1. Tome of Divinity issue - Cant Do paladin Redemption quest line

    A forum search shows numerous players with the same issue.

    Spammed my way to 70 on a human paladin, obviously deleted the tome of divinity out my bags at some point and as such i am totally screwed on picking up the questline to resurrect players. Tried going to dranei and dwarf quests but nothing.

    Theres no quest to abandon theres no re-issue npc for tomb of divinity and i've had a ticket open about it for some time.

    Can a GM please help me with generating a new tome of divinity for the level 12 paladin questline for redemption please. I cant do dungeons without it.
    Edited: June 22, 2022

  2. i made a second paladin to test the quest chain and it says im my main paladin is 'already on that quest' when trying to share. 100% i have deleted the Tome of Divninity, the NPC shoudl re-issue one if you lose it but it does not.

    Character Nemei - Alliance - Frostmourne

  3. So thats it? Just delete the paladin?

    As much as ninja looting in dungeons is a thing do you have any idea how poor it is watching an admin ban people for disrupting gameplay and ninja looting constantly and your sat there with a paladin that cant resurrect other players? Its been a few days now.

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