The French Based Guild will up a LoD run

Monday the 8 of april 2019

We will take english speakers in our ranks, since we need to reinforce our Roster

End game gear will be requiert and a strong experience of icc 25hc including LoD fight

We are looking for :

1 Disc Priest
1 Prot Paly
1 Frost DK (DPS)
1 Demono Lock
1 Balance Druid
1 Shadow Priest
1 Fire Mage

People who want to join the raid Apply by responding below

These spots will be opened for recruitment, when we will have see you on the field.

If you want directly apply for recruitment. Make a quick description of yourself as a person.
After it detail your experience in ICC 25hc
Give us a link to your armory
And answer theses 3 questions :
What are your motivations for playing this game (PVE-ly speaking) ?
What are your raid assisting spells to use, when needed during an encounter ?
What do you do when a Red Ooze is targeting you during PP encounter and why ?

See you around,