Updated April 7th, 2016

This thread outlines a general FAQ for the new 2 Step Authentication system.
The thread will be continuously updated with more questions and answers.

Why does 2 Step Authentication exist and why is it required for certain features on the website?
- The Warmane community has proven how irresponsible it is with account information and security
- This feature has been released to allow better protection of an individuals account

How do I enable 2 Step Authentication?
- Visit the Settings page located in [Account Panel -> Settings -> Settings]

What methods of 2 step authentication are there?
- Google Authenticator
- Email Authenticator

How do I use the google authentication method?
- Visit the Settings page in the account panel
- Select Google 2 Step Authentication
- Obtain the Google Authenticator app from:
- Android: Here
- iOS: Here
- Windows Phone: Here (Unofficial app)
- Scan the QR Code with Barcode Scanner or Enter the Security Key in the app itself
- Verify your first code contained in the app to begin using this method

How do I use the email authentication method?
- Visit the Settings page in the account panel
- Select Email 2 Step Authentication
- Click SEND to receive your first email containing a code
- An email is sent to your accounts registered email inbox
- Verify your first code contained in the email to begin using this method

What happens if I lose my security key and app entry and am locked out of my account?
- This only applies to the google method
- Always keep your security key backed up somewhere or you risk losing your account
- Visit the Retrieve Page to remove 2 Step Authentication from your account
- You must be logged out of your account to see the Retrieve Page link in the Login Box Menu.

What causes my authentication to become invalid?
- You have used the same authentication for 30 days, on the 31st day you will be prompted for your next auth
- Your IP Address changes
- Your location changes
- Your browser or browser revision changes

How do I remove or change my 2 step authentication method?
- Simply visit the settings page located in your account panel and select a new method
- Alternatively, log out of your account and visit the Retrieve Page
- Complete the process on the Retrieve page to remove 2 Step Authentication

Help! I'm not receiving the email containing the code, so I can't turn on email 2 step auth
- We only officially support @gmail.com email addresses, as these have 100% success rate for delivery
- If you are not using a gmail email, consider changing your email to gmail via the account settings page
- Email providers other than gmail have less than 30% delivery rate due to blacklists, spam reports and other things

Help! My old code isn't working
- A new code is generated every 30 seconds for google 2 step authentication
- A new code is generated every 5 minutes for email 2 step authentication

Why am I prompted to enter a code on my first login after activating a 2 step method?
- As this is your first real login with the method enabled, you must verify again
- Another email is sent to your inbox if you are using the email method
- Get another code from the authenticator if you are using the google method

Where can I see logs related to the authentication method on my account?
- Visit the Settings -> History page in your account panel, authentication logs are found under ACCOUNT tab

What happens if someone tries to break into my account?
- If someone has gained access to your account while 2 step authentication is enabled, they will be locked to the authentication page, logs are created to allow us to determine if your account is compromised or not

Both Google and email authentication methods now work for preventing someone from attempting to log into your account in-game.

Always keep your passwords unique for every service you use, there is no support for compromised accounts if the culprit also has access to your email to take over your account.