1. 2017 account

    Hi this is not for a ban. However Im not sure if you can help me with this but years ago I played warmane and had 5 toons on Icecrown and I sign on today and theres nothing. Well except for a 74 warrior that has been flagged for a rename. Is it possible to restore those toons? I understand a DDOS attack years ago occured and wiped the server however a buddy of mine told me that in exchange for deleted toons coins were given. Can you possibly look into this account and tell me what has occured since. Like I said last log in was some time I beleive in 2017.

    Thank you

  2. Each year there's a cleanup of low level characters that haven't been played in a while, seems like yours got removed.

  3. Also, what this buddy of yours told you about happened in 2015, before you started playing with us, so obviously never applied to you.

  4. Two ways characters are deleted:

    1. Inactivity Cleanup and Gold Squish for a healthier economy
    2. Player deleting them.

    As far as I know, no level 50 and above inactive characters get deleted, only their names are removed. Only reason a level 50+ character would be deleted, is a player deleting it. Either by account's owner, or somebody who had access to it with or without owner's knowledge, and deleted a character or two.

    In the case of player deleting a character, there's 30 days restoration period. After that, there's no restoration available.

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