In this thread im not going to cover gear/ gem/ talents, but instead will focus mainly on the mashing of the buttons vs every class


I go for a very minimalist interface, as to not be distracted by floating numbers

some addons I use:

Move Anything
This one is definitely the most important, you can remove/ change basically anything on your interface (hint the name)
for this one i removed "errors and warning display", the red text that appears when you do something like cast when out of range. I found this to be rather irritating and redundant
and i also removed some things that appear like the text when you go into a new zone
my buffs and debuffs are relocated to better fit the position of my minimap (with another better addon, later)

This one is second most important, but may be a bit overwhelming when you first install it, this is normal
with this addon i set the micro menu (character, spellbook, talents..) to be faded at the bottom left of the screen and comes into view with mouseover so it is out of the way
it basically does everything that moveanything wont do
i removed the bag bar, blizzard's art bar (thing behind your spell buttons) and any other thing (xp bar)
also I set one action bar to be on the right, and normally is action bar 2 (which i have blank) then when I press alt, it will change to another action bar which has things like create healthstone, buff, firestone

This is another big one, it puts text timers on all debuffs of your current target and text timers on your cooldowns, which proves to be very useful

This is the one that i use to reconfigure my minimap, to put it out of the way
on this one I unchecked clamp to screen, but it's scale at .9, deleted the borders it automatically does for you, and set it to fade 100% when im not moused over it
I then went into interface menu under display and set "rotate minimap"
It is a bit difficult to do at first, but it is only my preference so that I can have my entire minimap out of the way for combat purposes

It looks a bit screwed up at first, but i used this one to move the chat frame out of the way after configuring it to look like standard chat frame (but a bit smaller)
then I right clicked the chat frame and set the backround hue all the way down, so that it is clear, and also out of the way (I am saying this alot, aren't I)

Not really a warlock addon, but im just showing my love for this addon since I like the original warcraft music so much


if you're going to use recount i'd suggest setting it to hide when in combat so you are not staring at the damage race as you attack

turn off combat text
it is fun to watch yes, but if you're serious about combat its best not to be basking in the glory of your dps

under interface -> names turn off all names except that of enemies, it makes them easier to spot

set your camera so that you can zoom all the way out, it helps a great deal with awareness

turn on enemy health plates
whichever your keybind is for it (v, shift-v, ctrl-v, alt-v) you may need to rekeybind it so that you can change it
this helps very much with click targeting and seeing people behind walls

hide party interface in raid
another thing you can do to create a minimal interface

I may be missing some things, which I may edit in later
basically the only thing you want on your screen is your action bars (only which are necessary, change with bartender if you know your keybinds so well), your target, player frame and pet frame
I cannot express how much this helps in high speed scenarios


oh yes, this is a big one
heres some macros that I use

/focus [target=mouseover]

/cast [target=target] devour magic

/cast [@player] devour magic

using devour magic on any magic spell will dispel it, this includes
pally stun
fear, poly
deep freeze

these are very important, and should be keybinded to something you can do by reflex (mine are shift-mouse wheel up and shift-mouse wheel down)

/cast [target=focus] fear

/cast [target=focus] banish

/cast [@target] spell lock
/cast [@target] seduction
/cast sacrifice

one button use pet abilities

/use Fel Healthstone
/use Runic Healing Potion
/cast Lifeblood(Rank 6)

oshi button

these are your main macros to use, many other warlocks like to use things such as 1 button macros for firestone, healthstone, but are not really necessary if you have everything keybinded or hidden with bartender which I explained before (press alt to show buttons with buff/ healthstone)


for me, i keep all of my basic attacks with basic keybinds
q e r f c t z x v 1 2

then, for cooldowns and some utilities, (summon demon portal, shadow ward, etc)
and also some other moves which could not be keybinded to the basic keybinds above, I use

shift-w, s-a, s-s, s-d, s-q, s-e, s-r, s-z... so on

I know you may not want to use shift because it is difficult, but after an hour it feels completely natural

then for longer cooldowns, and things i do not use as much, I use ctrl keys, with the same letters above

I've recently started using alt keys for things like banish and summon demon

you get the idea, keybind things based on priority. Have certain easy to use keybinds set aside as reflex keys for things like silence, teleport

PVP scenarios: Destro

this section is basically to give real events to show how to react to certain spells/ scenarios

Im pretty much assuming every class plays the same, but do not assume that yourself, these usually go this way but are often scrambled

VS rogue

prefered pet: succubus

rogue: cheap shot, or garrote

you: pet uses seduce

you: get some distance, apply curse and dots as not to break seduce right away, immolate + conflagrate (conflagrate before he uses cloak of shadows!)

rogue: breaks seduce, cloak of shadows


1. sometimes pet will have another seduce up by now, goes through cloak of shadows (not a bug) if you get lucky you can wait out cloak of shadows, get distance, and reapply dots, if you do you should be able to finish it without trouble at all

2. if not,

rogue: kidney shot, or stealth and cheap shot/ garrote

you: trinket stun, teleport (assuming you have it up and are in range, if not you're bad!)

you: dps him down

rogue: blind, comes into range, mutilate/ backstab

you: death coil, fear

you: dps him down again

(usually dead by now)

rogue: shadowstep/ vanish

you: shadowfury, fear, shadowflame, get distance, dps

rogue: shadowstep/ vanish + cloak of shadows

you: teleport, dps, fear

VS warrior

prefered pet: succubus
warrior: charge

you: pet seduce, get some distance, apply dots first, conflagrate

warrior: charge

you: trinket, teleport dps

warrior: spell reflect
you: curse of weakness (wipe off spell reflect), dps, kite, dps, shadowflame, kite

warrior: charge, bladestorm

you: try to emphasize instant casts as to not take pushback, shadowfury once over, get some distance, kite

you: dps, shadowflame

warrior: charge

you: teleport, dps, dps

VS shaman


preferred pet: succubus

basically same thing as warrior without charge, faceroll


prefered pet: felhunter

shaman: dps, wind shear

you: ( do not fear vs shaman) interrupt lava burst, dps

shaman: dps, wind shear

you: interrupt anything with shadowfury, dps

VS priest


prefered pet: succubus

priest: instant dots, vampiric touch

you: pet silence vampiric touch, shadow ward

priest: fear, mind blast

you: trinket, shadowfury

priest: silence, dps

you: healthstone, death coil

priest: trinket, dps

I would not teleport on this one unless you have no dots on you, you'd just be letting the priest get free dps off while you sit behind a wall

VS hunter

prefered pet: succubus

hunter: silencing shot/ scatter shot

you: pet seduce

you: close distance, apply curse/ corruption at first as to not break seduce

hunter: disengage, deterrence

you: shadowfury, close distance, shadowflame, instant casts

hunter: wyvern sting/ pet stun/ prep + silencing shot + deterrence

you: death coil, fear, close distance, shadowflame

you: only casting incinerate/ chaos bolt when stacked on the hunter. this goes for the whole fight

this is too complicated of a fight to track accurately, but you get the idea

VS death knight

prefered pet: succubus
many say to use felhunter but i find it much much better to use succubus here, dispelling diseases isnt very effective it seems

death knight: chains of ice, close distance

you: pet seduce, trinket chains, get enough distance so he wastes death grip, apply curse/ corruption, conflagrate

death knight: death grip, chains of ice, probobly anti magic shield

you: teleport, (again, must have this up and slightly distant from where you stand!) dps

death knight: anti-magic zone, wait

you: get distance

death knight: chains of ice, close distance

you: shadowfury, get distance, conflag maybe

you: wait until he gets close again, death coil, dps

VS mage

this is a very fast complex fight, but heres how it goes in an ideal scenario, and mage armor screws over your conflagrate to no end

prefered pet: felhunter

mage: frostbolt rank 1, poly

you: dispel via devour magic macro above, apply instant casts

mage: freeze, deep freeze

you: trinket OR dispel deep freeze (leftmost debuff should be dispelled, most recent), apply instant casts, silence frostbolt, cast immolate during small blanket silence from your pet

you: try to dodge counterspell, get your pet to dispel the blanket silence

you: superdps faceroll, shadowfury for inturrupt here and there
mage: ice block

you: casting fear, waiting for cancel of ice block
you: reapply instant casts, soul fire

usually this cycle will repeat several times, as both classes have trouble dps'ing eachother

VS paladin


same thing as enh shaman and warrior, but with hand of justice and bubble

VS druid


same thing as ele shaman, but with irritating HoTs and cyclone


prefered pet: voidwalker (cannot seduce a cat)

druid: pounce

you: voidwalker bubble, apply instant casts, shadowflame, teleport

druid: feral charge

you: death coil, get distance, instant casts, maybe fear, dps

druid, powershift

you, shadowfury once he gets near, maybe fear, get distance, dps

VS warlock

prefered pet: felhunter

i cannot present a scenario for this one, as I'd be speaking for both opponents, and it would create some paradoxes, so heres some things to do in the fight

pet silence his fear

banish pet

shadowfury to inturrupt


death coil his fear

teleport to LoS

you MUST try to keep him from getting an immolate off, so only inturrupt fear and immolate

the fight is basically about creating a lockdown, and keeping him from casting while you're blasting him

VS healers

all healers are about the same when it comes to duals,
what you want to do is save all of your cooldowns, then time all your cooldowns for a lockdown only when they are less than/ equal to 35% health.

this includes

death coil
pet silence their heal
conflagrate, to an extent (use it for the extra super burst when the end is nigh)

also, keep in mind you can banish trees!

PVP scenarios: Affliction

i may more thoroughly cover this section later, but many can assure you destro is much better for the burst and utility, and easy conflagrate

basically, if you get hit you're doing it wrong (this may even go for destro too)

apply dots, and then you show the world the prowess of your LoS abilities
teleport anytime you're being attacked and you also have your DoTs up
instant fear to get distance and LoS more, silence the same things destro silences, use the same pets destro uses

the #1 rule for affliction (and any other warlock, actually) is to keep your portal up and behind a wall at all times

that concludes the tutorial, I'll probably edit the numerous errors and neglectfulness later and add pretty colors to it

Yes, i did make all of this by my self, it was no trouble as i type 90 wpm

leave a comment to tell me things to add
leave a thank-you to let me know i didn't waste time!

yes, I already know that many of you have a serious case of TL/DR

Skrom- Warsong