commander's damage. If the buff starts getting to high, you will need to leave the ship for about 20 seconds and let it fall off or tank will need to use most of his defensive CDs to win a bit more time. Have your DPS quickly burn the mages whenever they appear.


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    I. Health point: 43,926,752

    II. Abilities:

    1. Mark of the Fallen Champion - Causes Deathbringer Saurfang's melee attacks to splash to this target dealing additional Physical damage. If the target dies while under this effect Saurfang is healed for 5% of his total health. Cannot be dispelled or removed by any means, including death.

    2. Boilind Blood - Boils the blood of an enemy, inflicting 5000 Physical damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds.

    3. Rune of Blood - DBS leeches health when he performs melee attacks on targets marked with Rune of Blood. Leeches 5,950 to 8,050 health and heals Saurfang for 20 times that amount.

    4. Call Blood Beast - calls some Blood Beasts.

    III. Strategy:

    1. The key to the fight is the raid positioning. Since most of the raid can pretty much stay in the same place for the whole fight it would be best for everyone to find a position before the fight and stick to it. Since Boilind Blood can hit several targets in the same area at once you should spread out so that 2 players at most can get hit by Boilind Blood at the same time. So spread out into two groups and keep enough distance between them. After your raid is in position and everyone is ready, you can start the event. Depending on your faction this event can be very annoying. Alliance players don't have to care, the wait time is very shot, but Horde players have to wait nearly 2 minutes and go through some role-playing event. As mentioned above, the fight is extremely static and you should have enough time to react to anything important in the fight. Forget for DPS check and race as was till now. The two tanks have to watch their debuffs for Rune of Blood and instantly taunt after this is applied to one of them. This is important for two reasons, the faster generation of Blood Power and the healing Saurfang takes from hits he does on the tank with the debuff. If the reaction time of one tank is bad or you have a taunt resist and don't manage it, the next Mark of the Fallen Champion is applied sooner to one of the players in the raid. The most difficult part for healers is Mark of the Fallen Champion. You have to make a healer assignment for each mark before you start the fight. As usual your healers have to take care of the tanks and the raid. Primary job of the healers is to watch over players with Boilind Blood, which lasts 15 seconds. Power Word: Shield is also very good for avoiding damage as the debuff ticks and preventing Saurfang from generating Blood Power. The tank healers (mostly paladins) should have one eye on the Blood Power bar of Saurfang. As mentioned above, more Blood Power means he does much more damage. Try to refresh things like beacon or abilities with similar duration during a phase with low Blood Power. Push out full healing with every global during high Blood Power phases. The damage dealers in the raid also have things to do. Approximately every 35 seconds 5 Blood Beasts spawn around Saurfang. They must be killed as fast as possible. They move around very fast and they shouldn't be allowed to reach someone in your raid. The main reason for this in Hard mode is a debuff called Scent of Blood. It increases the damage Blood Beasts deal by 300% and decreases the movement speed of all raid members by 80%. This means one hit is deadly for sure. To avoid this make use of every snare and knockback mechanic you have in your raid. There are many ways to handle this, e.g. Chains of Ice from Death Knights or Frost Trap from Hunters.

    Classes that have a taunt ability can play around with the adds before they reach a player. At 30% Saurfang goes into a frenzy, increasing his attack speed by 30%. This means he does a ton more damage. To go through this phase very fast make use of your Bloodlust or Heroism ability. If you've done everything right and your raid dps is not below average, Saurfang should be dead after 2 or 3 Mark of the Fallen Champion.


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    I. Health point: 52,293,751.

    II. Abilities:

    1. Gas Spore - Hits three random party members Causes 1,950 – 2,050 physical damage to nearby party members after 12 seconds.

    2. Malleable Goo - Inflicts 19,500 to 20,500 in a 5 yards radius and slows casting and attack speed by 200% for 15 secs.

    3. Gaseous Blight - Inflicts 4,388 – 4,612 shadow damage and hits all party members.

    4. Inhale Blight - Increases Festergut’s damage and attack speed by 30%. 3.5 sec cast.

    5. Pungent Blight - 48,750 – 51,250 shadow damage which damages every party member. 3 sec cast.

    6. Vile Gas - Inflicts 4,875 – 5,125 damage every two seconds. Causes infected party members to vomit and damage other nearby party members for about 4,000 points. Last 6 sec.

    7. Gastric Bloat - Inflicts 9,750 – 10,250 nature damage. Damage increases by 10% each time it’s cast causes Gastric Explosion when it reaches 10 stacks. Lasts 100 seconds.

    8. Gastric Explosion - Kills the infected party member and inflicts 29,250 – 30,750 shadow damage to nearby party members.

    III. Strategy:

    1. First job of the raid is to take position and splits into 1 melee and 2 range goups like a three concentrate circles around Festergut as anyone needs to stay at 10 yards each from other because Malleable Goo and Vile Gas. Tanks need to keep tanking Festergut in the middle during whole fight. Shamans also need to put their totems exactly under the boss - this is important whole raid to have its buffs.

    On heroic mode, Festergut is now supported by Professor Putricide. Shortly time after pulling of Festergut, the Professor will show up on his balcony and throw Malleable Goo towards random players during the whole encounter. If you get hit by one of those goos you will take 20,000 damage and have your attack and casting speed slowed by 200% for 15 seconds. Avoidance of it is not very difficult but the bigger problem would be if it hits you because will decrease your healing or damage output rapidly and this could cause a wipe because of too low DPS or too low healing, so try to avoid getting hit by Malleable Goo, whether you’re a melee, ranged DPS, or a healer. Generally, you should always watch the ground beneath you! The position where Malleable Goo is about to strike the ground is marked with a green puddle, don’t stand near that puddle! Everyone in the raid should watch their debuffs because you will need 3x Inoculated. This is the debuff you get after standing near an exploding of Gas Spore. Best way to handle with this is on the first wave of Gas Spore entire raid needs to stack with main tank. The meeting point in both ranged groups should be all healers, if you mark them with raid icons it will be easy to find them. In addition healers (mainly paladins) can ensure the healing output on the tank, because they don’t have to move often. At this point it is really important to move if Malleable Goo is flying towards you and for the whole ranged camp to stand in the same position to get Inoculated debuff. If you’re playing a melee you may have problems with dodging Malleable Goo since they are hard to see. You can help yourself as mark two positions, e.g. right foot and left foot of the boss and switch positions when the Professor is throwing Malleable Goo, but this only works if all melees switch. Start at the right foot –> Malleable Goo is flying –> move to the left foot –> Malleable Goo is flying –> move to the right foot –> keep doing this till the end of the fight and this shouldn’t drop your dps as much as getting hit by Malleable Goo. Briefly your task here - avoid Malleable Goo, keep your tanks alive, get 3x Inoculated debuffs, do as much damage as you can and Festergut shouldn’t be a problem.


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    I. Health point: 47,413,000.

    II. Abilities:

    1. Mutated Infection - Inflicts 3,900 – 4,100 damage per second and reduces healing received by 50%. Creates a little ooze when it ends. Last 12 secs.

    2. Ooze Flood - Inflicts 5,363 – 5,637 damage per second and reduces movement speed by 10% per stack. Last 5 secs.

    3. Slime Spray - Iflicts 11,875 - 13,125 nature damage per second. Last 5 secs.

    4. Vile Gas - Inflicts 4,875 – 5,125 damage every two seconds. Causes infected party members to vomit and damage other nearby party members for about 4,000 points. Last 6 sec.

    5. Little Ooze:

    - Sticky Ooze - Inflicts 2,925 – 3,075 damage per second, reduces movement speed by 50%.

    - Weak Radiating Ooze - Inflicts 3,413 – 3,587 damage every 2 seconds, merges little oozes with big ooze.

    6. Big Ooze:

    - Sticky Ooze - Inflicts 2,925 – 3,075 damage per second, reduces movement speed by 50%.

    - Radiating Ooze - Inflicts 2,438 – 2,562 damage, merges big ooze with little oozes.

    - Unstable Ooze - Increases damage dealt by 20%, stacks up 10 times.

    - Unstable Ooze Explosion - Inflicts 14625 - 15375 damage, 6 yard radius.

    III. Strategy:

    1. Here you can use start position like Festergut encounter only important before the fight starts you assign some players who will spread out around Rotface. Regarding the lineup, you don't have to account for very much. The only important thing is to have sufficient players, at least 8, who can position themselves outside from the circle. These players are necessary for Vile Gas not to be cast on melees. While Festergut's Vile Gas was not a big problem because Inoculated reduces a lot of the damage from it, here is much much important do not spread Vile Gas in the raid because it does really huge damage and for healers will be almost impossible to overheal it. Several seconds after the pull you instantly use Bloodlust or Heroism. At the start of the fight you can deal damage without impairment since there aren't any oozes or green zones yet, which makes it the optimal moment for Bloodlust or Heroism. Use two tanks for this fight. One tank stays on Rotface the entire time, while the other breaks off to pick up the little ooze, which is cast periodically throughout the fight against Rotface. Keep Rotface in the center of the room and have your second tank kite the oozes around him. Little oozes spawn every time Mutated Infection ends, and they spawn from the location of the raid member affected by Mutated Infection. When the first little ooze spawns, whoever it spawns from will have to kite it around until a second little ooze forms. That is, unless your Off-tank can suddenly pull the little ooze’s aggro off the raid member it spawned from, but this is very hard to do because they hold a huge amount of aggro at the spawning. After a second little ooze is formed, bring the two together and get them to merge. It can easily be done by the raid member taking the newest ooze over to where the other ooze is being kited. The healers should then cleanse the raid member when he’s close to the other ooze or just to wait till Mutated Infection ends and the Ooze shows itself. This will cause the two to merge and will definitely allow your ooze tank to pick up the big ooze. Then he just keeps tanking the big ooze around the circle. The big ooze will explode after five little oozes have come together, so healers should watch for this to keep the tank and raid alive, and the Off-Tank should keep it away of the rest of the raid. Sometimes Off-Tank inevitably have to run through Ooze Flood pools. Have a paladin cast Hand of Freedom on him (since the Off-Tank is not paladin) so you won't be slowed when crossing them. In addition, take care not to kite the oozes through other players. DPS have 4 seconds to run from the ooze if they happen to be near it when it’s about to explode. Stay out of Ooze Flood, which is basically the green areas on the floor and move fast if you stay in it because in 5 secs you will gain 100% reduce of movement speed. The room is flooded periodically with it, which will kill you slowly if you’re standing in it and further shortens the playing field. Whenever Rotface turns his head, run away immediately to avoid Slime Spray. It’s pretty obvious right before he uses this ability, so just watch for the head turn and run if you’re in front of the direction he turned his head. Furthermore you have to watch out for the explosions of the big oozes, of course, and find a safe spot in time to avoid the small ooze grenades as usual. Before running back to your old position again you have to check if Vile Gas will be cast soon. If that's the case don't just run back in melee range, but keep the distance and wait a second to see who will be Vile Gas target, so it won't be carried to melee by any means. The healers is good do not stand in the melees directly, but at the side of the boss and max closed to middle as possible to have range over all raid members at all times. Also paladins can use their Divine Shield and Hand of Sacrifice to save some member during Unstable Ooze Explosion.


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    I. Health point: 50,200,000.

    II. Abilities:

    1. Unbound Plague - Inflicts damage per second. The damage is increased every second the Blight remains on you.

    2. Unstable Experiment - This is the ability that spawns either Gas Cloud or Volatile Ooze.

    3. Slime Puddle - Creating a puddle of slime on the target locations.

    4. Choking Gas Bomb - PP throws gas bombs around him, dealing 6,300 damage per second and explodes in 20 secs.

    5. Choking Gas Explosion - This is the explosion caused by gas bombs about 20 seconds after they hit the ground. The gas explosion deals 29,250 - 30,750 damage and reduces hit chance by 100% for 20 secs.

    6. Malleable Goo - Inflicts 23,400 - 24,600 damage to anyone who stands in its path, as well as reducing attack and casting speed by 250%.

    7. Mutated Strength - Increases Putricide's attack speed and damage by 50% and inflicts increasing damage every 3 secs.

    8. Mutated Plague - Heals PP for 2,100,000 for each stack of Mutated Plague that was on the target.

    9. Voatile Ooze and Green Ooze:

    - Ooze Eruption - Inflicts 68,250 – 71,750 damage, shared with nearby targets, knocking them back in all directions.

    - Volatile Ooze Adhesive - Bonds the target to Volatile Ooze, inflicting 7,313 – 7,687 damage per second and rooting the target.

    10. Gas Cloud and Orange Ooze:

    - Gaseous Bloat (player debuff)

    - Gaseous Bloat - Inflicts 1,463 – 1,537 damage every 2 secs.

    III. Strategy:

    1. I will start from there - Professor Putricide is one of the hardest bosses in ICC and since it was kinda easy now prepare yourself for something much difficult. Right from the start you have to forget about fixed positions or camps in this fight. You have to forget for stack tactic till now on Warmane. During phase 1 the raid is split into three groups that remain within three areas, two ranged and healer groups and one melee group. In the transition phase it's advisable for all the players who will engage the green ooze and the corresponding healers to gather in one position, so it's ensured that no one dies from the ooze's explosion. Everyone else stays away from this camp. In the second phase the raid's formation is like in phase 1. In phase 3 the positioning is completely different from previous phases. Since Slime Puddle on the floor can't be soaked up anymore, the raid has to move frequently. In order to contain that somewhat, it's important that no player stands in the center.

    2. Phase 1 (100% to 80%) - You engage the Professor, one of your tanks runs to the table and controls the abomination. The first disease hits a player in the raid. If it hits a melee the disease will jump back and forth between the individual melees very fast. They have to react quickly and scatter to prevent the debuff that increases the damage from Unbound Plague from scaling up too high. When the disease rests on a single player that isn't melee you have brought the situation back under control and can pass your diseases with no rush. It's important that you don't keep it for too long so that the damage on yourself doesn't get too high. You should keep Unbound Plague up to a maximum of 8 – 10 seconds, or until the disease ticks for some damage which is not dangerous for you (about 4,000-5,000) and then pass it on to another player. Look around in time for someone you will be able to give the disease to next and coordinate via Voice Chat if necessary. Take care that the player you want to pass the disease to doesn't have the debuff already. You can detect it quite easily via some addon or your raid frame. Another extremely important point is the timing for the phase transition. Since there is a green and an orange ooze at the same time in the phase transition, it almost leads to a wipe if there is an additional ooze from a poorly managed transition. Stop damaging the Professor at 81 - 85% and let one or two players continue slowly until the boss drops to about 81%. In the meantime the remaining players handle the oozes or simply stand around. Wait until there is no ooze left alive. Now all of you damage the Professor and bring him into the phase transition, watch your debuffs and position yourself. As soon as both oozes spawn they have to be slowed by your abomination instantly through Regurgitate Ooze (button 2). Since the abomination can do a lot of damage it should be used to damage the green ooze in this phase transition because it is more dangerous than the orange one and hence should die faster.

    3. Phase 2 (80% to 35%) - the Professor tosses an additional ooze, the Choking Gas Bomb gives you a debuff directly and its explosion inflicts a lot of damage. So take care not to be hit by Malleable Goo or Choking Gas Explosion. The raid positions are as in phase 1 and the disease still has to be passed around. Therefore pay attention that you don't run through the player with the disease while dodging Malleable Goo. It's important for the tank and the melees to avoid Choking Gas Bomb on the floor or to pull the Professor accordingly, so the melees don't get the debuff or take damage. For that purpose the tank should pull the boss away from the normal position in time and place Choking Gas Bomb appropriately. Just like at the end of phase 1 you now have to particularly look out for the phase transition. At 40% you shouldn't recast DOTs spells and at 37% again there should be only two players who continue damaging with the rest taking a break. If there is no ooze left alive, you push the Professor into the phase transition.

    4. Phase 3 (35% to 0%) - Position yourself properly and keep watching for the oozes and Choking Gas Bomb. Since Slime Puddle can't be soaked up anymore and they are always cast on players, you should keep the center clear so that the room won't be filled with green pools too fast. It's best to start tanking the boss right next to the table and then to pull him along the wall. Especially when Choking Gas Bomb ability is ready the boss should keep moving or else melees run the risk of getting the hit debuff and thus losing important damage on the Professor. The tanks have to coordinate when they will be taunting off each other so that Mutated Strength doesn't inflict too much damage on the raid. The healers should always pay attention that none of the tanks dies and on the last few percent you should rather let some players in the raid die and focus on healing the tanks, since once a tank dies the Professor heals himself which makes him almost unbeatable. Use your Bloodlust or Heroism only after the Professor has thrown his first oozes and everyone is in position again so that you can further increase your damage. Aside from that, it can be reasonable to simply let the player with the disease die in the last phase and resurect him. This saves you a lot of stress and results in being able to play the rest of the encounter like on Normal mode.

    BLOOD PRINCES COUNCIL (Valanar, Keleseth, and Taldaram)

    Spoiler: Show

    I. Health point: 30,497,000 (shared health).

    II. Abilities:

    1. Shadow Prison - The Shadow Prison is a debuff cast on every player that moves. Every time you move you get one stack of this effect, every stack does 500 damage.For example you run around for 10 seconds, so you have 10 stacks and suffer 5000 damage per second. An important fact at this point is you stop taking damage as soon as you stop moving! So if you notice that you have a lot of stacks on you, just stop moving and let the debuff wear off. It’s better to stop wherever you are when you have too many debuffs rather than risk dying just because you wanted to get to the boss to deal damage.

    2. Kinetic Bomb - The entire fight these bright spheres (up to 4) fall from the ceiling. As soon as one touches the bottom it explodes, dealing massive damage and throwing the entire raid through the room. In many cases this leads to a wipe, so you should always keep them in mind. Damaging these bombs will make them fly up again.

    3. Prince Valanar:

    - Empowered Shock Vortex - A wave of force emanates from the caster, inflicting 8,000 Physical damage and knocking nearby friends away.

    - Shock Vortex - Deals 12,000 damage to all enemies within A yards and knocks them back.

    4. Prince Keleseth:

    - Shadow Lance - Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting 19,013 – 19,987 shadow damage.

    - Empowered Shadow Lance – Hurls a bolt of dark magic at an enemy, inflicting 95,063 – 99,937 shadow damage.

    - Summon Dark Nucleus – Keleseth periodically summon Dark Nucleus, which have Shadow Resonance ability.

    5. Prince Taldaram:

    - Conjure Flame Sphere - He creates a BIG Flame Sphere above him which speeds towards a player in the distance. When the sphere reaches its target it explodes, dealing massive damage in a small radius. But it is possible to reduce this explosion - when flying over other players, the sphere shoots small fireballs at them. This reduces the size of Flame Sphere, and with it the damage of the explosion at its target. In his normal form, Taldaram sometimes casts SMALL Flame Sphere on players in the raid, but these do only a small amount of damage, which can be ignored.

    III. Strategy:

    1. You encounter the three Blood Princes at the same time - Valanar, Taldaram and Keleseth, and they share one health pool. The active prince is empowered and has special abilities. Prince Valanar is active first, who becomes empowered after that is purely random. After every prince was active once the game repeats until you kill it. It's best to at least loosely arrange players to the sides, so nobody lacks space. The upper platform should be free for the melees. It is quite helpful to allocate definite positions to the melees, so they can run there when Valanar casts Shock Vortex. Under no circumstances should a melee run from the platform in the direction of the healers and ranged damage dealers. You should also assign hunters and warlocks who can use their pets to deal with Kinetic Bomb.

    When Valanat is empowered he casts Empowered Shock Vortex, which can be quite nasty for everyone. Shock Vortex is cast on every player, which then explodes, damaging nearby players and throwing them through the room, so you have to arrange your raid accordingly. You need to be about 10 yards apart from each other so the explosion won't hit the player next to you. When Valanar is not empowered he sometimes casts single Shock Vortex, which you can avoid easily.

    If your positioning is good, no one will fly around or take damage. After about 45 seconds the first change of the active prince occurs, and you need to be aware that the prince might still cast his special ability just before the change. When Taldaram is empowered you need to be either in melee range or far away from him. Anything in between can be dangerous because your reaction time for Flame Sphere will be very short. Furthermore it is very important that the melees run with Flame Sphere a bit, so its effect will not be deadly. The healers or ranges who is the target has to react quickly and run away from Flame Sphere as far as he can. When Prince Keleseth is active you have to consider pretty much nothing but your threat, because the tank spends a lot of time chasing Dark Nucleus. Keleseth is quite straight-forward, he constantly casts Shadow Lance on the threat holder. When empowered, these Shadow Lances would kill anyone in a single hit (Empowered Shadow Lance). Fortunately, Dark Nucleus fly around in the room, which the player tanking Prince Keleseth has to gather. This can be done by dealing any form of damage to them. After being damaged, Dark Nucleus will shoot a dark beam on the tank, which does a litte damage, but also reduces shadow damage taken by 35% (Shadow Resonance). With this, the tank is easily healable, even when Keleseth is empowered. This also means that the tank hardly has to think about Shadow Prison, because it also deals shadow damage. It's important for the tank to have at least three Dark Nucleus on him at all times, so the damage does not become overwhelming. Holy Paladins should keep their Beacon of Light on Keleseth's tank, because he runs around a lot and may sometimes not be in heal range. If Keleseth be the second active prince, the tank needs help from external cooldowns. Use abilities like Pain Suppression and Hand of Sacrifice to keep your tank alive. This is essential because the tank might not have three Dark Nucleus on him yet.


    Spoiler: Show

    I. Health point: 71,300,000.

    II. Abilities:

    1. Swarming Shadows - Casted on a random player in the raid. This player will have purple flames appear beneath her and has to carry those out of the raid.

    2. Pact of the Darkfallen - Links players together with a read beam, causing them to inflict Shadow damage to players within range.To stop this effect all linked players have to be within 5 yards of eachother for at least one second.

    3. Bloodbolt Whirl - Hurls a bolt of dark blood at the target, dealing 9,250 - 10,750 damage. Used only in Air phase.

    4. Essence of the Blood Queen - Several seconds after entering the encounter the Blood-Queen bites the player. This bite turns you into a Vampire, causing you to deal 100% increased damage and causes attacks to heal the player for 15% of the damage done. After 60 seconds the buff fades and you gain a debuff called Frenzied Bloodthirst. You will now have little time to bite another non-infected player to satisfy your need for blood.

    5. Shroud of Sorrow - Inflicting 4,000 shadow damage every 2 sec. to nearby enemies.

    6. Twilight Bloodbolt - Hurls a bolt of dark blood at the target, dealing 16,150 - 17,850 damage to the target and surrounding allies within 6 yards.

    7. Blood Mirror - Links all of the Main Tank damage with another raid member causes shadow damage on that raid member hits whoever’s standing closest to the tank.

    III. Strategy:

    1. Before you start you have to set the bite sequence (who bites who) and the positions for the whole raid. You should position the healers on the edge of the inner circle so they can heal everybody everywhere. Split the remaining ranged DPS to the left and right side and make sure everybody stands already spread. You choose 4 of you best DPS. One of them will always get the first bite (in most situations it's hunter). After the first one gets bitten he will bite the remaining 3 Top DPSers. You want your highest damage dealers doing the most damage possible, because you’ll wipe the entire raid if you don’t kill Blood Queen Lana’thel in time before she tranforms in Enrage form. Each raid member can only be bitten once. After everything is set and clear you can now engage the Blood-Queen. Your tanks should now run to the position where the Blood-Queen stands and tank her right there to make it easy for the raid to spread out and get to their positions. Healers, pay attention to which raid members have Blood Mirror cast on them. You must heal through this ability because you could end up with a squishy raid member taking as much damage as the tank. You really can’t afford to lose any raid members during this battle. Best way to handle with this is Off-Tank to stay near Main Tank and share damage. From now on everything runs as described above. If you get Swarming Shadows you run to the outside (closed to wall) and leave the flame there because Swarming Shadows will kill you if you keep standing in. If you get Pact of the Darkfallen, look for the other raid members you’re linked to. A red line will connect all the linked players. Linked raid members must run together and meet to get rid of Pact of the Darkfallen. Also she will cast a lot of Twilight Bloodbolt - stay spread and healers need to focus and overheal.

    During the air phase Blood-Queen Lana'thel will use Bloodbolt Whirl at random players which will damage the target and everyone else within 6 yards to really get you in trouble. These bolts cause splash damage and it is very important that you stay spread during this phase and that nobody gets damage from someone else's Bloodbolt Whirl splash damage. It is good in this phase every class to use his best defensive CDs and the healers also need to use their best abilities for AOE healing.

    Additionally she will cast an AoE Fear at the beginning of the air phase which will cause further chaos, so here to help somes very good abilities like Fear Ward and Tremor Totem and be ready to spread out and keep a finger on your Healthstone. Never forget the bite rotation and don't get killed in the air phase. If you manage to handle all this, Blood-Queen Lana'thel will be death.


    Spoiler: Show

    I. Health point: 17,999,999 - 35,999,999.

    II. Abilities:

    1. Valithria Dreamwalker:

    - Summon Nightmare Portal - Gives you access to the Dream State.

    - Twisted Nightmares - While you have this buff you will take 200 Nature damage every 3 seconds but will also gain 200 Mana every 3 seconds and your Healing and Damage is increased by 10%. This buff lasts 40 seconds, stacks up to 100 and it is the key to winning this encounter.

    2. Blazing Skeleton:

    - Fireball - Inflicts 4,713 – 5,287 fire damage.

    - Lay Waste - Inflicts 5,655 - 6,345 fire damage every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. 50,000 yard radius.

    3. Blistering Zombie:

    - Acid Burst - The caster explodes, dealing 17,672 - 19,828 Nature damage instantly and 1250 Nature damage per second to all enemies within 15 yards.

    - Corrosion - Inflicts 3,125 nature damage every 3 seconds, reduces armor by 10 percent, stacks up to 5 times, lasts 6 seconds, only procs when the zombie lands a melee swing.

    4. Risen Archmage:

    - Column of Frost - 14,138 - 15,862 frost damage, 3 yard radius, knock into the air.

    - Frostbolt Volley - Inflicts 8,550 - 10,450 Frost damage to nearby enemies, reducing their movement speed for 4 sec.

    - Mana Void - Burns 1,000 mana per second, 6 yard radius, lasts 30 seconds.

    5. Glutonous Abomination:

    - Gut Spray - Deals 3,750 Nature damage per second and increases Physical damage taken by 25% for 12 sec.

    6. Rot Worm:

    - Spawned by Glutonous Abomination when it dies, deals 4,000 – 5,000 melee physical damage on one target.

    7. Supresser:

    - Supression - Reduces healing received by the target by 10%. Lasts until cancelled.

    III. Strategy:

    1. Valithria starts at 50% Health when you start the fight and you have to heal her up to 100% while getting attacked by unending waves of Scourge enemies that want you to stop helping her. This is a healer fight and the DPS are only the supporters here. Have all your healers focus on healing Valithria at first, but you should assign two to pick up raid members as the fight goes on. The amount of damage the raid takes will increase as the battle drags on.You should assign the healers (mostly Holy Paladins) to some basic spawn points of the Portals and additionaly they should set up a tactic on how they go around and collect the stacks inside the Portals. This is very crucial because if someone screws up, his Twisted Nightmares buff will fade and that's not good. The healers should fly in groups from stack to stack to get the best usage from it. But be careful - if there is only one stack remaing, wait 2 - 3 seconds before you get out of Summon Nightmare Portal zone and collect it and then your buff won't run out. Remember that this buff also deals damage to you on heroic mode and you should always get some heals, or even heal yourself. It's very important that all DPSers are very aware of their surroundings and follow a simple priority list, so you don't lose control of the fight. As soon as Blazing Skeleton spawns DPSers have to focus it as soon as possible and kill it before it casts its devastating Lay Waste. You should always go for the little groups of Suppressors to keep the healing on Valithria up. You can and should slow those Suppressors.

    Risen Archmages can be really annoying and dangerous with Column of Frost and Frostbolt Volley if they don't get interrupted. Priests also can keep Mass Dispel on the raid. Blistering Zombies use Acid Burst when killed, so watch out for the explosion. Gluttonous Abominations have lots of HP and spawn little Rot Worms when they die. These Rot Worms deal a lot of melee damage and should be killed immediately after they spawn. Split your melees up on both sides from the beginning of the fight and all ranged dps should do the same and dps on both sides.


    Spoiler: Show

    I. Health point: 46,000,000.

    II. Abilities:

    1. Tail Smash - Inflicts 11,250 - 18,750 damage on enemies within 20 yards of the tail's impact point, knocking them back.

    2. Frost Aura - Deals 6,000 Frost damage to all nearby enemies every 3 sec.

    3. Icy Grip - Drags all raid members to her in preparation for Blistering Cold.

    4. Blistering Cold - Deals 60,000 Frost damage to enemies within 25 yards.

    5. Unchained Magic - Causes Arcane backlash after 8 seconds.

    6. Instability - Inflickts 2,000 arcane damage per stack while you’re under the effect of Unchained Magic, 5 sec after spellcasting ends. On heroic mode this debuff also damaged all friendly targets in 20 yards from you.

    7. Frost Beacon - Marks a target for imprisonment in an Ice Tomb.

    8. Ice Tomb - Conjures spheres of icy energy to entomb enemies in blocks of ice.

    9. Frost Bomb - Deals 188,500 - 211,500 Frost damage to all nearby targets.

    10. Mystic Buffet - Buffets all nearby foes with magic every 6 sec, increasing magical damage taken by 10% per stack. Last 8 sec.

    11. Penetrating Cold - Melee DPSers cause physical damage to be inflicted with 1,000 frost damage per stack every 2 sec.

    12. Frost Breath - Inflicts 55,500 - 64,500 Frost damage to enemies in a 60 yard cone in front of the caster. In addition, the targets' attack speed is decreased by 50% and movement decreased by 15%.

    III. Strategy:

    1. Phase 1 (100% to 35%) - The fight against Sindragosa covers both ground and air. After Sindragosa landed starts right the first phase and the first small hurdle. Wait briefly from the tank to hold aggro. The tank should rotate Sindragosa in the raid, all DPSers and healers should stay from the side next to her so no one can take Tail Smash or Frost Breath and to be ready for Blistering Cold. During the battle melees will accumulate stacks from Penetrating Cold debuff. Watch your stacks and don't exceed above 8, 9 - don't make hard for the healers. Stop all casting if Sindragosa casts Unchained Magic on you. Unchained Magic has the potential to kill you and all members in 20 yards range from you if you don’t. Healers can try to heal through this but try do not reach more than 5, 6 stacks and be sure you are away from the raid, but the best course of action may be for the casters to stop DPS during Unchained Magic and Instability. When Sindragosa casts Icy Grip be rdy to run away from her as fast as possible because in 5 sec she will cast Blistering Cold and it can be fatal for you if you take hit by Blistering Cold. Here comes to help very good abilities like Blink for mages, Ghost Wolf for shamans (if they have already 2 points of Improved Ghost Wolf talent) or Disengage for hunters. Every time Sindragosa takes off, she’ll target six players with Frost Beacon. Since the Main tank is not paladin, it's important some paladin to give him Hand of Freedom, so the tank can quickly be organized moves before the start of Air phase. All raid members should take note who’s being targeted, because they will be Ice Blocked next (Ice Tomb). All DPS switches to Ice Tomb to rescue the frozen players during this area phase. While knocking down Ice Tomb, make sure you keep the blocks between you and Sindragosa's Frost Bomb to avoid them. You will die for sure if you don't stay in LoS and take a hit from Frost Bomb. Also don’t DPS Ice Tomb down too quickly, or you won’t have anything to hide behind to avoid Frost Bomb and all raid will wipe. Here i want to notice - while so far on Warmane we stacked all six Ice Tomb on one place, now we can not afford it, because when Ice Tomb hits the marked players, it does splash damage about 7,000 - 8,000 frost damage and you'll kill instantly the marked people or in the best case you'll bring them to 5 - 10% HP dependent on the class. You need to spread marked members about 8 - 10 yards each from other. Another problem that exist in the server that periodic damage from Ice Tomb began almost as soon as they take freeze, but it should start between 4th and 5th Frost Bomb. But let's see how it will work after the update.

    2. Phase 2 (35% to 0%) - Than previous abilities, Sindragosa uses new ability here called Mystic Buffet. In connection with Mystic Buffet, which increases the total magic damage, Frost Aura ticks and Instability debuffs the second phace becomes very dangerous. Therefore, it is crucial fight that no more than 5, 6 stacks from Mystic Buffet is all about and no magic when you get Unchained Magic. Also tanks need to use all power and defensive CDs to manage with the situations and of course Pain Suppression and Hand of Sacrifice find good place here. Although Sindragosa raises no more into the air, but periodically she will put Frost Beacon on a player in the raid. These players put Ice Tomb off on the ground like in Air phase. The raid should stay behind Ice Tomb and refresh and avoid Mystic Buffet. In general second phase is a cycle of repetitive movements until finally you kill the boss. Sindragosa casts Frost Beacon, the player moves immediatetly on left side and put there Ice Tomb, then the raid go behind it and refresh Mystic Buffet -> agan Frost Beacon, the player move on right side and put Ice Tomb there, the raid kill first tomb to release raid member as melees need to focus more over Ice Tomb killing while ranges - over Sindragosa and all go behind right Ice Tomb and again left -> right -> left... till you kill Sindragosa. I want notice here that Blistering Cold is still part of Phase 2 and you should keep timing when you will kill Ice Tomb, do not kill some raid member. Second phase is not DPS race. If everyone does properly his job and stricly follows the tactic the boss will be done without any problem. The Sindragosa encounter is more psychological fight than something difficult or impossible.


    Spoiler: Show

    I. Health point: 103,900,000.

    II. Abilities:

    1. Summon Drudge Ghouls - Summons 3 Drudge Ghouls over 3 sec.

    2. Summon Shambling Horror - Summons a Shambling Horror. The Shambling possesses Shockwave and Enrage abilities.

    3. Soul Reaper - Strikes the target for 50% weapon damage and afflicts the target with Soul Reaper. This effect deals 70,000 Shadow damage after 5 sec and increases the caster's haste by 100% for 5 sec.

    4. Necrotic Plague - Infests the target with a deadly plague, causing 150,000 Shadow damage every 5 sec for 15 sec. If the target dies while afflicted or the effect ends, this effect will gain an additional stack and jump to a nearby unit. If this effect is dispeled, it will lose a stack and jump to a nearby unit. Whenever this effect jumps, The Lich King's power will increase.

    5. Plague Siphon - Increases Lich King's physical damage dealt by 2%. Stack increases each time Necrotic Plague jumps.

    6. Infest - Deals 9,425 - 10,575 Shadow damage to all enemy players. In addition, the targets will take increasing Shadow damage per second. This effect is removed when the target has more than 90% health.

    7. Remorseless Winter - Creates a massive winter storm, dealing 14,138 - 15,862 Frost damage per second to all surrounding enemies within 45 yards.

    8. Pain and Suffering - Deals 2828 - 3172 Shadow damage in a cone effect in front of the caster. In addition, the targets will take 500 Shadow damage per second for 3 sec. Stack up to 5 times.

    9. Summon Ice Sphere - Ice Sphere deals 10,000 frost damage and knockback out of platform every enemy who it reaches.

    10. Summon Raging Spirit - The Raging Spirit possesses Soul Shriek ability.

    11. Defile - Defiles the area under a random target. Any enemies got within this area will be dealt shadow damage and cause the area to grow. Lasts 30s.

    12. Summon Val’kyr Shadowguard - A Val’kyr Shadowguard tries to pick up a random raid member and drop them off the top of Icecrown Citadel.

    13. Harvest Soul - Attempts to harvest the soul of all nearby enemies, dealing 4,000 Shadow damage per second. If a target is still alive after the channel is completed, that target's soul will be transfered into Frostmourne to be devoured.

    14. Vile Spirits - Creates 10 Vile Spirits which will attack enemies after 30 seconds.

    15. Shadow Trap - Deals 23,563 - 26,437 Shadow damage to all enemies within 10 yards, knocking them back.

    16. Fury of Frostmourne - Deals 1,000,000 Shadow damage to all enemies and rendering them unable to release spirit or resurrect. Lich King casts it at 10% hp. If you see Lich King casting this spell, that means your work is completed. :)

    III. Strategy:

    1. Phase 1 (100% to 70%) - Start out by tanking the Lich King on the middle-edge of the platform (near the throne from the place where he launched a dialogue with Tirion). Off-Tank needs to be or left or right side of the Main Tank more closed to edge. A protection paladin works perfect as Off-Tank because they have Ardent Defender as well as good stuns.DPSers and Healers should position themself a bit in front of Main Tank (near the line of inner circle) Off-Tank's work is to tank Shambling Horrors as always he has them positioned with their back to the raid (or in other words Off-Tank should always be facing raid). Both tanks should move in two parallel lines to avoid Shadow Trap. When Lich King casts Necrotic Plague on some raid member, this player has to move immediatetly behind Shambling Horror where he needs to be dispeled, then he has to back again on his initial position before that. You should be sure that Necrotic Plague goes to the Shambling Horrors. Main Tank's work is to tank Lich King and some of Drudge Ghouls where Lich King will spawn in first phase. When needed, Off-Tank should taunt more Drudge Ghouls of Main Tank to stack Necrotic Plague. Off-Tank have to stun Shambling Horrors via Hammer of Justice and Holy Wrath right after they cast Enrage because if not, it can be fatal. The rest of raid must also helps him as Retri paladins can also stuns, hunters need to dispel Enrage with Tranquilizing Shot. When the mobs go below 20% they gain Frenzy and start hitting like mad. It’s important to have them dying as fast as possible when they start going low. During this period of Frenzy, Off-Tank needs a help from some survuval abilities like Pain Suppression and Hand of Sacrifice. Besides healing the both tanks, healers also have to focus over Infest. They need to remove it fast because with every tick, Infest increases shadow damage deal and in 5, 6 secs it will be almost impossible for overhealing. Here discipline priest does a perfect job via Power Word: Shield. In the first phase there are many ways to start the game and positioning and which one you choose is not as important. More important positioning in second and third phase. At 70% HP, Lich King goes to the middle of the platform and casts Remorseless Winter and raid have to move fast to newly platform - this is the beginning of Transition Phase.

    2. Phase 1.5 (Transition Phase) - In transition phase the raid have to spread as well as possable to decrease future larger damage from Pain and Suffering which can stack to up to 5 times on a player and damage from Ice Spheres. If there are still Shambling Horrors and Drudge Ghouls, Off-Tank should tank them a little farther away from the raid, and always back to him as in first phase (Necrotic Plague is still on them, so it will be easy done). Range DPSers (mostly hunters) need to focus in the killing of Ice Sprheres because if they reach its target, they will knockback him out of the platform. The work of Main Tank is most important because he should tanking the Raging Spirits which Lich King will summon during both transition phases. The Main Tank should to tank them back to raid because periodically they cast Soul Shriek ability which silence for 5 sec and does huge amount of damage. DPSers have to kill the Raging Spirits as fast as possible. If total raid DPS is good and you see you have over-DPS on Raging Spirits, mages and hunters also can DPS Lich King in transition phase for some additional damage done. Where the transition state ends, the raid should immediately leave the "mobile" platform and be back on the big platform because in 5 sec the "mobile" platform will be destroyed - this is the beginning of Phase 2.

    3. Phase 2 (70% - 40%) - In this phase one tank needs to tank Lich King in the middle. If there are still Raging Spirits alive from Transition phase, the second tank needs to take them in little distance from first tank (again with back to raid), so DPsers can use their AOE abilities and finish the Ragings Spirits. In the start of Phase 2, Lich King gains Plague Siphon buff, which increase his dmage with 2% per each stack from Necrotic Plague, so Main Tank has to use some survival CD and also if he needs healers should support him with some extra survival CD. For encounter like Lich King, combination from Holy Priest and Restoration Shaman comes very nice because Inspiration and Ancestral Healing gain tank additional 20% reduce of physical damage what is really nice considering how hard Lich King hits. Lich Kind also uses Soul Reaper ability on his target, which is very dangerous and if Main Tank is careless, he can die fast. He needs try to avoid Soul Reaper as Main Tanks has to move a bit away from Lich King's range exactly when the boss casts Soul Reaper or both tanks can use "ping-pong" re-taun tactic. In the second phase whole raid have to stand on one spot. It is absolutely crucial to have the whole raid on the exactly same spot to get Val’kyr Shadowguards going exactly to the same direction after they have grabbed their targets. The stack also has to be far enough from the edges to have the maximum amount of time to dps the Val’kyr Shadowguards down to 50%. When Lich King casts Summon Val’kyr Shadowguard, it is very important to get all the stuns in as fast as possible to keep Val’kyr Shadowguard together for cleaves and all AOE abilities. You always should to get Defile as far away from the raid as possible. Val’kyr Shadowguards and Defile have different timers so sometimes there is a lot of time before the next Defile after Summon Val’kyr Shadowguard, sometimes there is only 2, 3 seconds in between. For Defile you have to start by moving Lich King as always raid should stay in one spot from one little circle. When Val’kyr Shadowguards come just before Defile, ranged DPSers and healers should wait for all three of them to land, and after that immediately take a few steps away from the raid to be able to run Defile far enough from the raid. The melee dps Val’kyr Shadowguards. If a melee got Defile, he has to run away from the group and the rest of the melees simply have to move some steps in opposite site. On 25 Heroic mode, Lich King has 2 secs casting time of Defile, so it's enough time for reaction. Just the raid have to be maximum focus and don't panic. Naturally you have to keep Lich King on top of Val’kyr Shadowguards spot all the time to get all possible AOE effects on Lich King. When Defile comes a lot time before Summon Val’kyr Shadowguard, your raid should stay on the place where you killed previous wave from Val’kyr Shadowguards, doing max dps until the newDefile spawns. And again Defile should be placed far away from the raid as if it's on range they should move a bit from the raid stack, if it's on melees, the player should move a bit away from the raid and all stack has to move some steps opposite side, then everyone runs again to the spot as fast as possible to be grouped for the next Summon Val’kyr Shadowguard. Healers again have the main task to overheal both tanks and Infest. At 40% HP, Lich King again goes to the middle of the platform and casts Remorseless Winter and raid have to move fast to newly platform - this is the beginning of Transition Phase.

    4. Phase 2.5 (Transition) - This phase is same like first Transition phase (Phase 1.5) except that there is no more Shambling Horrors and Drudge Ghouls, so both tanks can help each other with the tanking of Raging Spirits and DPSers need to focus over their killing as fast as possible. And again, where the transition phase ends, the raid should immediately leave the "mobile" platform and be back on the big platform because in 5 sec the "mobile" platform will be destroyed - this is the beginning of Phase 3.

    5. Phase 3 (40% - 10%) - When you enter the last phase, the whole raid take a spot near the edge and dps the Raging Spirits (if there are still alive) before the first Harvest Soul. The Lich King's tank has to move the boss a few steps away from the middle, to the opposite direction from the raid. During the Harvest Soul cast the whole raid is "stunned" and takes damage, so everyone should be at least about 70% HP to be sure everyone will survive. In the Frostmourne room whole raid have to be in one stack in the middle of the room for the begining. You should check out where there are very few bombs and move the whole raid there. There are bombs spawning everywhere in the room, but most spawn on top of players. By stacking everyone in the same spot, the raid is able to move to a clear area, and drag a line of falling bombs behind the raid. The trick is to make sure the raid doesn't move too fast, so that healers can overheal the raid and casters can kill the spirits. Never take hit from bombs and never let someone to die, because Lich King will take Enrage. After every get back from Frostmourne room, the Lich King casts Defile immediately. The raid just has to move away from everyone. After that, everyone has to stack again near edge. Lich King summons vile Spirits on the other side of the room (where tank was took Lich King before Harvest Soul), then the tank should bring Lich King to the raid spot near the edge. Hunters have to place Frost Trap a bit in front of the raid, main tank and Lich King. And the soaker's tank (this who will absorb Vile Spirits) has to stay in it. It is crucial to have the whole raid packed up as good as possible to have all the spirits coming from one direction to one spot, so soaker can absorb them easy with simple "streif" moving left-right-left (like in Counter-Strike :)). When Lich King casts Defile to the raid, this player instantly has to take it behind the raid while everyone else takes a few steps towards to boss and the tank. Again Lich King summons new wave from Vile Spirits, all raid has to move away from new Vile Spirits as always they need to keep the formation:

    Raid -> Lich King -> Main Tank -> Soaker (Off-Tank) -> Vile Spirits in a line.

    Of course you can try the current tactics and spread whole raid in the third phase, but it will be more fail because you will not be able to use boomkin's Typhoon anymore, Vile Spirits will spread too away each from other, whole raid will lose too much time to kite them, interrupt them, for soaker will be more hardest to absorb them and etc. The Idea of third phase is Off-Tank to abosrbs them as fast as possible, so DPSers will have more time to deal with Lich King before next Harvest Soul. At 10% HP, Lich King casts Fury of Frostmourne killing all raid, then you have to wait some roleplay time, then you have to rape last 10% HP from him in style DPS race.
    Edited: March 24, 2016

  2. You forgot LDW's Vengeful Shades. Haven't read everything but looks decent. +1

  3. You forgot LDW's Vengeful Shades. Haven't read everything but looks decent. +1
    Oh yes. Thank You for your notice about that. Already added. :)
    Edited: March 21, 2016

  4. Nice guide. :D Only thing I am really sad about being fixed is dbs and really happy about gunship haha, others will certainly be interesting thouh xD.

  5. Damn fine guide man, really nice effort into making it, will be nice to se what guide you take for lich king 25 heroic since many guilds used different tactics.

  6. Nice, this should be the transition much easier for a lot of people.

  7. Thank You everyone. I already added BPC, BQL, VDW and Sindragosa encounters and i will care to finish it tomorrow with Lich King encounter or may be still this evening :).
    Edited: March 22, 2016

  8. I foresee many wipes in pug raids R.I.P. pug ICC but thanks for the info I mostly play healer or tanks these days.

  9. Can I ask why for Lord Marrowgar you input a suggestion of Divine hymn usage but not any other ability such as Tranquility? Just curious

  10. Can I ask why for Lord Marrowgar you input a suggestion of Divine hymn usage but not any other ability such as Tranquility? Just curious
    Divine Hymn has smart-healing and it affects the whole raid. Tranquility heals your party only so in a 25man environment it isn't that great. You'd be more useful by casting Regrowth/Rejuvenation on a few important players if you wanted to contribute with healing.

  11. Divine Hymn has smart-healing and it affects the whole raid. Tranquility heals your party only so in a 25man environment it isn't that great. You'd be more useful by casting Regrowth/Rejuvenation on a few important players if you wanted to contribute with healing.
    I have to disagree with your opinion of Regrowth/Rejuvenation being more useful but it would depend on the damage a party is taking at the time and whether or not someone was spiked in your party.
    Regardless, Tranquility was an example not an exclusive point, don't disregard a question based on you having a different opinion of the example. It was to question why one particular cooldown is mentioned in situations where others are useful and should perhaps be used too. I could have used the suggestions for unstable ooze explosion too and the lack of other useful cooldowns. Or I could have pointed out the lack of Aura Mastery suggestion for said Bonestorm.
    Edited: March 23, 2016

  12. Can I ask why for Lord Marrowgar you input a suggestion of Divine hymn usage but not any other ability such as Tranquility? Just curious
    Of course tranquility works fine too, I just do not think to write it. Note also that divine hymn heals most injured raid members, but tranquility druid's group members only as Winki noticed above :)

  13. I have to disagree with your opinion of Regrowth/Rejuvenation being more useful but it would depend on the damage a party is taking at the time and whether or not someone was spiked in your party.
    Regardless, Tranquility was an example not an exclusive point, don't disregard a question based on you having a different opinion of the example. It was to question why one particular cooldown is mentioned in situations where others are useful and should perhaps be used too. I could have used the suggestions for unstable ooze explosion too and the lack of other useful cooldowns. Or I could have pointed out the lack of Aura Mastery suggestion for said Bonestorm.
    Man you know i can't write all. If i start to make much much more detailed guide i will need 1 day per boss and may be i should make individual topic for each encounter. I just gave some of situations and examples. If you can and have much much more time from me do you. This guide is not for total new players where even don't know what means ICC, you know ? If it was , prolly it should be ICC 10 Normal not ICC 25 HC. :)
    Edited: March 23, 2016

  14. Thank you for this guide. Wonderful.

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