1. Easy Gearing for 80s

    Welcome to my Gearing Guide.

    Instant 80:
    If you're not a instant 80 please skip
    this part and go to "Once 80" part of this guide. This part is a small
    helping for instant 80s. Now if you know people and have alts,
    I would suggest getting armor made for you, or buy some in AH,
    Which isn't always pricy for low item level gear for 70+ toons,
    This will just help you get a base gearscore so you can join in stuff
    if they won't allow you at like 0 gs basically lol.

    But yeah, Crafted items or cheap level 70+ items in AH are
    a cheap, and easy way to get atleast a base Gearscore
    if you can't join in a rep farm for ICC or something to get gear.

    Once 80:
    This guide is very good for instant 80s,
    That have no gear at all cause of the fact they
    just hit 80 using coins.
    This can also be used for normal 80s, So don't worry.

    And to note, This Guide is focused on PvE gear, which is Player VS Enemy,
    That meaning, against mobs not Player VS Player.

    Alright, Here's where to start, Which is
    amazing in two ways. Easy gear to get always,
    and an awesome ring you can earn.

    How you ask?

    ICC rep farms, Those things you see in Global spamming all the time,
    It's basically doing the ICC 25 or 10, But just the mobs,
    And they always allow any GS so don't worry!
    But you need to join a 10 man or you won't get the greens
    that drop from the mobs, And you always want to ask
    the leader to keep the rolling for loot on or you won't get any.

    And also, There's VERY GOOD epics that drops from the Mobs
    Like a necklace and shoulders that are stuff you can use
    So there's a extra bonus to doing so many. lol

    While doing these farms you also get Rep for ICC,
    Which you can get a Ring that upgrades every time your rep
    gets higher and all you do is switch it out for the new one.

    You'll probably end up with about 2k gearscore if not a little over.
    Remember to only use the gears that are actually for YOU!
    So don't get every gear that drops, Kinda dumb to do that.

    Now I have a decent GS:
    Now you need to get some serious gears,
    Good level 80s Blues and Purples.
    I'd suggest saving up Vote points for a 109 vp weapon,
    This is a good option, But it's not really needed though.

    Now what you want to do is get the Add on Atlas loot,
    You don't have to but it helps to find instances with gear you want!

    I'd suggest starting Instances like VH and among other small easier ones
    So you can get some EoTs and some random Gears to boost your GS
    up some more and get better gear than some greens from ICC.

    I now have a nice GS:
    By now you're probably over 2k gs or maybe
    even 3k gs now, which is awesome!
    Now it's time to move on and get some great gear to hit that 4k and 5k.
    The best place to move next is Fos and Pos.

    These are great places cause people farm them and they have good
    gear you can use to get a great gs! Now you'll have to do FoS first,
    These instances are at ICC where you were farming, Just fly up to the
    right and you'll see a entrance and just go in, you'll probably see
    others flying in there so just follow.

    Okay once you find a FoS group, You'll enter the instance.
    You gotta get the quests you see inside and finish them too,
    You'll need these to do PoS, So after you got all that done.

    You should have done it a few times if not a good amount
    to get those good drops you'll want. If you haven't finished the
    quests then don't move on til you can enter PoS.

    Ready for PoS:
    This place will help you in two ways now.
    3 EoTs every run, And great drops for good gears and weapons.
    Easy to do too, So don't worry healers it won't be like FoS haha.

    Okay once you're with a group for PoS, You'll just tag along and
    do the runs, Basic stuff. Get the gears you need kill the bosses.
    And do the quests inside of PoS also, So you can do HoR later.

    It's smart to join a group saying they are farming PoS.
    Make sure to try and do the heroic version every once in a while
    there's great stuff that drops in heroic mode too.

    Reason you're farming for EoTs is cause there's two awesome
    Gears you can buy, Shoulders and Head.
    Both are 75 EoTs and they are a GREAT addition to your gear
    and you'll probably be using them for a while.

    There is PvP gear there, But do not buy them with your EoTs
    *PvP gear are the ones with "Resilience" listed in their stats*
    Why don't we buy them? Cause you can farm Honor in BGs
    To get them easier and you won't have to waste EoTs on them.

    So keep farming PoS norm/hc, And FoS norm/hc
    Only do FoS til you have all the gears you need from it,
    After that stay in PoS, Why?
    FoS = Harder, And only 2 EoTs every run and less groups
    Actually Farm it, So stay in PoS farms to get EoTs.
    And those gears you still need.

    I've got everything from PoS/FoS:
    Okay, So you got everything from PoS/FoS
    And from their Heroics and all, And you got the ICC ring, And
    The 75 EoT Shoulder/Head, Cool beans.

    Now you shoooould have atleast 4k by now, If not more.
    Here are ways you can increase your gearscore and replace
    some crappy ones you might have left over.

    Votepoints can be a cheap and lazy way to get those
    crap gears replaced, Like trinkets and such.

    You should try to make a group to do HoR, But most don't.
    Reason is cause if you fail during the running from lich king part
    the walls won't go down when wiped.

    But there ARE good gears you can get in this instance.
    So I suggest trying it and possibly farming it if you have a good
    group, Norm is actually not that hard. Just a bit more work
    than PoS, But the Heroic, You'll need good players to beat it.
    So good luck.

    But remember, If you can't find gears to replace certain things
    like Trinkets and necks or whatever, Try using Vote points.

    I want better stuff now!:
    Now, I'm sure you replaced all crappy stuff,
    And you have all epics, and atleast almost 5k gearscore, or almost.
    I would suggest trying VoA now.

    VoA is actually a great spot to go to, Because the Frost Watcher
    and the Flame guy drop REALLY nice gear for PvE and PvP.
    So what kind of stuff they drop?

    On 25, Frost Watcher drops Wrathful Gloves and Leggings
    which is for PvP and it's the best PvP gears you can get too.
    They also drop the almost best PvE gloves/leggings too,
    Basically Frost drops high tiers, while Flame is a tier under and such.
    25 drops 1 tier higher than 10.

    These two gears will be a big upgrade if you get the best ones
    from Frost watcher on VoA 25 man.

    Did everything in this Guide:
    If you followed this Guide and did everything,
    Even used VP to replace your crap gears you couldn't find
    in instances and such, and got everything I mentioned.
    You should EASILY have about to be 5k gs, or over.

    But i'm not going to keep going on how to explain to get higher GS,
    By now you should know enough to figure out how to get into
    a hardcore pve raiding guild and do some hardcore stuff like ICC
    to get best gears and such.

    I wish you all good luck on getting the best gears.
    I hope I helped.

  2. One question good sir, can i make frostsavage battlegear via tailoring on this server?

  3. People ask for 4k gs to icc rep farm...

  4. Great info,
    here are some things I have realized when gearing up.

    You can go in dungeon finder and que for 77-80 lvl Specific dugeons to get 180+ item level stuff so you can que RDF HEROIC.

    Farming RDF HC is way faster to get EoT's compared to FOS,POS,HOR however these drop some real nice gears.

    What to do with EoT's? -
    Buy Libram, Totem, Sigil or Relic if your class uses that.
    Buy T9 set, don't buy "higher GS" items, your set will give you way more power and people will instantly see you know wtf you are doing.

    What to do with EoF's? -
    Use them to buy T10 set, do not buy some "high GS" trinket, first you get 4 parts set, then buy offparts.

    Get gear to que RDF HC ASAP
    Get T9 set.
    Get as many EOF you can every week, even if you get to kell just one boss in ICC or RS minibosses.
    Get T10 set.

  5. Those tips are very inefficient.

    Here is what you SHOULD do to be able to queue using the Random Dungeon Finder Heroic as fast as possible with your main.

    If you are starting in this server what you should do is:

    You first have to decide which class you want to main, then, make an alt to learn the profession necessary to craft the armor type you will wear with your main.

    Cloth / Leather - pick Tailoring

    Mail / Plate - pick Blacksmithing.

    With your main you should pick Mining / Skimming (depending on which profession you choose with your alt) and Jewelcrafting. The combination of Skimming + JC will make it hard to level up JC, so it up to you.

    Then, give your alt the necessary items that you acquired with your main to craft you some armor to help the leveling process. Once your main hit level 78 - 80, you should have around profession level 425ish in your alt so he can learn to craft the level 78 set which can be learned from the NPC in Northrend.

    Craft your level 78 set which each piece has ilevel 187.

    With the JC profession on your main, craft you some rings, necklace and trinkets of ilevel 200. (the reason I told you to pick JC in your main is because the trinkets created from JC is bind on pickup. If you do not pick JC to craft your trinkets, you will either have to farm them from TOC runs with a group, Fos - POS to farm enough Emblems of Triumph to purchase trinkets from Dalaran's NPC, or purchase Darkmoon Cards Trinkets from AH, but the prices ranges from 1800 - 3000g each)

    And for weapons you should do:

    Knights of the Ebon Blade quest line and reach Revered Reputation with them, so you can buy from the NPC some ilevel 200 weapons. You should keep doing their dailies to reach maximum reputation to also be able buy their enchants.

    There is also Sons of Hodir which can give you ilevel 200 weapons once you hit Revered Reputation with them and they also have enchants for your gear. So you should do BOTH quest lines here.

    And there you have it, if you followed everything I said here your main should have:

    A full set of ilevel 187;
    Rings, Necklace and Trinkets of ilevel 200
    Weapons of ilevel 200

    You can buy a ilevel 200 cloak in the AH really cheap to reach 3k + GS.

    Once all your slots have items of ilevel 187 + you should be able to queue for some Heroic Dungeon using the Random Dungeon Finder Heroic and from here gearing is very easy.

    Good luck.
    Edited: February 19, 2020

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