1. Phosgene Engineering Guide 1-450 (x5)

    Welcome to my personal engineering guide!
    Engineering was my first crafting profession when I started playing so it will hold a special place in my heart forever. I was doing it again recently on my hunter just for fun and I went through Warmane forum for some tips from other players and realized that thereÔÇÖs nothing! Nothing about this amazing profession! So I decided to make my own and share my tips with you. Enjoy your reading!

    An important thing! If you are new to World of Warcraft I strongly discourage from choosing engineering as your first crafting profession (donÔÇÖt follow the voice of inner nabness like I did)! Mostly because leveling it is expensive and letÔÇÖs face it: even maxed out engineering isnÔÇÖt really profitable.

    • Lots of equipment upgrades such as: parachute, nitro boots, glove rocket launcher, haste buff, mind control, explosives etc
    • Able to make epic quality ammunition
    • Able to craft flying mounts (BoP) and MekgineerÔÇÖs Chopper / Mechano-hog (BoE) ÔÇô requires exalted status with Alliance Vanguard / Horde Expedition
    • Save your raid with Jeeves or MOLL-E!
    • Makes other people jelly

    • Upgrades can fail to work, parachute not open, nitro boots shoot you into the sky etc
    • No 245 or 264 equipment schematics
    • Nothing to gain profit from except ammunition (which is negligible)

    This guide was made on Deathwing where 1 skill-up is 5. I donÔÇÖt know what multipliers have professions on other realms so I canÔÇÖt say how this guide would work for them. The skill-up list was made to minimize cost and any use of rare materials. Of course the recipes are my personal choice however I thought of most possible options to skill-up while planning this guide so I think you can rely on it. The corresponding gathering profession is mining. If you donÔÇÖt have mining, you better have a loaded personal guild bank. If you donÔÇÖt be ready to give up some gold.

    The number before every material refers to single +5 craft. I decided not to multiply the numbers because I canÔÇÖt tell you an exact amount if you craft something until the recipe becomes gray. On green you can progress two times in a row or you wonÔÇÖt progress up at all. Still in some cases itÔÇÖs cheaper than crafting only orange recipes which guarantee a skill-up.

    I deliberately didn't sum all the materials. Firstly because the problem with skill-ups mentioned above and secondly because it would be nice if you, dear reader, would do at least some part of the thinking here. :)

    Comments are always welcomed! If this guide was useful to you don't be shy and send a word or a coin to character Chloroformxd on DW.

    At this point you can choose one of the available engineering specializations which are: gnome or goblin engineering. In WotLK there is only one difference between these two: gnome engineers will be able to craft epic quality arrows, while gobli engineers epic quality bullets. Both recipes can be bought for 1 Primordial Saronite from The Ashen Verdict Quartermaster, Alchemist Finklestein in Icecrown Citadel.
    Personally IÔÇÖve chosen gnome engineer for both my characters with that proffesion. You should be able to switch between gnome and goblin however I havenÔÇÖt tested it yet so canÔÇÖt say anything specific.
    The quest line (gnome engineer) starts from any capital cityÔÇÖs engineering trainer, by whom you are sent to either Oglethorpe Obnoticus (Booty Bay) or Tinkmaster Overspark (Ironforge). First you have to sign your pledge of secrecy (thatÔÇÖs pretty obvious!). After that your trainer will ask you to present your engineering craftsmanship so he can decide if youÔÇÖre worthy to learn the GnomesÔÇÖ secrets! The items you will be asked to make are:

    • 6x Mithril Tube
      • 3x Mithril Bar

    • 2x Advanced Target Dummy
      • 4x Heavy Leather
      • 1x Bronze Framework
        • 2x Bronze Bar
        • 1x Medium Leather
        • 1x Wool Cloth

      • 1x Gyrochronatom
        • 1x Iron Bar
        • 1x Gold Power Core
          • 1x Gold Bar

      • 1x Iron Strut
        • 2x Iron Bar

    • 1x Accurate Scope ÔÇô the schematic is sold in limited stock by Mazk Snipeshot in Booty Bay, the respawn timer is something between 20 and 30 minutes
      • 1x Bronze Tube
        • 2x Bronze Bar
        • Weak Flux

      • 1x Jade
      • 1x Citrine[/lilst]

    When you manage to complete this ordeal, congratulations, you are now an initiate. :)

    • 205 ÔÇô 220 Unstable Trigger (200 220 240)
      • 1x Mithril Bar
      • 1x Mageweave Cloth
      • 1x Solid Blasting Powder
        • 2x Solid Stone

    • 220 ÔÇô 225 Catseye Ultra Goggles (220 240 250 260) ÔÇô recipe is avaiable in the Marketplace for 5VP
      • 4x Thick Leather
      • 2x Aquamarine
      • 1x Catseye Elixir (Alchemy)
        • 1x Goldthorn
        • 1x Fadeleaf
        • 1x Leaded Vial

    • 225 ÔÇô 250 Blue Rocket Cluster (225 237 250) ÔÇô this recipe is avaiable only during Lunar Festival or bought from the Marketplace for 5VP
      • 1x Solid Blasting Powder
        • 2x Solid Stone

      • 1x Thick Leather

    • 250 ÔÇô 270 Dense Dynamite (250 260 270)
      • 2x Dense Blasting Powder
        • 2x Dense Stone

      • 3x Runecloth

    • 270 ÔÇô 290 Thorium Widget (260 280 290 300) ÔÇô you can make these on green to skip the recipe below and trade them during Darkmoon Faire for Darkmoon Faire Prize Tickets, doesn't give reputation though
      • 3x Thorium Bar
      • 1x Runecloth

    • 290 ÔÇô 295 Lifelike Mechanical Toad (265 285 295 305) ÔÇô this recipe can be skipped with Thorium Widgets however I put it here for people who may want to make their own mechanical toad, costs 6VP in the Marketplace
      • 1x Living Essence
      • 4x Thorium Widget
        • 3x Thorium Bar
        • 1x Runecloth

      • 1x Gold Power Core
        • 1x Gold Bar

      • 1x Rugged Leather

    • 295 ÔÇô 300 Thorium Tube (275 295 305 315)
      • 6x Thorium Bar

    • 300 ÔÇô 320 Elemental Blasting Powder (300 310 320)
      • 1x Mote of Fire
      • 2x Mote of Earth

    • 320 ÔÇô 325 Fel Iron Musket (320 330 340 350)
      • 1x Heavy Stock
      • 3x Fel Iron Casing
        • 3x Fel Iron Bar

      • 6x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
        • 1x Fel Iron Bar

    • 325 ÔÇô 335 Gnomish Flame Turret (325 335 345 355)
      • 1x Adamantite Frame
        • 4x Adamantite Bar
        • 1x Primal Earth

      • 2x Handful of Fel Iron Bolts
        • 1x Fel Iron Bar

      • 3x Elemental Blasting Powder
        • 1x Mote of Fire
        • 2x Mote of Earth

      • 1x Fel Iron Casing
        • 3x Fel Iron Bar

    • 335 ÔÇô 355 White Smoke Flare (335 345 355) ÔÇô schematics sold by Rahid in Shattrath
      • 1x Elemental Blasting Powder
        • 1x Mote of Fire
        • 2x Mote of Earth

      • 1x Netherweave Cloth

    • 355 ÔÇô 375 Handful of Cobalt Bolts (350 360 370 380)
      • 2x Cobalt Bar

    • 375 ÔÇô 390 Hammer Pick (375 380 385 390)
      • 5x Cobalt Bar

    • 390 ÔÇô 400 Froststeel Tube (390 395 400 405)
      • 8x Cobalt Bar
      • 1x Crystallized Water

    • 400 ÔÇô 405 Mark "S" Boomstick (400 405 410 415)
      • 10x Saronite Bar
      • 2x Froststeel Tube
        • 8x Cobalt Bar
        • 1x Crystallized Water

      • 1x Hair Trigger
      • 1x Walnut Stock

    • 405 ÔÇô 410 Box of Bombs (405 410 415 420)
      • 5x Saronite Bar
      • 1x Volatile Trigger
        • 3x Cobalt Bar
        • 1x Crystallized Water

    • 410 ÔÇô 415 Healing Injector Kit (410 415 420 425)
      • 12x Saronite Bar
      • 2x Handful of Cobalt Bolts
        • 2x Cobalt Bar

    • 415 ÔÇô 425 Saronite Razorheads (415 420 425)
      • 2x Saronite Bar

    • 425 ÔÇô 430 MOLL-E (425 430 432 435)
      • 8x Saronite Bar
      • 8x Eternal Air

    • 430 ÔÇô 435 Heartseeker Scope (430 435 445 455)
      • 10x Saronite Bar
      • 2x Twilight Opal

    • 435 ÔÇô 445 Gnomish Army Knife (435 440 445 450)
      • 10x Saronite Bar
      • 1x Skinning Knife
      • 1x Mining Pick
      • 1x Blacksmith Hammer

    • 445 ÔÇô 450 Wormhole Generator: Northrend (435 450 455 460)
      • 8x Titanium Bar
      • 2x Eternal Shadow
      • 2x Eternal Water
      • 2x Eternal Fire
      • 2x Eternal Air

    I think I didn't mention that this is my first guide in general. Sorry for any typos etc :)

  2. July 7, 2016  
    +1 for the location of the Accurate Scope Schem! Cheers, m8 :)

  3. excuse me . how to get quest for gnomish engineering ? im a horde

  4. Hi, thnx for the guide. Question: "nitro boots shoot you into the sky etc" I could use boots in pvp?? is my only motive to go engineer " sorry for my englush" .

  5. how we change from goblin to gnomish engineering?
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