1. Cannot Login

    I have seen a number of posts on here over the past 72 hours regarding not being able to log in. Some of that seemed to be something to dso with 2FA, which seems to be fixed for some users. However there has still been many more posts past that time in with no responses as far as I can tell.

    I cannot log in to the client (wotlk - icecrown) which has been the case for 36 hours now. I logged off one day, made no changes to my local system, and then can't log back in.

    Trying to log in just leads to the connecting screen showing, followed by an eventual timeout, displaying an error of "Unable to connect, Please Try again later". I had 2FA enabled, but my client doesn't display the 2FA box for me to enter a code. I have 2 other accounts, and both of those show the same behaviour. All 3 accounts have a status of "In good standing". I have disabled 2FA on 1 account to test - this has made no change to behavior and no difference across accounts. I can log in to warmane website account fine, as evidenced by this post.

    A ping of logon.warmane.com shows a stable 322ms with no packet loss (about as expected from australia), a tracert to logon.warmane.com shows stable pings across all hops.

    I have tried fresh installs, deleting WTF's/WTB's, confirmed relmlist etc. What else can I do?
    Edited: June 12, 2019

  2. Mate, I've been looking at these forums for the last 36hrs trying to find a definitive answer from a Mod or Admin that does just say "update realmlist to....."

    I've followed the instructions on the main connection issues page about port forwarding and allowing firewall and what not..

    I've seen plenty of older posts with no answer from mods / admin... doesnt look like they care, enough people seem to be able to login that its not effecting their numbers...

    I'm currently playing on another WOTLK private server only because its actually working.. will continue to do so until an admin finally answers one of these posts and helps out..

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