1. [UPDATED] Account security improvements

    Hi everyone,

    To maintain the security and integrity of accounts, we are modernizing how both web and game logins are handled.

    From Monday, 18 September at 22:00, if you do not already have Email Two-Factor Authentication or Google Two-Factor Authentication and In-game protection enabled, you will be prompted to enter a code when logging in. This code will be sent to the email address that's currently attached to your account.

    The "in-game protection" setting will also be removed.

    Overall, this system will function similar to other services. Once you've entered the required code to log in, you will not be prompted again unless you are connecting from a different location.

    This change affects all accounts and will be a requirement to log in.

    You can review your current email by logging into the website and visiting My Account.
    Emails can also be updated within the Settings page.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm not receiving any emails

    Authentication emails may be slightly delayed during peak times.

    If after a minute you haven't received the code, double check your emails Spam or Junk folders as it may have been filtered there.

    If still no authentication email has been received, we recommend double checking you're logged into the same email as the one displayed within the My Account section of the website. You could also update your accounts email to a new one as your email service provider may have incorrectly labelled the email as spam.

    Invalid code?

    Ensure that you do not close the authentication request when logging in. Simply log in and when greeted with the authentication request, navigate to your email and then copy paste the newly sent code in without closing the request.

    Repeatedly restarting the authentication process will cause the previous code to expire.

    I have lost or forgotten my email and cannot access my account

    Simply email us directly for assistance - [email protected]

    It's helpful if you include anything you recall surrounding the account to assist us in verifying your ownership in a timely fashion. Such information includes but is not limited to:

    - Account or Forum username (not passwords).
    - Current email or a guess if you have forgotten
    - Character information
    - General account history. For example, "I claimed the holiday gift on my Paladin back in 2018, maybe 2019?"
    - Country where you connected or registered from

    You may also include a new email address that you would like your account to be updated to. If we have enough information, we'll be able to update your account immediately without the need for further verification.


    Update #1:

    The system has been re-enabled, the sending of codes should now be instant, regardless of volume.

    We may enable the use of non-gmail emails over the coming days.
    We will also introduce a username changing system, for those that receive a lot of suspicious TFA requests.

    As someone mentioned, this is indeed a forced-2fa change, as with most modern platforms, security is paramount.
    This is a step to bring us in line with other services, reduce our overheads for account compromise support and overall increase account security which is our #1 priority right now with recent compromising waves.

    Regardless of players dislike for the system, It is a step in the right direction. The alternative is 'Bot Network' bans continue due to large target on our back, slower support due to amount of attention given to compromised accounts and restoring as much as possible for the player, following the hot-potato like movement of stolen items, gold, coins, characters between hundreds of accounts and so on.

    Update #2:

    Restrictions on what emails can be used have been lifted, this allows using your desired email provider.
    Restrictions on usage of "." and "+" have also been lifted, allowing the use of the same email through gmail for multiple accounts for example.

  2. Nice to hear about the new income security improvements , but i have a question :) my account email is blocked i dont recieve emails from warmane , already talked with Borrean/Leona/Smyth , it cant be unlocked what will happen to my account ?

  3. Yeah that's annoying af.
    Said, when offered extra security, every person who had their account stolen due to not having anything beyond the same password they use everywhere else.

  4. Do i need to enter code with every logging session !?

  5. no man only one time every new ip = ( crash modem/or restart ) It seems boring but once you get used to it you don't notice it anymore

  6. It's annoying...but it's also pretty much industry standard for anything requiring a login these days.

  7. People can't already login due to the BotNetwork issue how is this going to help?

  8. Do i need to enter code with every logging session !?
    Seems like it.

  9. Only if you log in from a different location. It's already live. Took me literally 30 seconds.

  10. I have to say, for CN players, this is not friendly at all... We have no access to Google service, including Google email or Google authentication, without a VPN...Do you have any other solutions to CN player??? Appreciate your understanding.

  11. Its not live, it always worked like that. For some reason my ISP frequently changes my IP and it always asked me to enter the code that i recieved in email.

  12. I don't understand how this works? So if I don't have 2-fa, website and inagme protection, and Monday comes, and I try to login to website, it will ask me for a code? even if I don't have that enabled? and what about ingame, will it require code as well?
    can you explain better how it works...I don't like how this sounds, many of us don't have email access, and share accounts with brothers, sisters, friends.
    Solution has to be more simple.

  13. many of us don't have email access, and share accounts with brothers, sisters, friends.
    How? You need an email to create the account, and it's also used for any sort of recovery. Not having access to the email you used to register is negligence on your side and that you should fix, not something we should take into account.

    It's a similar case with sharing accounts. We don't support that, and, although not really heavily enforced, it's against our rules for an account to be shared. If you decide to do it anyway, it's on you how you will deal with any updates we implement that might get in the way, not on us to tweak any of it.

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