What is the store?
The store allows users to buy items for coins and points, as well as buy and sell items for coins with other players. The store also contains various services, like account level-ups, realm transfers, instant profession training, and more.

How do I get to the Store?
Log in to the website on your account, then click the 'My Account' button, and go to the 'Store' tab.

How do I purchase an item?
First, you should choose the correct realm, character, and currency you wish to use from the drop down menu. Then either search by item name, or select an item category.After checking the box to confirm your character and realm choice, you may purchase items by pressing the "purchase" button. There is no confirmation dialog, so make sure you click the correct "purchase" button. A small notification will appear at the top of the store showing which item was purchased.

What are promotional items?
Promotional items are rare, high-cost items available in the point shop for a limited time. They may be found in the Promotion category on the left side of the marketplace window. There will not always be a promotional item available.

Where is a certain item?
If the item you're looking for is not appearing for any reason, make sure you haven't checked a particular option (such as 'Have Currency' when you don't have enough coins or points). Alternatively, the item may just not be in the shops, so you might like to post in The Marketplace Suggestions Thread. Please note that it may take some time for what you are looking for to appear.

I bought the wrong item, can I get a refund?
This depends on;
  • If you bought an item from the point shop, there are no refunds at all. The purchase box clearly stated what item was being bought and where it was going.
  • If you bought an item from the Trade tab, there are no refunds.
  • If you bought an item from the coin shop within 24 hours or the item is bugged, then you should submit a support ticket here.
  • If you bought an item from the coin shop and it's been more than 24 hours, then there are unfortunately no refunds after that period.

What is the Trading tab?
The Trade tab allows players to buy and sell in-game items for coins. Anything trade-able in-game can be sold in the trading system. Items bought in the trade system may not be refunded, so be sure that you are buying the correct item in the confirmation box. Selling services for coins or even trading items for coins outside of the trading system is strictly forbidden and Warmane will not offer support for any items or accounts lost this way. There are limitations placed upon coins acquired through the trade system:
- Sell something - coins are locked for 72hrs then usable anywhere.
- Trading is no longer limited to Weapons and Armor.
- Coins given from events or other rewards can be used in the trade system.
- Your account must be premium if you with to sell things in the website trade system.

What is the Coin Gifting tab?
The Coin Gifting tab allows players to gift coins to other accounts. This is the only form of gifting/sharing coins officially allowed by Warmane. Like trading, gifting has limitations:
- Gifting no longer requires two factor authentication on both accounts, or any account for that matter.
- Gifting is no longer limited to 1 gift per 24 hours.- Gifting no longer requires 6 month old accounts to send/receive gifts.
- Coins received through gifting can be used in the trade system.
- Coins may only be gifted a certain number of times based on how much you have donated. If this needs to be changed for you, please make a support ticket on your account panel on the website.