1. CVars

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    Edited: January 1, 2024

  2. If you launch in console mode, you can use the help command (and then "help sound", etc) to see a list of cvars, a description, and a default value.

    If you want a complete list for 12340 I can get it for you, but with no min-max.

    If you want to know more about a particular one tell me and I'll look into it.

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    Edited: January 1, 2024

  4. Code:
    ChatAmbienceVolume                   0.3        Ambience Volume (0.0 to 1.0)
    ChatMusicVolume                      0.3        music volume (0.0 to 1.0)
    ChatSoundVolume                      0.4        sound volume (0.0 to 1.0)
    CinematicJoystick                    0          enable cinematic joystick contro
    CombatDamage                         1          Display damage numbers over hostile creatures when damaged
    CombatHealing                        1          Display amount of healing you did to the target
    CombatLogPeriodicSpells              1          Display damage caused by periodic effects
    DesktopGamma                         0          ???
    EnableMicrophone                     1          Enables the microphone so you can speak.
    EnableVoiceChat                      0          Enables the voice chat feature.
    ErrorFilter                          ???        ???
    ErrorLevelMax                        3          ???
    ErrorLevelMin                        2          ???
    Errors                               0          ???
    FootstepSounds                       1          ???
    Gamma                                1.0        ???
    InboundChatVolume                    1.0        The volume of all other chat you hear (0.0 - 1.0)
    Joystick                             0          enable joystick contro
    M2BatchDoodads                       1          combine doodads to reduce batch count
    M2BatchParticles                     1          combine particle emitters to reduce batch count
    M2Faster                             1          end user control of scene optimization mode - (0-3)
    M2FasterDebug                        0          programmer control of scene optimization mode
    M2ForceAdditiveParticleSort          0          force all particles to sort as though they were additive
    M2UseClipPlanes                      1          use clip planes for sorting transparent objects
    M2UseThreads                         1          multithread model animations
    M2UseZFil                            1          z-fill transparent objects
    MaxLights                            4          Max number of hardware lights
    ObjectSelectionCircle                1          ???
    OutboundChatVolume                   1.0        The software amplification factor (0.0 - 2.0)
    POIShiftComplete                     0.6        ???
    PetMeleeDamage                       1          Display pet melee damage in the world
    PetSpellDamage                       1          Display pet spell damage in the world
    PushToTalkButton                     `          String representation of the Push-To-Talk button.
    PushToTalkSound                      0          Play a sound when voice recording activates and deactivates
    ShowAllSpellRanks                    1          show either all spell ranks, or only the highest rank
    ShowClassColorInNameplate            0          use this to display the class color in the nameplate health bar
    ShowErrors                           1          ???
    SoundMemoryCache                     4          sound cache memory size (MB)
    Sound_AmbienceVolume                 0.6        Ambience Volume (0.0 to 1.0)
    Sound_ChaosMode                      0          Testing to break sound engine
    Sound_DSPBufferSize                  0          sound buffer size, default 0
    Sound_EnableAllSound                 1          ???
    Sound_EnableAmbience                 1          Enable Ambience
    Sound_EnableArmorFoleySoundForOthers 1          ???
    Sound_EnableArmorFoleySoundForSelf   1          ???
    Sound_EnableDSPEffects               ???        ???
    Sound_EnableEmoteSounds              1          ???
    Sound_EnableErrorSpeech              1          error speech
    Sound_EnableHardware                 0          Enables Hardware
    Sound_EnableMixMode2                 0          test
    Sound_EnableMode2                    0          test
    Sound_EnableMusic                    1          Enables music
    Sound_EnablePetSounds                1          Enables pet sounds
    Sound_EnableReverb                   0          ???
    Sound_EnableSFX                      1          ???
    Sound_EnableSoftwareHRTF             0          ???
    Sound_EnableSoundWhenGameIsInBG      0          Enable Sound When Game Is In Background
    Sound_ListenerAtCharacter            1          lock listener at character
    Sound_MasterVolume                   1.0        master volume (0.0 to 1.0)
    Sound_MaxCacheSizeInBytes            16777216   Max cache size in bytes
    Sound_MaxCacheableSizeInBytes        1048576    Max sound size that will be cached, larger files will be streamed instead
    Sound_MusicVolume                    0.4        music volume (0.0 to 1.0)
    Sound_NumChannels                    32         number of sound channels
    Sound_OutputDriverIndex              0          ???
    Sound_OutputDriverName               Primary Sound Driver ???
    Sound_OutputQuality                  1          sound quality, default 1 (medium)
    Sound_SFXVolume                      1.0        sound volume (0.0 to 1.0)
    Sound_VoiceChatInputDriverIndex      0          ???
    Sound_VoiceChatInputDriverName       Primary Sound Capture Driver ???
    Sound_VoiceChatOutputDriverIndex     0          ???
    Sound_VoiceChatOutputDriverName      Primary Sound Driver ???
    Sound_ZoneMusicNoDelay               0          ???
    SplineOpt                            1          toggles use of spline coll optimization
    StartTalkingDelay                    0.0        ???
    StartTalkingTime                     1.0        ???
    StopTalkingDelay                     0.0        ???
    StopTalkingTime                      2.0        ???
    UIFaster                             3          UI acceleration option
    UberTooltips                         1          Show verbose tooltips
    UnitNameEnemyGuardianName            0          ???
    UnitNameEnemyPetName                 1          ???
    UnitNameEnemyPlayerName              1          ???
    UnitNameEnemyTotemName               0          ???
    UnitNameFriendlyGuardianName         0          ???
    UnitNameFriendlyPetName              1          ???
    UnitNameFriendlyPlayerName           1          ???
    UnitNameFriendlyTotemName            0          ???
    UnitNameNPC                          0          ???
    UnitNameNonCombatCreatureName        0          ???
    UnitNameOwn                          0          ???
    UnitNamePlayerGuild                  1          ???
    UnitNamePlayerPVPTitle               1          ???
    VoiceActivationSensitivity           0.4        Sensitivity of the microphone (0.0 - 1.0)
    VoiceChatMode                        0          Push to talk(0) or voice activation(1)
    VoiceChatSelfMute                    0          Turn off your ability to talk.
    accountList                          ???        List of wow accounts for saved Blizzard account
    accountName                          ???        Saved account name
    accounttype                          ???        Account Type
    addFriendInfoShown                   0          The info for Add Friend has been shown
    advancedWatchFrame                   0          Enables advanced Objectives tracking features
    advancedWorldMap                     0          Enables advanced World Map features
    alwaysCompareItems                   0          Always show item comparison tooltips
    alwaysShowActionBars                 0          Whether to always show the action bar grid
    assistAttack                         0          Whether to start attacking after an assist
    asyncHandlerTimeout                  100        Engine option: Async read main thread timeout
    asyncThreadSleep                     0          Engine option: Async read thread sleep
    auctionDisplayOnCharacter            0          Show auction items on the dress-up paperdol
    autoClearAFK                         1          Automatically clear AFK when moving or chatting
    autoCompleteResortNamesOnRecency     1          Shows people you recently spoke with higher up on the AutoComplete list.
    autoCompleteUseContext               1          The system will, for example, only show people in your guild when you are typing /gpromote. Names will also never be removed.
    autoCompleteWhenEditingFromCenter    1          If you edit a name by inserting characters into the center, a smarter auto-complete will occur.
    autoDismount                         1          Automatically dismount when needed
    autoDismountFlying                   0          If enabled, your character will automatically dismount before casting while flying
    autoFilledMultiCastSlots             0          Bitfield that saves whether multi-cast slots have been automatically filled.
    autoInteract                         ???        Toggles auto-move to interact target
    autoLootDefault                      0          Automatically loot items when the loot window opens
    autoQuestProgress                    1          Whether to automatically watch all quests when they are updated
    autoQuestWatch                       1          Whether to automatically watch all quests when you obtain them
    autoRangedCombat                     1          Whether your character will automatically switch between auto attack and auto shot
    autoSelfCast                         1          Whether spells should automatically be cast on you if you don't have a valid target
    autoStand                            1          Automatically stand when needed
    autoUnshift                          1          Automatically leave shapeshift form when needed
    autojoinBGVoice                      0          Automatically join the voice session in battleground chat
    autojoinPartyVoice                   1          Automatically join the voice session in party/raid chat
    baseMip                              0          base mipmap leve
    blockTrades                          0          Whether to automatically block trade requests
    bspcache                             1          BSP node caching
    buffDurations                        1          Whether to show buff durations
    calendarShowBattlegrounds            0          Whether Battleground holidays should appear in the calendar
    calendarShowDarkmoon                 1          Whether Darkmoon Faire holidays should appear in the calendar
    calendarShowLockouts                 1          Whether raid lockouts should appear in the calendar
    calendarShowResets                   0          Whether raid resets should appear in the calendar
    calendarShowWeeklyHolidays           1          Whether weekly holidays should appear in the calendar
    camera                               ???        ???
    cameraBobbing                        0          ???
    cameraBobbingSmoothSpeed             0.8        ???
    cameraCustomViewSmoothing            0          ???
    cameraDistanceMax                    15.0       ???
    cameraDistanceMaxFactor              1.0        ???
    cameraDistanceMoveSpeed              8.33       ???
    cameraDistanceSmoothSpeed            8.33       ???
    cameraDive                           1          ???
    cameraFlyingMountHeightSmoothSpeed   2.0        ???
    cameraFoVSmoothSpeed                 0.5        ???
    cameraGroundSmoothSpeed              7.5        ???
    cameraHeightIgnoreStandState         0          ???
    cameraHeightSmoothSpeed              1.2        ???
    cameraPitchMoveSpeed                 90         ???
    cameraPitchSmoothMax                 30.0       ???
    cameraPitchSmoothMin                 0.0        ???
    cameraPitchSmoothSpeed               45         ???
    cameraPivot                          1          ???
    cameraPivotDXMax                     0.05       ???
    cameraPivotDYMin                     0.00       ???
    cameraSavedDistance                  ???        ???
    cameraSavedPitch                     ???        ???
    cameraSavedVehicleDistance           -1.0       ???
    cameraSmooth                         ???        ???
    cameraSmoothPitch                    1          ???
    cameraSmoothStyle                    ???        ???
    cameraSmoothTimeMax                  2.0        ???
    cameraSmoothTimeMin                  0.1        ???
    cameraSmoothTrackingStyle            ???        ???
    cameraSmoothViewData                 ???        ???
    cameraSmoothYaw                      1          ???
    cameraSubmergeFinalPitch             5.0        ???
    cameraSubmergePitch                  18.0       ???
    cameraSurfaceFinalPitch              5.0        ???
    cameraSurfacePitch                   0.0        ???
    cameraTargetSmoothSpeed              90         ???
    cameraTerrainTilt                    0          ???
    cameraTerrainTilt                    ???        ???
    cameraTerrainTiltTimeMax             10.0       ???
    cameraTerrainTiltTimeMin             3.0        ???
    cameraView                           ???        ???
    cameraViewBlendStyle                 ???        ???
    cameraWaterCollision                 1          ???
    cameraYawMoveSpeed                   180        ???
    cameraYawSmoothMax                   0.0        ???
    cameraYawSmoothMin                   0.0        ???
    cameraYawSmoothSpeed                 180        ???
    camerasmooth                         1          ???
    chatBubbles                          1          Whether to show in-game chat bubbles
    chatBubblesParty                     1          Whether to show in-game chat bubbles for party chat
    chatMouseScrol                       1          Whether the user can use the mouse wheel to scroll through chat
    chatStyle                            im         The style of Edit Boxes for the ChatFrame. Valid values: "classic", "im"
    checkAddonVersion                    1          Check interface addon version number
    colorChatNamesByClass                0          If enabled, the name of a player speaking in chat will be colored according to his class.
    colorblindMode                       0          Enables colorblind accessibility features in the game
    combatLogOn                          1          Whether or not the combat log is shown
    combatLogRetentionTime               300        The maximum duration in seconds to retain combat log entries
    combatTextFloatMode                  1          The combat text float mode
    componentCompress                    1          Character component texture compression
    componentTextureLeve                 8          Number of mip levels used for character component textures
    componentThread                      1          Multi thread character component processing
    consolidateBuffs                     0          Consolidates buffs displayed for the player.
    conversationMode                     popout     The action new Real ID Conversations take by default: "popout", "inline"
    converted                            0          Trial to Retai
    currencyTokensBackpack1              0          Currency token types shown on backpack.
    currencyTokensBackpack2              0          Currency token types shown on backpack.
    currencyTokensUnused1                0          Currency token types marked as unused.
    currencyTokensUnused2                0          Currency token types marked as unused.
    dbCompress                           -1         Database compression
    decorateAccountName                  0          ???
    deselectOnClick                      1          Clear the target when clicking on terrain
    displayFreeBagSlots                  0          Whether or not the backpack button should indicate how many inventory slots you've got free
    displayWorldPVPObjectives            1          Whether to show world PvP objectives
    dontShowEquipmentSetsOnItems         0          Don't show which equipment sets an item is associated with
    enableCombatText                     1          Whether to show floating combat text
    enablePVPNotifyAFK                   1          The ability to shutdown the AFK notification system
    enableWowMouse                       0          Enable Steelseries World of Warcraft Mouse
    environmentDetai                     1.0        Environment detai
    equipmentManager                     0          Enables the equipment management UI
    expansionMovie                       1          Show expansion movie on startup
    extShadowQuality                     0          Quality of exterior shadows (0-5)
    farClipOverride                      0          Override old world graphic settings
    farclip                              350        Far clip plane distance
    fctAllSpellMechanics                 0          ???
    fctAuras                             0          ???
    fctCombatState                       0          ???
    fctComboPoints                       0          ???
    fctDamageReduction                   0          ???
    fctDodgeParryMiss                    0          ???
    fctEnergyGains                       0          ???
    fctFriendlyHealers                   0          ???
    fctHonorGains                        0          ???
    fctLowManaHealth                     1          ???
    fctPeriodicEnergyGains               0          ???
    fctReactives                         0          ???
    fctRepChanges                        0          ???
    fctSpellMechanics                    0          ???
    fctSpellMechanicsOther               0          ???
    ffxDeath                             ???        full screen death effect
    ffxGlow                              ???        full screen glow effect
    ffxNetherWorld                       1          full screen nether world effect (for invisibility)
    ffxRectangle                         1          use rectangle texture for full screen effects
    ffxSpecia                            ???        full screen test effect
    fixedFunction                        0          Force fixed function rendering
    flaggedTutorials                     ???        Internal cvar for saving compleated tutorials in order
    footstepBias                         0.125      Unit footstep depth bias
    forceEnglishNames                    0          ???
    friendsSmallView                     0          Whether to use smaller buttons in the friends list
    friendsViewButtons                   0          Whether to show the friends list view buttons
    fullSizeFocusFrame                   0          Increases the size of the focus frame to that of the target frame
    g_accountUsesToken                   0          Saved whether uses authenticator
    gameTip                              0          ???
    groundEffectDensity                  16         Ground effect density
    groundEffectDist                     70.0       Ground effect dist
    guildMemberNotify                    0          Receive notification when guild members log on/off
    guildRecruitmentChanne               1          Whether to automatically join the guild recruitment channel when not in a guild
    guildShowOffline                     1          Show offline guild members in the guild UI
    gxApi                                ???        graphics api
    gxAspect                             1          constrain window aspect
    gxColorBits                          ???        color bits
    gxCursor                             1          toggle hardware cursor
    gxDepthBits                          ???        depth bits
    gxFixLag                             ???        prevent cursor lag
    gxMaximize                           ???        maximize game window
    gxMultisample                        ???        multisample
    gxMultisampleQuality                 0.0        multisample quality
    gxOverride                           ???        gx overrides
    gxRefresh                            75         refresh rate
    gxResolution                         ???        resolution
    gxStereoConvergence                  1          Set stereoscopic rendering convergence depth
    gxStereoEnabled                      0          Enable stereoscopic rendering
    gxStereoSeparation                   25         Set stereoscopic rendering separation percentage
    gxTextureCacheSize                   0          GX Texture Cache Size
    gxTripleBuffer                       0          triple buffer
    gxVSync                              1          vsync on or off
    gxWindow                             ???        toggle fullscreen/window
    heapAllocTracking                    1          Enables/disables allocation tracking & dumping in SMemMalloc
    hidePartyInRaid                      0          Whether to hide the party UI while in a raid
    horizonFarclipScale                  4.0        Far clip plane scale for horizon
    horizonNearclipScale                 0.7        Near clip plane scale for horizon
    hwDetect                             1          do hardware detection
    hwPCF                                1          Hardware PCF Filtering
    lastCharacterIndex                   0          Last character selected
    lastTalkedToGM                       ???        Stores the last GM someone was talking to in case they reload the UI while the GM chat window is open.
    lfdCollapsedHeaders                  ???        Stores which LFD headers are collapsed.
    lfdSelectedDungeons                  ???        Stores which LFD dungeons are selected.
    lfgAutoFil                           0          Whether to automatically add party members while looking for a group
    lfgAutoJoin                          0          Whether to automatically join a party while looking for a group
    lfgSelectedRoles                     0          Stores what roles the player is willing to take on.
    locale                               ****       Set the game locale
    lockActionBars                       1          Whether the action bars should be locked, preventing changes
    lootUnderMouse                       1          Whether the loot window should open under the mouse
    mapObjLightLOD                       0          Map object light LOD
    mapQuestDifficulty                   0          Whether to color quest titles by difficulty in the World Map
    mapShadows                           1          Video option: Toggle map shadows
    maxFPS                               200        Set FPS limit
    maxFPSBk                             30         Set background FPS limit
    miniWorldMap                         0          Whether or not the world map has been toggled to smaller size
    minimapInsideZoom                    3          The current indoor minimap zoom leve
    minimapPortalMax                     99         Max Number of Portals to traverse for minimap
    minimapTrackedInfo                   ???        Stores the minimap tracking that was active last session.
    minimapZoom                          3          The current outdoor minimap zoom leve
    mouseInvertPitch                     0          ???
    mouseInvertYaw                       0          ???
    mouseSpeed                           ???        ???
    movie                                1          Show movie on startup
    movieSubtitle                        0          Show movie subtitles
    nameplateAllowOverlap                1          switches between overlapping nameplates or the (old) never overlapping version
    nameplateShowEnemies                 0          ???
    nameplateShowEnemyGuardians          1          ???
    nameplateShowEnemyPets               1          ???
    nameplateShowEnemyTotems             1          ???
    nameplateShowFriendlyGuardians       1          ???
    nameplateShowFriendlyPets            1          ???
    nameplateShowFriendlyTotems          1          ???
    nameplateShowFriends                 0          ???
    nearclip                             0.2        Near clip plane distance
    objectFade                           1          Fade objects into view
    objectFadeZFil                       0          Fade objects using ZFill pass 
    occlusion                            1          Use hardware occlusion test
    particleDensity                      1.0        Video option: Particle density
    partyBackgroundOpacity               0.5        The opacity of the party background
    partyStatusText                      0          Whether the party portraits shows numeric health/mana values
    pathDistTo                           1          Sets acceptable distance from pathing destination in yards
    pendingInviteInfoShown               0          The info for pending invites has been shown
    petStatusText                        0          Whether the pet portrait shows numeric health/mana values
    playerStatLeftDropdown               ???        The player stat selected in the left dropdown
    playerStatRightDropdown              ???        The player stat selected in the right dropdown
    playerStatusText                     0          Whether the player portrait shows numeric health/mana values
    porta                                ???        Name of Battle.net portal to use
    predictedHealth                      1          Whether or not to use predicted health values in the UI
    predictedPower                       1          Whether or not to use predicted power values in the UI
    previewTalents                       0          Toggles the ability to preview talents before spending talent points.
    processAffinityMask                  0          Sets which core(s) WoW may execute on - changes require restart to take effect
    profanityFilter                      1          Whether to enable mature language filtering
    projectedTextures                    0          Projected Textures
    questFadingDisable                   1          Whether to disable quest text slowly fading in
    questLogCollapseFilter               0          bit filed for saving off the state of the headers in Quest Log
    questPOI                             1          If enabled, the quest POI system will be used.
    readContest                          0          Status of the Contest notice
    readEULA                             0          Status of the EULA
    readScanning                         0          Status of the Scanning notice
    readTOS                              0          Status of the TOS
    readTerminationWithoutNotice         0          Status of the Termination without Notice notice
    realmList                            us.logon.worldofwarcraft.com:3724 Address of realm list server
    realmListbn                          ???        Address of Battle.net server
    realmName                            ???        Last realm connected to
    removeChatDelay                      0          Remove Chat Hover Delay
    rotateMinimap                        0          Whether to rotate the entire minimap instead of the player arrow
    screenEdgeFlash                      1          Whether to show a red flash while you are in combat with the world map up
    screenshotFormat                     jpeg       Set the format of screenshots
    screenshotQuality                    3          Set the quality of screenshots (1 - 10)
    scriptErrors                         0          Whether or not the UI shows Lua errors
    scriptProfile                        0          Whether or not script profiling is enabled
    secureAbilityToggle                  1          Whether you should be protected against accidentally double-clicking an aura
    serverAlert                          SERVER_ALERT_UR Get the glue-string tag for the UR
    serviceTypeFilter                    ???        Which trainer services to show
    shadowCul                            1          enable shadow frustum culling
    shadowInstancing                     1          enable instancing when rendering shadowmaps
    shadowLOD                            1          Unit shadow LOD
    shadowLeve                           1          Terrain shadow map mip leve
    shadowScissor                        1          enable scissoring when rendering shadowmaps
    showArenaEnemyCastbar                1          Show the spell enemies are casting on the Arena Enemy frames
    showArenaEnemyFrames                 1          Show arena enemy frames while in an Arena
    showArenaEnemyPets                   1          Show the enemy team's pets on the ArenaEnemy frames
    showBattlefieldMinimap               0          Whether or not the battlefield minimap is shown
    showCastableBuffs                    0          Show only Buffs the player can cast. Only applies to raids.
    showCastableDebuffs                  0          Show only debuffs the player can apply.
    showClock                            1          Whether to display the time manager's clock button
    showDispelDebuffs                    0          Show only Debuffs that the player can dispel. Only applies to raids.
    showGameTips                         1          ???
    showItemLeve                         0          Show item level in the tooltip
    showKeyring                          0          Whether or not the keyring is shown
    showLootSpam                         1          Whether to show verbose loot rolls
    showNewbieTips                       1          Show beginner tooltips
    showPartyBackground                  0          Show a background behind party members
    showPartyPets                        1          Whether to show pets in the party UI
    showQuestObjectivesOnMap             1          Shows quest POIs on the main map.
    showQuestTrackingTooltips            1          Displays quest tracking information in unit and object tooltips
    showRaidRange                        0          Show range indicator in raid UI
    showTargetCastbar                    1          Show the spell your current target is casting
    showTargetOfTarget                   0          Whether the target of target frame should be shown
    showTimestamps                       none       The format of timestamps in chat or "none"
    showToastBroadcast                   1          Whether to show Battle.net message for broadcasts
    showToastConversation                1          Whether to show Battle.net message for conversations
    showToastFriendRequest               1          Whether to show Battle.net message for friend requests
    showToastOffline                     1          Whether to show Battle.net message for friend going offline
    showToastOnline                      1          Whether to show Battle.net message for friend coming online
    showToastWindow                      1          Whether to show Battle.net system messages in a toast window
    showTokenFrame                       0          The token UI has been shown
    showTokenFrameHonor                  0          The token UI has shown Honor
    showToolsUI                          -1         Display the launcher when starting the game
    showTutorials                        1          display tutorials
    showVKeyCastbar                      1          If the V key display is up for your current target, show the enemy cast bar with the target's health bar in the game field
    showfootprintparticles               1          toggles rendering of footprint particles
    showfootprints                       1          toggles rendering of footprints
    spamFilter                           1          Whether to enable spam filtering
    specular                             0          Specularity
    spellEffectLeve                      9          Video Option: Spell Effects
    statusTextPercentage                 0          Whether numeric health/mana values are shown as raw values or percentages
    stopAutoAttackOnTargetChange         0          Whether to stop attacking when changing targets
    synchronizeSettings                  1          Whether client settings should be stored on the server
    taintLog                             0          Whether taint logging is enabled
    talentFrameShown                     0          The talent UI has been shown
    targetOfTargetMode                   5          The conditions under which target of target should be shown
    targetStatusText                     0          Whether the target portrait shows numeric health/mana values
    terrainAlphaBitDepth                 8          Terrain alpha map bit depth
    texLodBias                           0.0        Texture LOD Bias
    textureCacheSize                     32         Texture cache size in bytes
    textureFilteringMode                 1          Texture filtering mode
    threatPlaySounds                     1          Whether or not to sounds when certain threat transitions occur
    threatShowNumeric                    0          Whether or not to show numeric threat on the target and focus frames
    threatWarning                        3          ???
    threatWorldText                      1          Whether or not to show threat floaters in combat
    timeMgrAlarmEnabled                  0          Toggles whether or not the time manager's alarm will go off
    timeMgrAlarmMessage                  ???        The time manager's alarm message
    timeMgrAlarmTime                     0          The time manager's alarm time in minutes
    timeMgrUseLocalTime                  0          Toggles the use of either the realm time or your system time
    timeMgrUseMilitaryTime               ???        Toggles the display of either 12 or 24 hour time
    timingMethod                         0          Desired method for game timing
    timingTestError                      0          Error reported by the timing validation system
    toastDuration                        4          How long to display Battle.net toast windows, in seconds
    trackedAchievements                  ???        Internal cvar for saving tracked achievements in order
    trackedQuests                        ???        Internal cvar for saving tracked quests in order
    trackerFilter                        7          filter option for the objectives tracker
    trackerSorting                       0          sorting option for the objectives tracker
    uiScale                              1.0        The current UI scale
    unitHighlights                       1          Whether the highlight circle around units should be displayed
    useEnglishAudio                      0          override the locale and use English audio
    useUiScale                           0          Whether or not the UI scale should be used
    useWeatherShaders                    1          ???
    videoOptionsVersion                  0          Video options version
    watchFrameBaseAlpha                  0          Objectives frame opacity.
    watchFrameIgnoreCursor               0          Disables Objectives frame mouseover and title dropdown.
    watchFrameState                      0          Stores Objectives frame locked and collapsed states
    watchFrameWidth                      0          Controls objectives frame width
    waterLOD                             0          Water geometry LOD
    weatherDensity                       2          ???
    wholeChatWindowClickable             1          Whether the user may click anywhere on a chat window to change EditBox focus (only works in IM style)
    widescreen                           1          Allow widescreen support
    windowResizeLock                     0          prevent resizing in windowed mode
    worldMapOpacity                      0          Opacity for the world map when sized down
    worldPoolUsage                       Dynamic    CGxPool usage static/dynamic
    xpBarText                            0          Whether the XP bar shows the numeric experience value
    I messed up some of the editing so some variable names/descriptions are missing an L character at the end.
    Edited: January 25, 2023

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