1. Naowh UI Project (Retail-like)

    WotLK Naowh's UI

    Twitch VOD of the UI in VoA 25 - Click Here


    Hi guys, my name is Lunminas, I'm a discipline priest main playing on Icecrown known for having created the Beautiful and Updated UIs for every class! project a year ago. I eventually stopped playing and dropped the project, leaving some classes without an UI, but now I'm back.

    What is this about, again?

    If this isn't the first time you've seen me, I've made countless UIs using the addon Weak Auras for a number of specs. This addon is so impactful, it's essentially a founding pillar of customization in WoW. It allows people like me to build interfaces that look clean, compact and efficient. So that's what I did as soon as WA got backported to Wrath of the Lich King. The problem is, I was fairly new at this hobby and made a good ammount of mistakes that ultimately lead me to drop the project entirely. I did not keep up with the quality I wanted and I wasn't feeling motivated enough to fix all the auras.
    Ever since I came back, I wanted to reboot that project, but turn it into something I can be proud of, and deliver a good experience for the people that thought my last UI was great and wanted more. Furthermore, I wanted to improve on my shortcomings and have an extremely resource efficient, smart, compact and easy to understand interface.

    What's new this time around?

    Apart from the overall aesthethic of the UI, I wanted to be a little bit more aggressive and eventually partnered with a few people from the backport discord community, namely, Nethanos. He's done a really good job, making some extremely clean looking UIs with ElvUI and other addons. I stumbled across his ElvUI profile and realized he had a great work in the making that I wanted to be a part in, so I volunteered to develop all of the weak auras for all classes, since that was one of the only things missing.
    So, we are essentially making a complete overhaul of the entire UI based on Naowh's UI, a tank from the guild Echo on retail. He's been around for ages now and has one of the cleanest UIs I've ever seen. This overhaul aims to completely change the appearance of the following addons:


    Spoiler: Show

    1. Improvements and a word from Nethanos

    Spoiler: Show

    Nethanos here, the guy who worked on the Elv-UI part. The differences between the normal Elv-UI from the Official Github and my fork are the following:

    - Added showing of item level when you hover over an item and see the tooltip, there is also an option in the tooltip section of ElvUI if you want it disabled.

    - Changed abbreviation of Nameplates to be done after 14 characters ( before if you activated abreviation it would display The Lich King as T. L. King, I didn't like that).

    - Added text scaling for Target Nameplate.

    - Changed the debuffs on the nameplates to look like Naowh, changed the sizes and color.

    - Added border to minimap to not look so flat.

    2. Character Frames

    Spoiler: Show

    The Enhanced ElvUI Plugin adds a substantially more convenient character frame, with GearScore support.

    3. Overall Look

    Spoiler: Show

    Using the "Melli" texture bar as it's main status bar, the overall look of the UI is achieved by having all addons share the same characteristics such as font and textures. This can be seen on the aforementioned example and breaking it down, we can notice the following: Chat bar without borders or background, Unit frames, in order from left to right, Focus target, Player, Target and Target of Target. All centered around a spec specific Weak Auras. Raid Frames (not shown) below the Weak Auras if it's a healer profile, and on the left side of the screen if not.
    Lastly, there's the Minimap on the top-right with an ElvUI enhancement that turns all minimap icons to squares.

    4. Nameplates

    Spoiler: Show

    Following Naowh's style, the nameplates are fully customized.

    Weak Auras

    Spoiler: Show

    1. Functionality

    Spoiler: Show

    Naowh's Weak Aura UI consists of simple but practical applications of Interface design. This is a polar opposite of the functionality my old auras had. Everything is straightfoward. Cooldown auras show only cooldowns, buff auras show only buffs, etc. No overcomplicated aura design if it's not required. Maintaining simplicity and cleaness takes priority on this project.

    2. Standardization

    Spoiler: Show

    In dire contrast of my last project, this new set of weak auras maintains a standard, throughout all classes and specs. All classes have 4 groups, all groups serve the same purpose, all auras have the same sizes, fonts and logic. The difference between one class' UI and the other are the icons and resources only.
    The standard is as follows for every class UI: Group 1 is the main rotation and resources group, it is used to anchor the rest of the groups either by the resource bar or an icon. Group 2 is the auxiliary group. It displays optional abilities such as trinkets or talents. Group 3 has all buffs/auras, it has all procs, class buffs and class heads-up such as missing enchantments or poisons. Group 4 is a low priority group, it only displays abilities when they're on cooldown.

    3. All in 4

    Spoiler: Show

    These Weak Auras have all specializations abilities and mechanics in the four main groups. That means you won't need to import a new profile for a different spec, and it also makes iterations for future versions far easier to maintain.

    4. Miscellaneous

    Spoiler: Show

    Together with the class auras, I've made some other auxiliary groups for a better experience. The majority are still a work in progress, but they consist of key aspects of gameplay such as trackers for procs/consumables (DBW Trinket, STS Trinket, Shadowmourne buff, Potion of Speed, etc). I'm also making a buff tracker and perhaps add a few raid specific weak auras as well.


    Spoiler: Show

    1. Overall Look

    Spoiler: Show

    Using Zidras' DBM, this new overhaul consists of a better look and functionality to all things DBM related. This particular addon doesn't have many options for customization, but with the "AddOn Skins" Plugin from ElvUI, it's possible to maintain a homogenous and appealing design.

    2. Functionality

    This new version of DBM comes with a plethrera of changes in functionality. It mainly consists of more updated sound cues and textures. Although the addon still lacks the same ease of use as Big Wigs, this is the closest we'll get to achieve a retail-like performance, look and playability.


    Spoiler: Show

    1. Overall Look

    Spoiler: Show

    Details is arguably one of the best DPS meters on retail, being used by the majority of the playerbase compared to Skada and Recount. The reason being the sheer ammount of customization and in-depth analysis of DPS. Equipped with retail-like functionality and looks, we've managed to get a carbon copy of Naowh's Details profile backported.

    2. Functionality

    Spoiler: Show

    Details has a strong in-depth breakdown of DPS/HPS meters while maintaing a much better readability compared to Skada/Recount.

    Pre-requisites (MANDATORY)

    Since the aim of this project is to make the UI look homogeneous, there are some dependencies between addons that can easily mess with the look of the UI if you choose not to include everything. When downloading and importing our project, please pay attention to the following:

    - The Addon SharedMedia has all fonts and textures used for the UI, and as so, it is mandatory to have it installed, otherwise fonts and texture bars will default back to blizzard's style. The same goes to Naowh's fonts.

    - For the DBM profile to look the way it does, it is required that you have ElvUI enabled with the AddOn Skins Plugin also enabled. Also, the specific profile we're using for the UI can only be imported by following "Step 2" of the Download process, otherwise it won't work as intended.

    - There are a number of steps needed to be followed for the ElvUI plugins to be successfully implemented, if you fail to follow "Step 4" of the Download process, they simply won't show anything different.


    Before downloading, there are many dependencies on this UI. Make sure you have everything correctly setup by checking the Pre-requisites section, even if you're not using parts of the UI. As this is an overhaul, with multiple addons and custom fonts/textures being used, the installation process is extensive and somewhat complicated, but I'll do my best to keep it simple! Please, make sure to follow these steps thoroughly!

    Don't feel like reading? Watch my tutorial video!

    Step 1:

    Download the following AddOns and put them on your Interface/Addons folder.

    Nethanos' ElvUI Fork - Download
    ElvUI Enhanced Plugin - Download
    ElvUI AddOn Skins Plugin - Download
    Bunny's Weak Auras - Download
    Bunny's Details - Download *
    Zidras' Warmane DBM - Download
    Kader's Custom SharedMedia - Download

    Step 2:

    Add the following files to your WTF/Account/(Name of Your Account)/SavedVariables

    DBM Profile - Download

    Step 3:

    Import all profiles to their respective addons.

    Details - Import
    Weak Auras - Import
    ElvUI - Import


    ElvUI Standalone (Without Weak Auras) - (Work In Progress)

    Step 4:

    After having installed all addons and imported all profiles, you'll need to manually setup some ElvUI configurations as they're not saved on the profile. This includes the Enhanced ElvUI plugin setup.

    • ElvUI/General/Media - Set Combat Text Font to "Gotham Narrow Ultra" and Name Font to "AvantGarde"
    • ElvUI/General/Chat Bubbles - Set Chat Bubble Style to "Remove Backdrop", set Font to "AvantGarde" and Font Outline to "OUTLINE"
    • ElvUI/Enhanced/Blizz UI Improvements/General - Enable all three options
    • ElvUI/Enhanced/Blizz UI Improvements/Character Frame - Enable all three options and their backgorunds
    • ElvUI/Enhanced/Blizz UI Imrpovements/Minimap - Enable Minimap Button Grabber
    • ElvUI/Enhanced/Blizz UI Imrpovements/Interrupt Tracker - Enable
    • ElvUI/Enhanced/Blizz UI Imrpovements/Lose Control - Enable

    * It has come to my attention after a few months of launching this project that the backported details has been discontinued. Although functional, this addon has perfomance issues with event handling, and will drop frames severely depending on the encounter, especially Anub'Arak. It should work fine on high-end PCs, but I should mention that there are Naowh-like skins for skada/recount out there. Use them if you're having issues.


    Read if you're having issues

    Since we've just released the UI, it's expected that it has a decent ammount of bugs with a larger player pool. Please do not flood your inquiries on the backport server, instead, join our own private server for further support. Join here.


    Spoiler: Show

    Q: Are these addons going to cause FPS drop issues?
    A: As expected when using any addon, your computer will have to dedicate more processing power compared to just running the baseline game. However, it is important to note that the perfomance hit varies between addons, and in most computers, it is pretty much unoticeable. It is, however, important to realize that, for low to mid-end PCs, there will be an issue with the addon Details, which has been discontinued and still has unfixed perfomance issues. As for the rest of the addons, you shouldn't expect any significant perfomance issue with a decent computer.

    Q: I want to use only X addon instead of the whole overhaul, is that possible?
    A: Yes, while the entire project's aim is to have all addons look the same, we understand it might be too much of a hassle for some players who just want the Weak Auras or ElvUI profile, so we'll be providing everything seperately as well. However, do take note that some addons have dependencies, for that, check the Pre-requisites section.

    Q: One of the AddOns you linked has a bug/isn't working as intended, could you fix this?
    A: As much as I'd like to help, unfortunately, no. As these addons are backported, some of them may have bugs that weren't fixed yet. We have a hardworking backport group that did all this work for free, for the community. If you experience a bug, please forward your issues to the backport discord community, in the specific addon's section.

    Q: Is it okay if I change and distribute you guys' work?
    A: Me and Nethanos made this project for the community with no intent of charging anything for it. As so, you're free to alter and share our work however you like. Just make sure to credit us for the people who might want to check the original work.

    Weak Auras

    Spoiler: Show

    Q: When I paste the import string to Weak Auras, it doesn't work/nothing happens.
    A: Copy it again and try again, it bugs out sometimes. If that's not the case, check your version of weak auras, all my auras were made on version 3.2.3. It should work for any newer version. If that's also not the case, link me the specific aura group that isn't working.

    Q: I have imported your auras but none of them are showing up, what can I do?
    A: Did you update from a previous version? If so, delete all groups and import all of them again, one by one.

    Q: One or some of your auras aren't showing up, what could it be?
    A: There's many possibilities. The simplest one is that you haven't learned that specific spell yet since all my auras have a "Spell Known" condition. If that's not the case, it might be because that specific aura checks for name of spells/buffs instead of it's ID, this can be an issue for non-english versions of WoW, since spells have a different name. In this case, you may have to consider changing your WoW language to en-US or, if you know how to deal with weak auras, change the triggers from name to ID.
    Alternatively, if the spell isn't baseline, it might be that you haven't selected a key talent for your spec yet. Since Weak Auras can only check for specific talent traits instead of your baseline spec, the only way for me to create auras that are spec specific is if I manually check one of your talents. This is an issue if you're a Bear Tank, for example, and didn't choose a must-have talent that I manually put as one of the conditions for the load trigger. Meaning you'll most likely have to painstakenly change that specific ability's load trigger to some other spec specific talent that you're currently using.

    Q: I want to move/change the size of all groups, how can I do that?
    A: This can be achieved by selecting the main group (Group 1), and either moving it with your mouse or chaing the X and Y offsets in the "Group" tab. Incidentally, changing the size of the entire UI is done by clicking on the Group 1 group aura, then selecting the "Group" tab, and changing the slider value named "Group Scale"

    Q: How can I change the position of a specific icon?
    A: This can be tricky since my UIs are designed to be spec specific, so you have to know that the new position you want to set the icon you want to move doesn't overlap with any other icon. With that said, if you're a warrior and want to interchange two baseline icons' position such as Bloodthirst and Whirlwind, for example, that can be done by accessing that icon's specific group, selecting the "Bloodthirst" aura, and changing it's X and Y offset positions in the "display tab". To check the correct position, you can either move it with your mouse and magnetically align it on the new inteded position, or check the desired future position's icon X and Y offset, and interchange values between them.

    Q: Help! I broke my auras and everything is messed up.
    A: Delete them and Import them again.

    Q: X aura isn't working as intended/the import link is dead, how can I talk to you to get it fixed?
    A: Most likely by mentioning me (@Lunminas) in the backport discord community. I don't check warmane's forums as much as I check discord.

    Q: I'm max level and fully talented. Is my UI suppose to have missing icons?
    A: Absolutely not. There is a compromise that I had to make when making these Weak Auras and that is, I have to take into consideration that if you're choosing a spec, you have to learn it's spec specific abilities. If you're a boomie druid who for some reason didn't choose Starfall as one of your talents, you'll have a hole in your UI and there's really not much I can do but to tell you to make an aura yourself and fill that spot in.

    Q: I'm currently leveling a character with your Weak Auras and some spells are missing even though I learned them.
    A: This is unfortunately not fixable. Because of the way Wrath of the Lich King works, it's impossible to check what spec you're currently using when leveling, and even if I "hardcoded" a talent trait check, you would have to get that specific arbitrary talent. This is a compromise I had to do when making all spec specific auras on the same pack of groups, as if I had opted to make different groups for different specs, you wouldn't have this issue but there would be a lot of redudant auras and it'd also be much harder to iterate. The focus of this project is end-game PVE.

    Q: I want to suggest addittions for X class aura, how can I reach out?
    A: While I'm open to suggestions and there might be some specs that I've forgotten to add something, I must be as conservative as possible to the design of the UI. With that said, you can contact me by mentioning my name on the backport discord community.

    Q: I noticed that some of your auras have every frame triggers. Isn't that bad for perfomance?
    A: I understand that every frame checks are taxing and I tried to fix it when I was making the UI. I wanted to make smooth progress bars for all classes so it looks as close as possible to retail. Unfortunately, if you add event checks for progress bars, it undoes the smoothing, making it snap to state again. Since all my groups only has one every frame aura with the exception of Druid, I figured it was a compromise worth taking since only one aura doesn't add up to such a perfomance hit.


    Spoiler: Show

    Q: What scale did you use for the UI?
    A: 0.71.

    Q: How can I change the action bars to show without a mouseover?
    A: You can change that by going to the Action Bar tab on ElvUI and deselecting the "Mouse over" option on the desired bar.

    Q: I have dual specialization, how can I toggle between the Healer profile and DPS profile?
    A: There's an option on the profile menu that allows you to choose an offspec profile which automatically changes when you change specs.

    Q: I've imported your profile but my textures/fonts look different from yours.
    A: You forgot to download SharedMedia.

    Q: I'd like to change the raidframes as I'm more comfortable with X
    A: Disable Raid Frames and position your raid frame addon of choice on the same spot, shouldn't change much.

    Edited: May 2, 2023

  2. I've just come back from a 3 year break and was looking at refreshing my UI now that I'm back. I just stumbled across your Beautiful and Updated UIs for every class! (Weak Auras 2.18) and am definitely going to set that up tonight.

    This is looks amazing and can't wait to see this come to life. All the best!

  3. Really a niece & helpfull work mate. I'm sure the community is very grateful

  4. Ty so much for all the works you have done, i'm dling it right now! Just one thing: details import > the link does not work

    Edit: it works now
    Edited: September 13, 2021

  5. Great Work you have done here. You can be very proud of yourself. Very professional and clean work. Amazing!

  6. Does anyone know any addon that makes the Character frame look like the Retail??

    Something like the ELVUI, the image above, but to look more DEFAULT like this :

  7. Does anyone know any addon that makes the Character frame look like the Retail??

    Something like the ELVUI, the image above, but to look more DEFAULT like this :

    you can install elvui and disable the skin on character frame and it will look like this :

  8. Any chance the Details import string link could be updated.

  9. Any chance the Details import string link could be updated.
    Link expired. Fixed now.

  10. you sir are a wow scholar and pioneer

  11. thank you vm for all the hard work, nice ui and easy to tweak with duplication for the few things one might need
    i would never have the patience to do it all


  12. Does anyone know any addon that makes the Character frame look like the Retail??

    Something like the ELVUI, the image above, but to look more DEFAULT like this :

  13. Really great job you did here. Very professional and clean work, cool https://fortegrp.com/

  14. hi there, having trouble with death rune not being handled welle
    i think it has somthg to do with the HIDE : TIMED duration 1sec

    if you know any way to correct these (i tried few tweak but i'm noob at LUA)
    otherwise i'll just activate classbar of elvui and set it up in its place

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