1. i dont have any addons how to do someone suggest me plzz...

    i dont have any addons how to do someone suggest me plzz...

  2. in this section there are x3 sticky threads full of addons...

  3. Easiest way is to search on google for "3.3.5 addons Warmane". There several posts like these, you can download the chosen addon from there. It will be a zip file, you have to extract it to the WoW/Interface/Addons folder. If you don't have an Addon folder, just make one. Ideally the zip contains a main folder that's named exactly as your addon's name, so you'll have that folder in your Addons folder after you extracted it. If for some reason the zip doesn' have a that main fgolder, only all the files (.lua, .toc...etc), then you have to make the folder with the name of your addon in your Addon folder, and extract the files there. These kind of zips are much rare tho, the zip's will almost always have the folder with the name of your addon with all the files in it .

    After you've got your chosen addon in your Addons folder, log into the game, and when you are at the character selection window, on the bottom left corner you'll see a new button called "Addons", if you click it you can see your installed addon selected a tick. If you don't see your addon there, the downloaded version might be for another WoW expansion. Get the right one. After this when you log into one of your characters, go to Options menu --> Interface --> Addons (tab). Most BIG addons will ideally appear there after "installation (the process I mentioned before, not really installation tho)" but if for some reason your addon doesn't appear there (but at the character select window it appeared as ticked), then it's probably actually working, but it's coded in a way that it doesn't show up ingame in the Options menu --> interface --> Addons (tab). With these addons you have to use a "slash command" to open the addon ingame. For example for the Deadly Boss Mods addon the slash command is /dbm. You can find the slash command of the addon on the original addon website called Curseforge or Wowace.

    You're done, if the addon is complex to use, go to Youtube and find an explanation video of it.

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