1. Lets talk reality/logic here.

    You can get Merciless Gladiator/Supreme/Gladiator/Warbringer/Duelist/Rival/Challenger from Solo Q with RATING WAY less needed than what is needed to in 2s / 3s.

    Yet again you can't buy neither shoulders nor 2.2k weapons from Solo queue.

    You can get rival around 1750 rating 3v3. before even getting your 1.8k weps. ( you get a title which used to be worth of 2.2k back in retail with 1750 rating, in a server way less populated than retail servers. which means it should be harder. yet it is ten times if not more, far easier)

    Which means the value of 264 / 270 PVP gear is actually WAY higher than prestige pvp titles right now.

    you need the equivalent of 2.7k in 2v2 ( or even higher ) to GET something from Solo Q which requires 1950. NOT TO MENTION you actually get the lesser titles along the way ( MORE REWARDS )

    I am not sure what is your business model is based of right now. but all this would lead to right now :

    -Kill 2v2 Queue

    -Less Shadowmourne Donations. ( who would play Hpala/Warr anymore ? yes the queue sucks and we all know it. but the problem is MAINLY with the meta. change it to 264 meta for 2v2 to be able to queue. Do not punish players for pushing rating above 2.5k ) so simply why i would bother with shadowmourne anymore ?

    -More Wrathful Shoulders Donations ( the thing with 3v3 it was not attractive last season. forcing others queue to become obselete / less attractive WHILE Marketing Solo Queue AS AN ALTERNATIVE for rewards is meh. and simply wrong. i will donate those shoulders and get all my titles AND MORE like Supreme / Warbringer from Solo Q without playing a single legit arena match on this server.)

    -Less 3v3 Queue ( Do i need to explain why ? i wrote it down above and you could figure out the rest)

    -Titles will hold absolutely no value, Since every guy on this server got them right now. in fact gear ( shoulders / 2.2k weps ) hold more value right now.

    If you want me to furthermore address how you can fix this as part of constructive criticism. I am willing to.

    But i am pretty sure you have individuals in your team capable of doing so. other than the guy who came up with this absolute tragedy mess.

  2. I am highly concerned with Malaco's role right now in the team.

    I am sure his opinion is highly disregarded, or he is simply careless about this ''aging'' game.

    That's if his opinion was taken in the first place.

  3. I completely agree with Kaoaoaoaoak. SOLOQ is completely ruined especially after the announcement of the rewards regarding Icecrown realm. Any kind of player can now get Challenger/Rival/Duelist having 2k-2.2k arena rating which is basically an absurb.

    2v2 bracket receives Duelist title from being rank 1-3 at a high rating and higher skill level regarding it is a much harder bracket than soloq especially being at 2k rate there. And yet SOLOQ players with such low rating receive the same titles as 2v2 rank 1 players? Really?

    If you wanna make SOLOQ rewards like they already are, fix the 2v2 bracket and give people the actual rewards like for example, r1 should receive the same title as 3s r1 and SOLOQ r1 or atleast a gladiator title for r1-r3.

    This has became a complete joke now giving 2k SOLOQ players who completely are unworthy of the titles, they are receiving the same titles as rank 1 players from 2v2 and top 20 3v3. Many people can agree with this and this needs to be fixed.

  4. I guess they cant, or wont change it now anyway. We just have to accept that titles now lost all their value on this server. I Think Warmane PvP is getting handled by pve gms Who dont even understand why people are mad now

  5. I pushed really hard and hit rank1 2s on icecrown yesterday, and i get the same title as some random player with 2k soloq? I guess this was my last season on warmane BYE.

  6. I pushed really hard and hit rank1 2s on icecrown yesterday, and i get the same title as some random player with 2k soloq? I guess this was my last season on warmane BYE.
    Yea i feel you. I also was rank 5 in 2s on blackrock and i got challenger. Rank 2000 people from soloq got better rewarded than me

  7. Cannot agree more, titles are completely irrelevant now because of this bull**** soloq rewards. Not sure what was going through gms head when they were adding this. KEKW

  8. So some guy who was rank 162829201 in soloq with having 2k rating, Who propably has no skillcap at all, got a better reward than 2500 2v2 rated players where skill actuslly exists hahahahaha

  9. At this point they could just give blizzlike rewards for 2s and 3s too next season ( based on % like in retail)

  10. GJ guys. PVP titles (challenger; duelist; rival; gladiator) were given to PVE joke bracket players. What is the point of playing real arena 2v2 and 3v3 on that server now?
    Aren't you scared to make this sort of decissions especially when you get in more competetive enviroment during last couple months?
    You guys are geting less and less loualty from community

  11. finally they did it like it used to be on retail and people start crying lol. every 2k player got rival back then or atleast challenger in 3s.

  12. the best thing to do atm is reverting back the titles that u gave from reaching Top 30% of total players that have Solo Queue rating higher than 1600. This isnt even hard. The easiest thing in the game. This isn't a success that ur supposed to reward it. Reaching 2k in soloQ shouldn't be rewarded same as reaching rank 1-3 in 2s. In order to keep the pvp quality on icecrown, you should also lower the rewarding rank gap like from rank 1 to rank 10 Max. 1-20 is too much. It's not hard to reach rank20 on icecrown.

    @Proterean please heed what i say. Don't ignore the community. Titles should be rare like they used to be.

  13. We are aware of the problem. Problem ensues when we are running out of PvP titles to award for achievement. We were hoping the addition of coins in the top rewards would be enough to differentiate players. We will likely replace Duelist with another title that is not necessarily PvP but unused. We have a few at disposal. With the percentage of players included in the distribution of rewards and the fact it's quite 'middle-field' in terms of player skill, perhaps the title 'Plainsrunner' would fit?

  14. I never understood in the first place why those pvp titles have to be rare when in retail everyone pvping had/has them (or at least challenger and rival). When everything else and the whole server tries to be blizzlike, why not just distribute based on % like on retail ? Every second pve player has kingslayer and bane/lod , why should lowly titles like challenger be exclusive? (just being genuinely curious no offense or anything).

    Blizzlike distribution would boost the arena activity too because for 99% of the pvpers top20 is unreachable but ppl would go for lower titles. (as of now its more worth to go for battlemaster/grand marshall from afking in bgs )

  15. @beckindan2 how can you compare here with retail? do you think the pvp population is same? top20 is unreachable? u must be jokin rank 20 was 1.8 in 3s LITERALLY 1.8!

    @Proterean anything would fit tbh. As i said before, reaching there is so easy i mean it is beyond easiness. I say next season lower the rank gap like 1-10 not 1-20 so we can have more challenge. That would make ppl work for it.

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