1. Help me I lost my character

    Hello staff team, I have played WoW again, I tried to enter the server again and I see that my character "Bianchinini" is not among my characters. I don't know if I'm entering with incorrect data or what happened but I can't find my night elf. My character's name was "Bianchini" the character was a night elf between level 45-60. I'm waiting for his response, maybe I'm not entering the correct email but I really don't remember.

  2. "Bianchinini" or "Bianchini" ?

    Are you 100% sure it was Lordaeron realm?
    Maybe it was Frostmourne? In that case check here:
    https://www.warmane.com/account -> service
    Select "Frostmourne - S2" as realm

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