1. Happy Holidays and New Year 2017 Celebrations

    Greetings Warmane community,

    Warmest greetings of the season and best wishes for an enchanted holiday season from Warmane Staff. May you be blessed with the joy of family, the gift of friends and the very best of everything in 2017! We hope that you will, alongside us, celebrate the spirit of the season and enjoy playing the events as much as we've enjoyed making them.

    We're all gamers in our hearts, but every year we like to remind both ourselves and our community that our families, friends and our loved ones come first. Please savor the season and show appreciation to the people in your lives, remember the fallen and celebrate the future that we have ahead of us.

    We are extremely proud to continue our long tradition of celebrating the holiday season with festivities, gifts and all-around family entertainment for this holiday season.

    Festivities schedule
    • December 19, 09:01 - January 2, 23:59 - all events with special rewards playable
    • December 31, 23:59 - all gifts from Warmane are delivered

    Event information

    For this holiday season, we've got a lot in store for you. We'll revisit some of the community favourites of the years, explore some new events and ideas that we have not played with before and offer a plethora of rewards for those that participate in our specially prepared community events. Without further ado, here are the events we've got in store!

    • Certainly the favourite of them all based on community feedback, once again makes a return. Wintergrasp will be home to a massive horde of Angry Snowmen, particularly angrier this year since the players had no regard for snow creatures whilst battling in Wintergrasp. Be careful, they're not an easy target and don't give away the treasures they keep lightly.

    • Got milk? The Bovine King has made a return alongside his many servants, ready to provide a decent fight to any 5-man group foolish enough to challenge him. To make sure he won't go down lightly, you'll first have to solve a riddle to gain access to the Bovine Realm by finding Moe, the Bovine Mage and getting him to provide you and your friends. You can find the riddle here below.
      Spoiler: Show

      QW1vbmcgYW5jaWVudCBydWlucywgYSBjb3cgd2FuZGVycw0KDQ pJZiB5b3UgZ28gdGhlcmUsIHlvdSB3aWxsIG5vdCBiZSBhYmxl IHRvIHNlZSBmcmllbmQgZnJvbSBmb2UNCg0KRGVlcGx5IGhpZG RlbiB3aXRoaW4gY29uZmluZXMgb2YgdGhlIHJ1aW5zLCBjb25j cmV0ZSBhbGwgYXJvdW5kIHRoZSBtYWdlLCBidXQgbm90IGJhcm Ugb2YgaGVyYnMNCg0KU2VlayB0aGUgcGxhY2Ugd2hlcmUgZ2xh ZGlhdG9ycyBmYWxscw==

    • You thought this old cheerful mythical creature is good? Well, he is, but you haven't been this year. Both Alliance and Horde will fall victim to the Bad Santa who will occasionally lay siege to both capitals every few hours. The first group that invokes his wrath will get his treasures, but others will have to fight as well to preserve their capital as Bad Santa has many unpaid elvish servants.

    • All through the holiday schedule, we'll be hosting specially made events for the holiday season in mind with various rewards that will include unique mounts, transmogrification scrolls and so forth. The new events include a brand new, huge maze, tricky stairs puzzle that only the finest will be able to solve, a volatile and dangerous race track, new edition of Cow Darts and of course, our frequent PvP tournaments with exclusive rewards. You can find the schedule here.

    • As always, we've got a bit of fun to go around for the forum-goers and specially those for talented folks around here. Unleash your creativity and go on for a hunt to find the culprit. Exclusive rewards include an amazing forum unique title and in-game treasures. They will all appear in the Events section when the other events start. You can find the links to these events here: Legendary Weaponsmith, The Detective, The Speed Hunter, and A Difficult Marriage!

    Warmest winter wishes!
    Warmane Staff

  2. What will the gifts consists of? Last year wasn't so good if i remember hoping for a good ending considering how ****ty this year has been. (e.g donald trump).

  3. Happy holidays for every one and happy new year for every one !!

  4. I don't understand how I claim my gift? Am I missing something

  5. Will horde be able to attack the bad santa that invades Stormwind and vice versa ?

  6. The riddle is missing in the post btw.
    Has gold from cow level been nerfed to a reasonable amount compared to last year? or just letting gold squish take care of that this time around?
    Happy holidays Staff.

  7. The riddle is missing in the post btw.
    Has gold from cow level been nerfed to a reasonable amount compared to last year? or just letting gold squish take care of that this time around?
    Happy holidays Staff.
    I'm glad you think it's missing. It means that all of our charades are working.

    No gold will drop from any of the involved events.

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