1. Arenapoints, Off season, server reset

    Hey all, just returned to warmane and fell in love with frostmourne, pumped up few to 80 and decided now what I will play. My question is tho, arenapoints sure they are gone when next patch drops on 15.10 ...but what about honor ? Someone knows it for 100% sure ?
    I heard I could spend arenapoints on a gear piece and sell it in the new season to get the points back ?

    And is there a off season like, a week or so without being able to queue up for ranked arenas, like it is/was on retail ? Appreciate your answers !!

  2. I guess you could ask on Frostmourne section (instead of Lordaeron)

    "Arena points will be wiped, whilst honor points will remain"

    About "refund" trick to get AP back, it is an exploit. I do not know if they remember to prevent it each season

    As soon as PvP-Season ends, the new one begins instantly

  3. Lol sry i thought I was on the frostmourne section, my fault

  4. Do you know what happens with the winter grasp marks skullbash ?

  5. Do you know what happens with the winter grasp marks skullbash ?
    I do not know. I guess they will remain as well but I would recommend to ask in-game on /global chat

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