1. Nice feature. VVith the proper avertisement, this will surely attract new players. I've read some people's posts in the past, who found the 7x XP rates to be too fast, so now they can customise the game to their liking.

    I'll still keep my 7x, but it's nice to have this feature implemented. So, good job!

  2. Great work Warmane. Thank for new feature. I will use that in my Alt

  3. Guess I can finally level my Orc Warlock sitting @ lvl 65 and probably my Human Priest thanks Warmane.

  4. This is interesting; I'll probably lvl up a char at x1for the nostalgia factor, then go back to x7 because is more convenient that way

  5. Hmm.. so basically have to disable to UI for set things up and then bring it back again.. o.O

  6. http://forum.warmane.com/showthread....31#post3096031

    I made this post about 2 months ago and I'm just here to say thanks. I'll be making use of this new feature for sure.

    Just logged in to comment but GJ, we did our part even though mine was a bit older


  7. Thanks Warmane been waiting for this.

  8. Experience rates, while set to x7 on Frostmourne appear to only be base xp gains. In Borean Tundra or Grizzly Hills (wherever I quest) I only receive ~20k experience per quest. When doing the quest line for the Murlocs in the Tundy only one of the quests in the questline gave 140k xp. I don't know if this is because of an issue caused by the new feature or if it's just being weird. This issue is consistent with any of the characters I am able to level on Frostmourne all while xp rate is set to x7.

  9. Made a new alt on Lordaeron just to play at x0.5! I hated how I got overlevelled fast, even if I didn't use heirlooms. With x0.5 it feels a lot more blizzlike when for example doing Outland (since Blizzard lowered exp required by 50% each expansion for older content). No more being level 64~ when finishing Hellfire.

    Thank you!

  10. Why is there no x0 rate? That would be useful for twinks.

  11. You can turn off Exp in another way.

  12. Finally! Thank you for this!! I'll definitely use it.

  13. 0,5x in Lordaeron!! who the **** gonna change at such an experience
    Ме, definitely. Thats cool update!

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