1. Happy Holidays and New Year 2018 Celebrations

    Greetings Warmane community,

    Warmest wishes for a delightful holiday season from Warmane Staff. May the holiday spirit be with you and your families. As tradition dictates, we would love to use this opportunity to remind everyone that this is the time to show appreciation for your family and loved ones.

    As some play with snowflakes, some are bathing in the sun, no matter the weather, this is a time for everyone to take a collective breath and hope for a better year in front of us.

    We take pride in maintaining the tradition of celebrating this season of cheer with specially prepared events, rewards and family entertainment.

    Festivities' schedule:

    • December 19, 13:01 -> January 1, 23:59 - all events with special rewards playable
    • December 19 -> January 2 - all staff hosted events playable
    • December 31, 23:59 - gifts from Warmane are available for collection
    • December 19 -> January 2 - winter donation bonuses up to 40% are active. Do note that this includes already pre-existing full time active bonuses.

    Event information

    This year everything is brand new. We've decided to cast away the favourites of past and forge new adventures in events. The rewards are specially designed and some items otherwise unavailable. Without further ado, here are the events for this holiday season:

    • Behind every great villain there is an even greater story. Through our custom made questline you will embark on a mission through whole Outland, gathering information and slaying everyone who steps in your way. But beware, you cannot do this alone. Bring a friend to help you in this adventure or mystery and twists and possibly illegal substances.

    • He is here and he is not alone. His lieutenants and their minions have invaded every possible zone in Azeroth. Group up with your friends and allies and hunt them all down before facing Grinch himself. It will be a long journey but in the end it will pay off.

    • This is it... we are crowning the end of this year by finally facing our biggest enemy so far. A ruthless and sadistic criminal whose crime syndicate spreads fear through Azeroth. Winter Veil is coming, my friends, and we must unite to defeat this monster and put an end to terror that has infected our whole world in this final battle.
      Spoiler: Show
      This is the riddle, find out how to read it and then you will know where Grinch resides.

      Qrrc jvguva gur zbhagnva

      Sver rzoynmrf gubfr jub qjryy va vg

      Rivy unf evfra jvguva vg

      Rzrenyq pbybhef syl uvtu nzbat gur qenxrf

      Gernq yvtugyl, jvguva bar jbeyq, nabgure njnvgf

      Bayl vs lbh ner jbegul, lbh znl ragre

      Zrrg gur guvrs bs irvy jurer znal sryy gb qnex zntvp

    • Our team will also will be hosting more daily events than usual including new and exclusive events (such as reverse stairs and DPS/HPS race) so make sure you follow the schedule posted on the forum to participate in this events and win cool and new prizes.

    • This year we will see the return of our most popular forum event, in which your creativity and imagination is challenged. Head to the Events section on the forums for more information on how to participate.

    We hope your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter,

  2. Ho ho ho, I am Malaco!

  3. Thank you for all your efforts and Haaaappy Holidays everyone!

  4. no cow event or snow man? come on man.... ;|

  5. Yayyy thanks for events! Happy holidays!

  6. These events are available on all realms? TBC, Wotlk, Cata, MoP ?

  7. My happy holidays would be getting leather set on outland

  8. My happy holidays would be getting leather set on outland
    We fixed that a few minutes ago. Holiday cheer only here, please!

  9. We fixed that a few minutes ago. Holiday cheer only here, please!
    Thx a lot. Happy holidays <3

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