1. Happy Holidays and New Year 2021 Celebrations

    Greetings Warmane community,

    This holiday season is unlike any other, to finish off a year that is like no other. Throughout this holiday season, and as we slowly move into a new and hopefully a better year, we wish you moments of peace and clarity during these difficult times. For many years, it has been our tradition to ask of our community to spend their precious time by sharing it with their close friends and family. This year, we merely hope that all our connections with our dear and beloved remain strong, even if we cannot meet in person.

    May the warmth of holidays past and memories we hold dear get us all through this year and may we never forget that even in the darkest hour, countless glimpses of joy and happiness live within ourselves, just under the surface, ready to answer our call. To help us all invite happiness within ourselves, we worked especially hard this year to make the finest events we've ever created. We hope you enjoy them all!

    Festivities' schedule:

    • December 24, 13:01 -> January 4, 23:59 - all events with special rewards playable
    • December 24 -> January 4 - all staff hosted events playable
    • December 31, 23:59 - gifts from Warmane are available for collection
    • December 19 -> January 3 - winter donation bonuses up to 40% are active. Do note that this includes already pre-existing full time active bonuses. Total coins received is displayed within the donation interface.

    Event information
    This year we decided to create brand new events. All of them have been crafted specially for this occasion. Without further ado, here are the details on the events you might partake in:

    • This year we have an assortment of new exciting custom events for all to try. From a fully custom PvE raid, a custom quest chain that's completely new to remodeled and redesigned custom puzzle events with a plethora of rewards. Our Stairs and Race events are a treat this year! Make sure not to miss them out! They contain new concepts, alongside with many improvements and additions to make them brand new experiences to the community. Our staff will be around the clock monitoring and hosting these events. We hope to see you in one of them!

    • Bring your allies and prepare yourself for an unexpected challenge this season. Azshara Adventure is a fully custom PvE raid with several encounters and custom mechanics. This will not be a raid such as you have seen before and you will require mysterious powers to defeat the foes within!

    • Step into the world of the dead and form and an unlikely friendship with one of the Azeroth's most notorious nemeses. Explore both sides of good and evil, dark and light, strive to complete peace and untamable chaos. However, this time you are on an unpopular path armed with wisdom and trickery only obtainable by dark forces of the eternal life. Do not wait any longer, the Spirit of Arthas awaits you. Find him in the frozen wastes of Northrend!

    • You think yourself strong? Strong enough to take the entire world on? Perhaps. Deathmatch is a specially prepared battleground arena event based on the "Last Man Standing" principle. In this area, you will be able to collect various abilities and empower yourself to face your enemies. More information can be found here.

    • The two community favorites over the years are making a come back. If you wish to express your creative side or your thinking side and rack up a few rewards and a title to show around on the forums, you can head over to the Events section to join up our classic forum events: The Detective and Legendary Weaponsmith! The events will be posted and will be available to join in over the coming days.

    Stay safe!

  2. So no plans for rated battleground even for the next year...

  3. So i got 1 question , how can we pick this when they come
    December 31, 23:59 - gifts from Warmane are available for collection

  4. So i got 1 question , how can we pick this when they come
    December 31, 23:59 - gifts from Warmane are available for collection
    It will be under My Account on the site, you cant miss it

  5. It will be under My Account on the site, you cant miss it
    Thanks man

  6. Feels bad for all the ppl waiting for the EoF farming .....

  7. Is it possible for people who have been banned for the first time to participate in these events?
    I mean is it possible to lift the bann maybe we wanna enjoy the holidays too

  8. Any idea about the azshara adventure?

  9. Hey, what are the event rewards this year? For example last year each group on Icecrown event received EoF @ each kill of the event NPCs. Second question : I heard that last year Blackrock realm had Transmog event rewards, is that true and if yes, will this year's event include it ? If possible to get more detailed information by the administrtors about the upcoming events (prizes and the mechanics) on both (Icecrown, Blackrock) realms. Thank you !

  10. Shouldve left EOF farming events since it attracted most attention from people and made thousands of them to go out in open world and do world pvp for those bosses.

  11. EOF event is what made me come back to the server..
    ..whatever this new raid-event is going to be; can't imagine it brings 2-3 weeks of 24h/day-fun full of surprise, competition, calculation and a reward as good as full t10 ...
    RIP EOF farm

    but let's wait what's coming!

  12. Thank you warmane this looks very fun. And is very generous greatly apricated and wish all staff at warmane the best happy charismas warmane

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