1. May 20, 2023  

    Advertisement ban

    Hello, looking to get Warmane administrators involved as soon as possible; thus making this thread. I would also like to bring light to an issue inside of Warmane currently.

    Just a little introduction of myself:
    I played Warmane back in, I believe 2015 and earlier. When the server's were still owned by the old owner and officially named "Molten-WoW". Went through some really cool stuff back then. DDoSing was still prevalent amongst Private Servers, and many P.S.'s were being released. I have been an exalted donator on two accounts, I've had lots of good days on these servers, and a few bad days like last night. PvP oriented player but not against slamming some beers and hitting up an ICC raid with the guild. This is my return after almost seven years. Life got hard and had to let the video games go, but looking to jump back into the community with all of it's wonders and flaws.

    What happened?:
    There was a group of players standing in Stormwind. One offering to give away gold. I recognized the name from trade chat. I believe one may have been selling coins. Player named "Whatahack" invites me to the their party with roughly 3-4 other lads. He explains "We must play a game and then I give away gold.". I'm thinking at this point it's awfully reminiscent of a RuneScape scammer. But strictly out of curiosity I play along; wondering what happens next? He said, "I say a world like "devil>is>good#5770", and you must remove the ">", say it four times, and you win 100k gold". So I go along hesitant, but curious as ever. He states the word, "Devil>may>cry#5860". After removing the ">" and stating 4 times(in party chat); the system automatically kicks me and permanently bans my IP address.

    Why talk about this?:
    While it may seem like common sense to individuals who have been playing consistently for the last year or two I was not around during the aggressive chat filtration implementations. Furthermore, just because you are used to something... doesn't always make it right. I do believe that the system should look for longer strings of text. Perhaps a sentence, or maybe keywords "gold" "selling" "discord ID". If {player.text.keyword >= 3 == system.command["/ban [ip]"]}. Really simple addition to the code. Obviously, I'm sure your headers aren't named that and it's slightly more complex. But the idea is sound.

    Unfortunately I know I am not the only one. I had a 'friend' witness this happen. He also said they were getting people banned for a few hours. I would say there's likely 5-8 other individuals who experienced the same effects of a poorly coded system.

    Feel free to withhold any explicit, harmful, or otherwise aggressive critiques.

    Safe journey's

  2. May 20, 2023  
    If you want to get an administrator involved you should open a ban appeal cause all you're going to find on the forums are moderators and players.

    PS: Don't repeat the discord names of gold sellers.

  3. May 20, 2023  
    Oh so that discord is flagged for being a gold seller? This would make a lot more sense. Surprised they knew that though.

    I did indeed make a ban appeal support ticket.

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