How can I transfer my character?
Log in to the website, then click on 'My Account' > Store > Sellect your realm and character > 'Coins' or 'Points' Tab > 'Realm Transfer'

How much are transfers?
Transfers cost 30 points or coins.

Why can't I transfer from x to y realm?
This can be for various reasons, either the realm your wish to transfer too is too full, your realm is underpopulated or we feel that realm populations are at an optimum balance.

When can I transfer from x to y realm?
Enabling transfers are at the sole discretion of the staff. Please do not open a thread in any section of the forum requesting it, as it will be swiftly deleted without response.

What is transferred?
Your inventory, personal bank, achievements, mounts, pets, professions, reputations, skills, titles, talents and action bars will be transferred (however some addons may experience problems and need to be set up again).
Anything relating to your guild (guild bank etc.), arena team, current auctions and mail will not be transferred. Your friends list will also be reset.

Are there any restrictions on transfers?
Transfer restrictions are detailed on the main transfer page in the Account Panel.

The main restriction to be mentioned is that only a maximum of 20000 gold (at max level) or 0 gold (under max level or when a transfer is free) may be taken to your new realm.

When I transfer, can I have a race/class/faction change for free?
No, your character will be transferred as it is and any further customisation will need to be purchased via the Account Panel as usual.

My name is taken on the realm I'm transferring to, what will happen?
Unfortunately due to the nature of how transfers are conducted, your character will be automatically forced to change its name. The GMs do not respond to tickets asking for characters holding names to be deleted.

I am banned, what can I do?
You are unable to use the account panel when banned, so cannot transfer realms.

Can I transfer between expansions yet?
No, not at this time.

Can I get a transfer off of Warsong or Blackrock?
No, characters on Warsong/Blackrock would only be allowed to transfer off if there was a change of expansion.